108-inch sharp aquos

One of the 2007 CES highlights was the 108-inch Sharp Aquos LCD HDTV, shown above. This 1080p HDTV is from one of the first 8-Gen glass Fabs. Here are some other devices and technologies I found at the 2007 CES:

asimo robot nikko_R2D2 silverlady.JPG

The Asimo Robot was there again, as it was last year. But it is such a cool demo, Asimo moves so well you could almost swear it was a costume. At the Nikko Home Electronics booth, there were both robots and costumes. (Then there were just the costumes.)

AVN2210p mobiblu boxon zune at CES 2007

The AVN22p from Fujitsu Ten is a removable module that allows you to take your GPS tracker and mobile media with you, plugging into home and vehicle docks. Another cool device in the handheld arena, the Mobiblu Boxon Media Player is a very nice little device that is more useful as a conversation piece than a total entertainment experience, but it certainly is fun. In the picture I have it attached to a tiny cube speaker with surprisingly good sound. Of course, Microsoft is still pushing the Zune as hard as it can.

Starships at the Star Trek Bar alix paultre with andorian and klingon warp core breach drink alix_trek2007.JPG alix_andorian.JPG

As we all know, Vegas is the city of theme bars. You can have anyone from a Roman Slave Girl to a Buccaneer serve you just about every drink imaginable. My bar of choice and refuge after the show is Quark’s, the bar at the Hilton Star Trek Experience. (The Klingon Ambassador is a particularly good friend of mine.) Just be careful of the dreaded Warp Core Breach! I had two and didn’t remember how I got back to my hotel.

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  1. Nobody drinks TWO Warp Core Breach’s!!

    And, indeed, an excellent drink.

    Great post.

    The recipe for this drink is debateable and most mix guides have it wrong. I do beleive it is as follows (taken from an online post):

    How to Replicate a Warp Core Breach

    Combine 1/2 pint Bacardi Select, 1/2 pint Bacardi Dark, 1/2 pint Bacardi 151, 1/2 pint Bacardi Limon, 1/2 pint Captain Morgan (because they don’t make Bacardi Spice any more) and 1/3 pint Razzamatazz raspberry liquer. Mix well. Serve over DRY ICE.

    This is obviously not a recipe for one drink. The drink is usually shared by 4-6 people.

    Here is another published variation:

    First we use a 120 ounce Warp Core Bowl. You might be able to find something close a places like Pier 1 Imports or Home to Home. If you want the bubble effect you’ll need some dry ice. Place a small amount of water 1 ounce on the bottom of the bowl and then pack it with ice. This will fuse the dry ice to the bottom of the bowl so it does not float to the top.

    The recipe is as follows;
    # 2 ounces Bacardi 151 Rum,
    # 1 1/2 ounces each of Bacardi Limon, Bacardi Spice, Bacardi Select and Bacardi Light,
    # 2 ounces of Razzmatazz or a quality Raspberry Liqueur,
    # Top that off with 30 ounces of a high quality berry juice. Suggestions are Snapple Aceola Berry, Sobe Power or other energy or natural beverages similar. Stay away from anything such as cranberry, it’s too bitter.

    The drink was explained to me by a bartender at the Hilton and it does go something like that. On the net there are a slew of recipes that combine Tequila and Jack Daniels with Schnapps. This has to be some sort of sick joke. I cannot imagine that combination being something you can actually keep down.

  2. Smartalix says:

    They also serve it in the “small” bowl I’m holding in the picture. You can see the results of the drinks in my face in the picture with the Gorn and Salt Monster statues. 😉

    (Did you know The Man Trap was the first episode broacast?)

    (Yes, I know I’m a Star Trek Geek, but that’s how I got into this business. My fascination with tech was inspired by TOS.)

  3. yougotserved says:

    #3, you’re better off trying your luck in the mirror universe…yukyuk…

  4. tallwookie says:

    Wall Mount PC

    Easily the sweetest PC ive seen, fits in a wall

  5. Tom 2 says:

    Is Dvorak Uncensored gonna make a slideshow of CES or Vegas?

  6. GregA says:

    Off topic

    Apple Inc to get sued for patent infringement by LG!


    [Please use embedded links! – Ed]

  7. venom monger says:

    But this one is just plain gorgeous. There may be two contending points like “blonded” rather than blonde and maybe silicone, but too difficult to call the latter.

    She’s fairly pretty, but those HIP BONES. Eew. I bruise easily.

  8. mxpwr03 says:

    Smartalix, how is the food at Quark’s Bar? Is there G’ak? I was looking at their store and saw some cooking ingredients, and I’m considering buying the Sulu Hot Sauce, but the Tar’q sauce did not sound that appealing. Also did you try any of the Bloodwine and Romulan Ale? If so how were they? Final question did you get a chance to see the Borg 4-D experience?

  9. Smartalix says:


    The food is decent, the Romulan Ale (blue-dyed Warsteiner’s, I believe) is good, and I didn’t try the blood wine. It’s all very well presented, though. I like the flamig ribs of Targ and the Hamborger, myself.

    As for the rides, the original is the best but the 4-D experience (smell and such on top of the 3-D) is satisfactory. I wish they’d unbundle the rides, myself. They’re both worth the experience if you’re into Trek.

  10. mxpwr03 says:

    Nice, I was hoping for the Romulan Ale to be alittle more impressive than just dyed German bier. Whenever I get a chance to goto Vegas my first stop will be Star Trek: The Experience, it sounds like my kind of joint.

  11. miss katie says:

    Nice write up Alix – are you getting commissions from Quark’s??? You should be – you are at least due for a couple free flamig ribs of Targ!

  12. LAZARUS_GUY says:

    I found a quote from one of the former bartenders that worked at ST:TE, so I’m pretty sure this is the correct recipe;

    “Warp Core Breach

    Here is the recipe for the Warp Core Breach. We usually made ours in large batches, but it can be easily broken down. Here we go:

    * 6 parts Bacardi Superior (or any white, clear, cheap rum out there)
    * 4 parts Bacardi Limon (or any lemon rum you can find)
    * 2 Parts Bacardi Select (Meyers Dark rum also works, or whatever dark rum your store has)
    * 2 parts Bacardi Spice (Captain Morgans also works, but any spice rum will do)
    * 2 parts Dekuyper Lucious Raspberry Rush (formerly known as Razzmatazz, this is the most important part, other Raspberry liqueurs don’t seem to work)
    * 1 part Bacardi 151 (any 151 proof rum will do, since they all seem to taste like gasoline by themselves)
    * 30 oz (1.5 bottles) Sobe Power (finding Aceorla/passion berry juice is too hard to find so just use Sobe Power, besides, the caffeine in the Sobe Power ads an extra kick to the drink)

    Mix the alcohol, pour out 10 oz into a bowl, add the 30 oz of Sobe Power, and food-grade dry ice and there you have it, the Warp Core Breach.

    Oh, and Barry brought up an interesting thing about the Warp Core. A long time ago, they used to use a mix of equal parts cranberry juice, pineapple juice, and orange juice in the Warp Core instead of Sobe Power. Some prefer this juice mix and some prefer the Sobe. I say, use whichever you like best.”


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