I strongly urge you to make your voice heard. Too bad the window of opportunity is too small.

The US government is asking for comments on how the internet should be run, and anyone is allowed to comment – but you’ll need to be quick.

The NTIA – an arm of the US government’s department of commerce – is holding a public meeting at the end of July over what should happen to the current Internet overseeing organisation ICANN when its contract is renewed in September. In the meantime, it has opened a public comment board where you are able to email comments for the US government and the rest of the world to see. The board is open now but comments need to be sent by this Friday, 7 July. The email postal address is DNSTransition@ntia.doc.gov.

This came in as a tip from Proud Canadian, and the article is from the Register. Where is the American coverage of something this important?

  1. Max Bell says:

    I’m typing… I’m typing…

  2. Kim says:

    The window of opportunity isn’t that small – the comment period has been open for several months. It is just that the media has only started reporting it this week following discussion of it at the ICANN meetings in Marrakesh last week.

  3. Smartalix says:

    I meant the window from the date of this post. I cannot control the fact that this opportunity was presented in an atmosphere of thunderous silence.

    If it weren’t for us (with a tip of the hat to Proud Canadian), you wouldn’t even know about this.

  4. Mike says:

    The internet is the only true democracy in this world and I would like it to be kept this way. Leave the internet as it. Free speech for all!

  5. Graham V says:

    The internet doesn’t need to be ‘run’ It needs to be left alone. As is. Do not censor it in anyway shape or form. The internet is free and should be left the hell alone!

  6. heaven says:

    i believe the internet should have whatever we the people want,its a place with few laws and thats nice.

  7. Let the internet be free and dont let the telephone companys take it over and charge for the free information super highway. Its what the internet is suppost to be dont let it turn go the way of TV and be recked.


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