2nd bolt from blue

Cory Lidle’s doomed plane didn’t just crash into anybody’s apartment.

It exploded into the empty bedroom of Kathleen Caronna, the Manhattan woman who was critically injured when a balloon knocked part of a lamppost onto her head during the 1997 Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The plane’s engine was found only feet away from where Caronna sleeps, her relatives told the Daily News yesterday.

“She lost her whole bedroom,” said a family member, who asked not to be identified. “Everything’s devastated. … She’s got nowhere to go.”

Kathleen Caronna

  1. joshua says:

    #29…Kathy’s friend…..while what has happened to her life isn’t something a normal person would wish upon another, I still say that she is not so unlucky as you all think…..she not only survived the Macy’s incident, but this as well. Personally, while I would be upset that my life was disrupted again, and I lost my family memento’s…..I would be thanking whatever God or Gods I believed in that I am alive ….again!!!

  2. neo says:

    damm it how do you fall back in the al’s beaten by the tigers and crash 91yur plane into manhatan int the same week , may be he wuz trying to make it to base into the building or something. Poor tenants i can imagine their reaction when they felt the building shake, they must have had a real bad 911 flashback. who knows how much is this going to cost the yankees.

    this is why sports teams don’t fly all together it would cost too much if the plane crashed with the whole team onboard.They can take t(he bus all together but not the plane. And what is it with that woman who get’s into so much trouble, what has she done in a past life to have such karma.

    i can’t figure out how u can crash yur plane with an instructor onboard, may be the plane vired by mecanical failure yu just don’t fly into walls on purpose.

  3. And see, I think she was LUCKY! – Not unlucky!

  4. RBG says:

    Since the probability was so much greater for the plane to have hit somewhere other than Kathy’s apartment, that makes her unlucky in my books.

    To say she was lucky because it could have been worse is like saying a roulette-winner wasn’t lucky because he could have won more. Not to mention that almost no matter what could have happened to her, she would have been “lucky” because it still could have been worse.

    As for how could such an accident happen? … usually with an aircraft accident it has less to do with the skills of the pilot and more a situation where a long chain of events has come together in some unfortunate way to produce the disaster. That’s what makes these things so rare, because the chain can be broken at so many different points. Links in that chain can include such things as enough sleep, trouble at home, rejecting an opportunity for extra training on that specific aircraft, a misunderstanding between two qualified pilots. Imagine an instructor saying “turn back now.” A lesser pilot tends to assume the instructor knows what he is talking about and immediately executes the instruction with less care than if alone. Idle speculation.



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