CNN – September 29, 2006:

Before he took the girls hostage, Morrison had gone up to a male student and asked about the identities of “a list of female students,” Wegener said. He didn’t know which, if any, of the girls he held in a classroom were on that list.

Investigators were aware of rumors that Morrison may have researched his victims on, an online community that allows users to post personal pages and network with friends, Wegener said.

Update: CNN has pulled any mention of MySpace from the story.

  1. James Hill says:

    Story of the year technology wise if this is true. And more ammo for the hacks who think MySpace should be made illegal.

  2. xrayspex says:


    He lives in his jeep? Where did he access MySpace? And he found five girls on MySpace who just happened to be in the same class at the same time? Had they put their school schedules up too? Plus a map to the classroom?

    This was a crime of opportunity. Nothing planned, OBVIOUSLY.

  3. Jeff says:

    You’ll notice that as of 1400 Mountain, CNN no longer mentions MySpace. This is purely a rumor at this point.

    #2. Right on. Although, to play devil’s advocate, the perp did “have a Denver address” according to authorities. Besides, there’s lots of coffee shops with free web access. There’s one here in Fort Collins that even provides computers. Public libraries tend to work that way too.

  4. Mark says:

    Maybe even this guy has a Libraray card. How do you sleep in a Jeep anyway.

  5. Gig says:

    MySpace shouldn’t be illegal but if parents aren’t checking out their kid’s pages they are in the same class as those that have no idea who their kid’s friends are.

    I can’t express how much entertainment we had around the office when one staff member pointed out to another that her 16 year old daughter had a MySpace page and showed it to her.

  6. Gig says:

    Here’s some fine reporting from CNN…

    “Authorities found a .357 Magnum and an AR-15 Glock on Morrison’s body.”

    What the hell is an AR-15 Glock?

  7. Jeff says:

    #6. It’s another example of how little CNN proof-reads… and how little journalists know about guns. As I’m sure you know, the AR-15 is a .223 assualt rifle made by Colt, whereas Glock makes only semi-automatic pistols.

  8. Sounds The Alarm says:

    I’m just sorry this guy didn’t get caught alive.

    So he could be blow-torched to death over a 40 year period.

  9. OhForTheLoveOf says:

    I’m pretty sure journalists and “tv shows” (I assume you meant TV writers) are in fact very different type of writers who are trained very differently and adhere to radically different standards. I’m also sure it was a mistake.

    I do want to say, however, I got a genuine laugh from the Toyota Camry line 🙂

  10. Mr. Neocon Fusion says:

    The 357 and Glock were for self defense too. Vary useful weapons. When he isn’t defending his Jeep, he volunteers for the Colorado Militia. On weekends he can often be seen hunting deer, squirrels, and raccoons with his 357. Last year he missed a squirrel by a mile but almost bagged an old woman in the process.

    But hey !!! Don’t let me suggest handguns don’t have a purpose in society. And as so many will claim, you do have a RIGHT to bear arms. I just want to see someone try to justify the benefit of handguns in society.

  11. RickGonja says:

    Legitimate Self Defense. Police.

  12. Now thats a dirtbag!

  13. Mr. Neocon Fusion says:

    Legitimate Self Defense. Police.
    Comment by RickGonja — 9/29/2006 @ 5:42 pm

    The Police are not a part of society, they are protectors of society. I classify the military the same and have no qualms of them carrying weapons.

    But what is legitimate self defense? Is that in case a Police Swat Team shoots at you so you can defend your self?

  14. OhForTheLoveOf says:


    The police are not part of society? You know I like to be in your corner, but think hard about that statement…

    Every citizen is part of society, whether private, military, or in public service.

  15. RTaylor says:

    This was a suicide by cop. The sexual aspect was just part of the fantasy.

  16. Mr. Neocon Fusion says:

    #15, Good point.

    When wearing their badge though, the cop is not a citizen. With the badge is the gun as a means of enforcing the law. When the cop is off duty, then yes, he is a member of society. But when he is on duty, he has a power no normal or ordinary member of society has.


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