Yıllık maaşı en az 400 bin dolar — Here is a pic of Paul Wolfowitz, architect of the Iraq fiasco, entering a mosque in Turkey. Apparently other things besides his Iraq strategy has holes. He now heads the World Bank. Can someone buy this man new socks? While this picture is all over the Middle and Near East the US press has chosen to ignore it. Too funny I suppose.

found by our Istanbul Correspondent Umut Bozkurt

  1. Bond says:

    Obviously he has other important things to think of, remember the most intelligent men in the world don’t normally care about their looks.

  2. Kuldeep S K says:

    Just look at his pants. It has a strains of his semen too.

  3. randy says:

    A Jewish father would be proud of him, he would say, That’s my boy. I guess they really believe their going to take it with them, when they go.

  4. stevelyn says:

    Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Douglas Fieth and David Wurmser should all dangle from the end of a rope for the Iraq Fiasco.


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