“Wait just a second, are you saying that Superman cannot fly?!

The next version of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six will be set in Las Vegas. In case you’re not familiar with the game, it depicts a terrorist attack which the player must fight against. The Mayor of Vegas, Oscar Goodman, doesn’t seem to have much of a clue about these types of things, read some of his hilariously ignorant quotes:

Review Journal – Jul. 08, 2006:

“It could be harmful economically, and it may be something that’s not entitled to free speech (protection),” Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman said of the game’s realistic scenes, which he had not personally viewed.

Every single court case that has interpreted laws banning or restricting the sales of video games has determined that games are entitled to free speech protections. So he just pulled that comment out of his ass!

It’s based on a false premise,” Goodman said

Wow, the Mayor just now realized that fiction can be based on a “false premise”?! Is he really this clueless? Next he’ll be telling us that the Internet is a bunch of “tubes.”

Of course the guys over at Penny Arcade have their own hilarious take on this!

  1. While we’re off topic. I have a nice quote from a friend of a friend in the comic biz :

    “Here’s what’s really wrong with Superman. It’s the same thing that’s wrong with movies, and music, and comedy and the culture in general, and our leaders, and journalism and on and on. He’s just not smart. He’s a big galoot. He’s not witty. He’s not ironic. He’s not cautionary. He thinks so small that he’s destined to be disappointed by everyone around him all his life, and they in him. He’s a big dumb Jesus with great abs and tight glutes. Say what you want about Bond, at least he’s smart. And in this day and age, there’s much to be said for that.”


  2. joshua says:

    My Dad says Superman was flying in the original t.v. series in the 50″s.

    I am constantly amazed that people are surprised when politicians are discovered to be stupid. They know one thing, how to get elected and stay that way. Oh…maybe 2 things….how to live off the public teat.

  3. Raff says:

    Appearently making comments about downloading dvds and cds is not considered free speech on this board either…

  4. Eazymoney says:

    Appearently making a few comments about downloading dvds and cds is not considered free speech on this board either…

  5. Uncle Dave says:

    Raff/Eazymoney: The problem was with our spam filter, not your comment


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