Kiril Chukanov Ball-Lightning ZPE Interview – Google Video — I love the crackpots and their zero point energy ideas (once called perpetual motion machines). Here’s the current guru. I especially like the fact that the guy filming him was apparently on his knees throughout the interview. Does that make it more important?

It’s all about the money. :)

  1. Smartalix says:

    The real problem is that ZPE really exists. That’s what gives those that make “Free energy” claims an island of credibility to stand on. However, we just can’t harness ZPE.

    Space is literally seething with energy at the quantum level, but there is no mechanism (at least at the present) for harvesting or otherwise taking advantage of it.

  2. Aaron says:

    Yea…That’s the ticket! And I also dated Christina Aguilera.

  3. @$tr0Gh0$t says:

    You only dated Christina Aguilera after I dumped her for Jessica Simpson.

    ZPE is like string theory, so far no one has been able to prove it with practical experiments.

  4. JimR says:

    I think the camera angle is to show off what a quantum belt can do.

  5. woktiny says:

    “Lesser eye of seeing -2”

  6. Smartalix says:


    On the contrary, ZPE has been proven to exist:

    The Force of Empty Space

    According to quantum mechanics, the vacuum is not empty, but teeming with virtual particles that constantly wink in and out of existence. One strange consequence of this sea of activity is the Casimir effect: Two flat metal surfaces automatically attract one another if they get close enough.

    The Casimir force is so weak that it has rarely been detected at all, but now a team reports in the 23 November PRL that they have made the most precise measurement ever of the phenomenon. They claim that their technique, using an atomic force microscope, has the capacity to test the strangest aspects of the Casimir effect, ones that have never before been tested.

    However, as I pointed out the fact that something exists doesn’t mean we can harness it.

  7. JimR says:

    I’ve got proof… I ‘m wearing a Casimir sweater and it seems to be radiating heat. I’m very warm.

  8. rctaylor says:

    We may never know because no one wants to fund super colliders that may increase fundamental particle knowledge. Unless some jackass sees a profit within ten years, you can forget basic science.

  9. I personally do not care that the entire universe is seething with dark energy. These people are still crackpots of the highest order.

  10. mike says:

    Probably the most inappropriate use of ‘enya’ I’ve ever heard!

  11. 0113addiv says:

    #9, Galileo was a crackpot. He went against what was obvious. So have many other “crackpots”. Scientists, and many laypeople, have agreed that existence began at the Big Bang. BUT what the fuck went bang?!? As far as we can tell all the energy and mass in the universe was condensed into a point no larger than this period. THAT sounds like a crackpot idea if you ask me.

  12. Dugger says:

    I just discovered that one can go to a store and buy these little cylinders that contain enough energy to run a camera, power a flashlight, make your RC car go AND come back under your control!


    I don’t care what everyone else says, I believe in the power of the little cylinders. I have seen them with cryptic messages. The most common inscriptions seem to be: AAA, AA, C, D and sometimes 9V.

  13. GregA says:

    Nothing went bang. In the absense of matter space ‘inflates’, it ‘inflates’ much faster than the speed of light. Becuase of this quality of space, plus the seething mass of virtual particles that is empty space, the virtual particles can never rejoin and anihilate one another. Thus you have energy, and matter, the potential of the virtual particles seperation.

    It happened before, and it will happen again. During heat death/the big rip, the amount of matter will decay to a point where it can no longer prevent inflation, and the whole cycle goes on. The remnant of ‘inflation’ is the ever expanding, and accelerating universe. The edges of which are constantly disappearing, forever and ever.

    That is island universe theory. Thats the one I like. For some reason it is easier for me to accept and understand an infinite universe than one that had a ‘beginning’.

    ZPE appears to be the energy driving one potenital universal recreation possibility, so it at least merits study. However anyone offering an energy source at this time is a crack pot. Also, given the potential energies of ZPE, I suspect it makes nuclear energy look safe.

  14. raddad says:

    Almost 28 minutes! Couldn’t he present his crackpot ideas in, say, 3 or 4 minutes?

  15. Smartalix says:


    That was well put.


    As I pointed out, there is real proof that virtual particles exist, and that under the right circumstances (Hawking radiation, empty space) they become real. The energy has to come from somewhere, in Hawking radiation it comes from the black hole itself, in any steady-state universe theory supported by quantum foam as the source of dark energy the source of the energy to “balance the books” has not yet been determined.

    Possibly that is where God resides.

  16. 0113addiv says:

    #15, I think God resides precisely in our center of mass as a point. The Japanese call it Hara. It is located near the navel. It is always moving due to outside forces and even clothing. It is what gives us life, or consciousness. This is one way of explaining “out of body experiences”. It has been shown that a person will see the “tunnel with light at the other end” by sitting in a centrifuge machine which spins them around and around at a very high speed causing g forces to exert an outward push from the center of the machine. In effect, what is happening is that their center of gravity is being pushed outside their bodies. The point, which I am saying is Spirit (God, Tao, Consciousness, etc.) is moved outside the body causing that person to lose consciousness when the g forces become to great. I believe that they are losing consciousness not because of g forces but because the Spirit Point has moved beyond a threshold which probably follows a similar square-distance law like gravity. God is always with us at our body’s center of gravity. It is a point that can never be found because it is a point of equilibrium which is dynamic in us with every beat of our hearts or breathing of our lungs.

  17. Mr. Fusion says:

    I couldn’t get past two or three minutes. The sound quality was bad, the acoustics were terrible and the lighting would have made any cameraman cringe. I had a very difficult time understanding the guy.

    If you want to present something as credible, then don’t try to be artistic. Present the interview in a proper setting with good microphones and controlled lighting. Hey, even give the interviewed a black board to scribble on, it might help his case.

  18. Kiril Chukanov says:

    Thank you for posting this interview. I don’t post information in my web-site because I’m very busy with my Quantum Free Energy project – 1MW QFE commercial generator. Also, I have to protect the business interests of my investors. When ready, every potential costumer, sceptical scientist, and media people, will be allowed to see and measaure the over-unity of these generators. I’m refusing now any proposal for down-payments for my upcoming free-energy generators. This business must be honnest (nothing hidden); this unlimited source of safe and very inexpensive energy is for every human being on this planet – make their lives much better, to eliminate the monopoly of Big Oil and other energy producing big companies.
    Warm regards to all people who are interested in the success of the new free energy sources.
    p.s. Only for information: Quantum Free Energy has nothing to do with ZPE; QFE is quantum gift of nature produced in properly “excited” artificially created ball lightning. See:
    Kiril Chukanov

  19. Kiril Chukanov says:

    Nov.29, 2006, I created – for the first time in the world – a giant ball lightning on my new 1MW quantum free energy generator. Parameters: diameter about 100 cm, 100KW input power, steady state regime (non-stop during many hours).
    Kiril Chukanov,

  20. kiril chukanov says:

    Hi, Please visit my updaded web-site: There are posted photos of my quantum free energy generator ANLOTRON-I and my new book GQM-IV “The Universe as Revealed by God”. Next weeks I will p[ost more photos about other my QFE generators. Keep tuned. This year some of my QFE generators will be presented on the market.
    Kiril Chukanov,

  21. Please visit my upgraded web-site: There are posted photos of my powerful quantum free energy generator ANLOTRON-I. Big over-unity, many practical applications.
    Dr. Kiril Chukanov

  22. ny2292000 says:

    Casimir Effect…:)

    Casimir effect is similar to the force one would sense if you pick up a plunger and eliminated the air from it. There would be a force bringing together the plunger and the surface to which the plunger is attached.

    It takes energy to extract the air and it will take energy to free the plunger.

    Exactly the same happens in a Casimir Effect Experiment. It takes energy to exclude the electromagnetic modes between plates and it will take energy to place them back…:)

    One shouldn’t expect to get a free lunch from a plunger experiment and thus one shouldn’t expect to get free energy from a Casimir experiment.



  23. Hey ‘ny2292000’, your opinion is based on the dogmas of conventional physics. In some my experiments the plunger can generate 100 times more energy than the energy in. Can you believe it? This is real fact, anyway.
    About Casimir effect you are not right too. Casimir effect happens because of some world constant. More information: in my books posted in my site. Old conventional physics does not work in some extreme quantum conditions.


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