We encourage everyone to pack gel-filled bras in their checked baggage.

Everyone? First order of business, go buy a gel-filled bra.

TSA: Prohibited Items — Here is the entire TSA memo on what you can and cannot take on board. The days of travelling light so you do not have to check luggae are OVER. Now you have to check luggage and expect it to get lost or detained. There is a good site to lost luggage information here.

Interesting statistics about luggage problems with he airlines, last year air travel increased about 5% amongst air travelers but complaints about baggage doubled. Roughly the airline industry mishandled about 6 out of every 1000 bags. That’s not too bad, unless the bag that is lost belongs to you. the airlines have a higher stake now more than ever to insure your luggage gets to you. The amount the airlines has to pay you for your lost luggage has doubled from $1,250 to $2,500. With those fees, airlines are struggling to find a better way to move and track luggage, but they still have to deal the majority of the time with an outdated system.

The manner in which airlines move and track luggage has stayed the same for the last ten or so years. Except for a few airports that have placed electronic scanners throughout the baggage process, most airlines have not way to tell where your luggage is.

When you do the math this means that on every flight a shade more than one bag out of 200 is lost or mishandled. That means two or three bags per a normal flight. How is this acceptable? Worse is the extended time wasted waiting for the bags. This is ridiculous forcing people to check luggage like this.

Now some consideration has to be given to the exploding laptops from Dell and Apple. On transatlantic flights where the Brits were not letting people carry on anything what happens to the laptop that explodes in the cargo bay? If a laptop catches on fire in the cabin it can be extinguished. In the cargo bay the whole plane can go up in smoke. Air travel is getting worse and worse.

found by Lloyd Allen

  1. Ben Franske says:

    I encourage you to call the TSA and ask them how they are ensuring that the (now prohibited) gel filled bras are not getting through security checkpoints.

  2. thought police says:


    thats what you get for flying. take a boat or the train.

  3. Tom says:

    Actually, cargo holds have fire detectors and fire suppression systems so a laptop battery explosion would likely be contained.

  4. Brian Kaufman says:

    I’ve never seen a TSA officer smile before:

    So once you are past security you can’t even buy a drink? That’s blows cause I don’t like to be thirsty. I always take something to drink when I fly.

  5. Floyd says:

    4: From what I read in the, once you’re past the inspection, you can buy something to eat or drink while waiting to get on the plane, but you can’t take the food or drink on the plane. I’d guess that the plane will still have drinks available from the attendants on longer flights.

  6. Ryan says:

    Why would I, a man of who doesn’t dance unless music is playing, need a gel-filled bra? Why I ask you, why!?

  7. SN says:

    “The manner in which airlines move and track luggage has stayed the same for the last ten or so years.”

    The answer is simple. Airlines should FedEx all luggage to the passenger’s destination.

  8. Bill says:

    My wife has had her breast removed due to cancer. Now if the TSA makes that an issue that makes her uncomfortable in any way or singles her out for some kind of special treatment by security. I will sue everyone in a 1000ft. radius. But I can see right now that we will never fly anywhere again commercially.
    I’m completely fed up with all of this.

  9. Ed G. says:

    I quess that Osama is going to pay for implants for his female suicide bombers. Imagine breast implants filled with HE.

  10. Billy says:

    It’s important to realize that cargo holds have extensive fire supression systems in them as well. Don’t get me wrong, having to check everything is nuts, but a laptop battery exploding wouldn’t be much worse down below.

  11. Don says:

    SN: On domestic flights I always FedEx or UPS valuable items a day or two ahead of time, then they’re waiting for me at my destination, safe, intact and without a lot of lip from a TSA flunky.

  12. Milo says:

    I thought I heard JCD say that it’s basically impossible for anyone to mix up explosives on a plane. I have a CM thread started here:


    Let me know how you’d do it!

  13. Allen says:

    “Prohibited items obviously include weapons, explosives, and incendiaries, but also items that are seemingly harmless and may be used as weapons like hammers, bats, or mace.”

    On a side note unrelated to the above quote from the TSA Editorial, would it be better to invest in Procter & Gamble or to instead start fencing toothpaste, gel deodorant, and bras from a little rug in the airport lobby to travelers who just arrived to their destination without their personal hygeine items? Will hotels save money because people stop stealing the shampoo and conditioner, or will they lose even more money because everyone gets the little pinky-sized complimentary toothpaste from the front desk?

  14. OmarTheAlien says:

    I don’t fly unless I’m the pilot, and I haven’t flown an airplane since ’71.

  15. ChrisMac says:

    if your flying anywhere.. why take shit with you?

    laptop or hair gel.. you don’t need it


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