$37,500 to $75,000, depending on vehicle’s size

China Makes Ultimate Punishment Mobile

The country that executed more than four times as many convicts as the rest of the world combined last year is slowly phasing out public executions by firing squad in favor of lethal injections. Unlike the United States and Singapore, the only two other countries where death is administered by injection, China metes out capital punishment from specially equipped “death vans” that shuttle from town to town.

Makers of the death vans say the vehicles and injections are a civilized alternative to the firing squad, ending the life of the condemned more quickly, clinically and safely. The switch from gunshots to injections is a sign that China “promotes human rights now,” says Kang Zhongwen, who designed the Jinguan Automobile death van in which “Devil” Zhang took his final ride.

Sixty-eight different crimes – more than half non-violent offenses such as tax evasion and drug smuggling – are punishable by death in China. That means the death vans are likely to keep rolling.

“If we abolish the death penalty, then crime will grow,” Kang says.

Imagine the death penalty for tax evasion here in this country. They couldn’t keep up with the demand for those buses.

Someone there must have seen one of my favorite films from 1970, The Traveling Executioner staring Stacey Keach.

  1. *** says:

    Being a chinese myself, i’m extremely disappointed and angered by the chinese government. These buses will only speed up the executions of many innocent civilians. It has been said that over 90% of the condemned have reportedly confessed to the crimes they committed as a result of torture in prison. Since the buses give the authorities the freedom to execute anyone at anywhere and any time, then it’ll be a lot easier for them harvest organs from the corpses without public knowing.

    The switch from gunshots to injections is a sign that China “promotes human rights now,” says Kang… What BULL. He’s nothing but a hypocrite.

    Please comment on this.

  2. Mohammed says:

    Does anyone not think that this ‘mobile torture chamber’ sounds very similar to the one the antichrist has been said to use when he arrives??

  3. missy says:

    while china’s switch from bullets to needles may be real, THE REST OF THIS ARTICLE IS NOT. there is no such thing as a mobile execution bus. this is blatant anti-china propaganda. and from the comments its obvious no ones even questioned it. suckers.

  4. disobedient says:

    Missy, you need to get out in the world a bit. These are, indeed, real. Don’t take my word for it: http://www.atimes.com/atimes/China/HG21Ad01.html

  5. adder6 says:

    I admire their forward thinking and courage to act on their principles. I also very much like the sound of Singapore. Such methods of punishment are much needed here in Britain.

    I admire any nation with the courage to enforce the death penalty.

  6. Victor says:

    What if the person is later found entirely innocent?

    But that will never happen will it!

    Which proves the system is bogus justice – hence criminal in nature.



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