Maybe an elephant gun would have worked?!

  1. scott says:

    Evidence abounds, along with lack of evidence.

    What we see and know:

    The video opens with suspect vehicle pulling aside on a side street, while police vehicle has sirens going.

    A) Suspect could have been responding positively by pulling into a safe spot.
    B) Suspect could have been trying to get away.
    C) Suspect could have been completely ignoring the police vehicle. Allegedly, the suspect was speeding, ran a red light, and did not respond to the police vehicle for an indeterminate amount of time (per written report referenced in posts above).
    D) Visible speed indicates a low-speed chase, but this is not conclusive.

    Officer approaches the suspect vehicle.

    The video has a visible edit at this point and we cannot tell what was said or how long it continued. Allegedly, the suspect initially ignored the officer (per written report referenced in posts above). Per the video edit, the suspect is a former heavyweight boxer, which means he is carrying deadly weapons thought the officer is not aware of it (his hands).

    By this point, more video editing was apparent through the use of “dramatic music,” making hearing more difficult.

    Officer escorts suspect to hood of suspect vehicle and suspect assumes position to be searhed.

    Officer commences search.

    Unable to clearly see nature of search.

    Suspect visibly attempts to rise while being searched.

    Officer observes protocol and attempts to push suspect back into position.

    Suspect resists and rises up completely in an obvious fighting stance.

    Officer retreats to safe distance.

    Suspect approaches officer.

    Officer says something (I can’t make it out).

    At this point, the suspect could have prevented a violent confrontation by settling down and reassuming the search position.

    Suspect continues to advance.

    Officer deploys pepper spray against suspect.

    Suspect attacks officer and unarmed combat begins.

    Officer determines he is facing an opponent that is likely to cause him serious bodily harm or death and uses deadly force (per narration).

    Misses first shot (per narration).

    Hits abdomen at point blank (per narration).

    Firearm jams (per narration).

    Suspect visibly unaffected by wound.

    Suspect wrestles firearm away from officer (per narration).

    Suspect attempts to shoot officer with firearm (per narration).

    Firearm remains jammed (per narration).

    Suspect uses firearm as a club against officer.

    Officer escapes reach of suspect, retrieves firearm and radio, and calls for backup.

    Officer uses firearm as a club to help keep suspect at bay until backup arrives.

    So… High speed chase? Unknown – cannot be assumed to exist or not exist based on existing evidence and must be thrown out unless convincing evidence is brought forth. Racial motivation? Unknown – cannot be assumed to exist or not exist based on existing evidence and must be thrown out unless convincing evidence is brought forth. Verbal or physical provocation or abuse by officer prior to the stop becoming a physical altercation? Again, unknown – cannot be assumed to exist or not exist based on existing evidence and must be thrown out unless convincing evidence is brought forth.

    In other words, either convicting or mitigating factors – on both sides, simply do not exist. We see and hear what the tv show wanted us to see and hear, and evidence is simply not present for the discussion at hand. All we really see in this is an example of the escalation of force during an encounter. We can confirm the first *apparent* use of deadly force is by the suspect (using his hands), while the officer attempted first to order verbally, then disable. To determine more we will require the complete, unedited video of the encounter, plus the police report, plus any and all records regarding the internal police investigation of the incident as well as the courtroom procedings. Any decision based on less would be pure conjecture, as we are using modified video (they changed the sequence of events in order to show some things more than once or in slow-mo, and added in music plus a thudding sound during the fight) for evidence. I don’t know where to get this – can anybody provide so we can settle the matter?

  2. TJ Dettwiler says:

    wow awesome vid u got anymore|?| wicked the fight was…

    oh yea since i might aswell use all the html they allow:

    and coz the button told me to say it, i will: IT !

  3. lee says:

    Wow… some of you really need lives… You can’t say what happened because you weren’t there and the video is cut to pieces…

  4. Howard says:

    I love seeing a cop get get his ass kicked. I have to hand it to him though. Most cops are sissy boys without backup.

  5. f_the_police says:

    Ha ha! Damn lazy donut eating pig got what was comming to him! I can almost garuntee that he arrested someone b4 for something that they didn’t do and this was just karma comming back to bite him in the ass! Ha! I say ALL cops get what came to them when stuff like this happens! Yes, even the ones that were shot dead! They knew there was a possibility of getting killed in action, but they still decided to take the job anyway!

  6. big dick!!!!!!!!!! says:

    cop should’ve fukin smoked his ass! little ass bitch!

  7. ck says:

    both suck but cops are pricks

  8. admiral says:

    hahaha awesome.

  9. miller says:

    my dad’s a cop here in KY. if that would’ve been him he would’ve killed em

  10. copscantbetrusted says:

    Would of been nice if he would of killed the cop. Nothing like hearing on the news that another cop has been killed, its better than sex.

  11. mhaywooid says:

    fuck the police

  12. FightTheMachine says:

    FUCK the police. Hope you got permanently hospitalized.


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