Click pic to take you to the 10th Dimension

Yeah, this is a guy selling a book (and songs about the 10th dimension), but it includes a very nice flash presentation that teaches you about all of the dimensions. Creationists probably won’t want to make the journey as it might upset the watchmaker in you.

  1. WokTiny says:

    well, I don’t see how it would upset creationists, but I can see how it would upset scientists. This guy apparently uses the (disproved) Newtonian concept of 4D spacetime and essentially saying that O(4) transforms are legal, but they aren’t — at least not in current physical theories like relativity.

    … or so I’m told.

  2. Cursor_ says:

    Of course of all this circular logic falls apart when you simply see time as a construct of human perception and that in reality all things are infinite just change from energy to matter to energy over and over again.

    And that change from one form to another is perceived by the vastly limited human mind as the human mind does not want to conceive of it being anything BUT human as that would put a dint into their search for booze, TV and sex.

    The universe is not itself limited, only the human limits everything as it would have a great headache, need to take some aspirin, get a beer, watch some TV and wait to get some sex after the show is over.


  3. Roc Rizzo says:

    The Tenth Dimension.
    Could this be two R&B groups?
    Like The Fifth Dimension times two?

  4. Ken in Berkeley says:

    I think the concept of 10 dimensions is a very interesting idea, and this guy’s Flash video illustrates it very well. Whether any of it is true or not, who can say? Perhaps when we get to the other side, we can zip around in the various dimensions and explore alternative pathways to our own lives here on Earth.

  5. WokTiny says:

    I could go check out the me that didn’t waste so much time on DU!

  6. TJGeezer says:

    There was a story once about people in one universe using an opening to another as a cheap way to dispose of their garbage. I want to visit the universe that’s been sending us all those neocons.

  7. Patrick says:

    This one goes to eleven!

  8. It’s obvious to me that the author of the Flash presentation doesn’t understand the least bit about multiple dimensions and, therefore, the author of the book couldn’t possibly be a mathematician.

  9. Steven Hartig Jr. says:

    Actually, I’m pretty sure there are 11 dimensions, unless Nova deceived me!

  10. Timbo says:

    We Christians understand five dimensions. The usual four plus a spiritual dimension. Oh yes, and a Creator who made the fourth dimension and is not bound to it.

    Thus God can go back in time countless times and be with each human personally as they go through life. He also was present as God the Father while He as God the Son was dying on the cross. “omnipresent” is a theological term meaning God can’t be tied to one place at any time. “Omniscient” means knowing everything that has happened and will happen in time, where God is free to go anywhere in.

    As evidence of this, Christians have often seen answers to prayer show up shortly after they have prayed, despite the fact that the answer started pulling together way before they even thought of praying about the situation.

    The fifth dimension makes miracles quite doable. What surgeon wouldn’t love to be able to do surgery from the fifth dimension!

    These two things lead to “omnipotent”, where God is unlimited in capability.

    Since angels and demons can travel around in the fifth dimension, appearing and disappearing would be a snap. And they could look like anything — even UFO’s.

    Why God gives a hoot about us three-dimensional flat-landers, I don’t know; be sure to ask Him when your fifth dimensional spirit leaves here.

  11. #9. The high priests of modern physics teach a lot of hype. They pretend that they understand how the universe came into existence out of nothingness but are very confused about simple science. You shouldn’t believe them.

  12. hmeyers says:

    #8 is right. This “Tenth dimension” flash movie is “junk science” just like Deepak Chopera stuff.

    I was hoping it was scientifically based on something like the theorized 10 or 11 dimensions in string theory.

    The cornerstone of Einstein’s theorems is that there is no such thing thing as absolute time, the author of this Tenth Dimension book/flash movie does not seem to be either a mathmatician or a scientist.

    Not surprisingly, I was not able to locate the author’s credentials either on the web site or the “look inside” book search.

  13. hibiscusroto says:

    The theory is interesting…the presentation is entertaining and well put-together…and Bobs your uncle.

  14. Uncle Dave says:

    #10: Wow! Reading all the standard Christianity stuff the way you put it makes Scientology seem reasonable as well. Guess there’s not all that much that separates the two.

  15. WokTiny says:

    #14… you’ll take any jab you can get, won’t you? The validity and history of Christian doctrine aside, its still finds its origins in more than a bar bet.

  16. Uncle Dave says:

    #15: At Scientology? Sure.

  17. vimes:) says:

    bending dimensions to get to where u want to be is not really so important, let me try to explain here… basically we as humans are ever seeking out ways to improve ourselves, this is seen as progression and follows up what philosophies the roman and greek societies tried to teach us. here someone is trying to tell us how we might bend dimensions to progress to other dimensions/realities. (all of which only exist in theory ). -lol = as a side note here though … – the author mentions ‘simply’ folding through the 5 th dimension to get to a parallel reality in which you may be rich and famous and so have your self – idealisation realised; this is all very well and it would be quicker than rearranging your

  18. vimes:) says:

    – own timeline ‘s events leading to this alternate reality, but hehe, what about your counterpart who is also in the same reality rofl ? (lets hope he likes to share :D)
    really though we are still a limited race at present and however (or if ) these other dimensions manifest themselves it is more important that we
    are able not to just bend them – but are able to sustain our own existence
    whist navigating them – only then may we perhaps gain more insight as to the nature of our existence and the meaning of our lives here. – maybe in the 11th d lies the answers my personal belief is that, until proved otherwise i will continue to believe in
    max 5 dimenstions, allowing for my death as perhaps moving into the 5th, a spiritual dimension where time stops, perhaps maybe even a 6th where god could be able to speak to all spirits simultaneously. really we crave proof not speculation. hehe i’m a bit of an agnostic by the way lol :D/ if lets say hes right and there is a 10th d and loads of vimes copies all playing out different realities then whats the ultimate purpose of it all then? perhaps a massive data gathering or experiment hehe it could all even be a complete practical joke played by interdimensional beings immeassurably powerful or maybe we are
    part of endless worlds within worlds = imagine if the entire contents of
    our universes up to say dimension 10 were, in d 11 onwards , just part
    of a subatomic particle or maybe a photon or neutron lol???! either no one cares enough to let us know our purpose or there is no purpose and everything is a farce..but for me i have some more faith or hope than that – to paraphrase einstein :
    “i cant believe god plays dice with the universe” – can you ?….

    lol , and why has the man produced songs with his book, ( mr merchandise it? )???
    lets hope anyway for all our sakes that something good comes at least from the pain and labour of our lives…it is all we can ask and hope to receive. 8Dl

  19. turbosinaboy says:

    Nice readings here.
    I think he could have been in the right path, but he made some mistakes at the beginning. The first loop through 1 to fourth dimension need more diensions than those available. For example, to explain 1 d and the jump to 2 d he uses a very complex universe (a 2 d world).
    On he other hand when he speaks about the flatlanders he uses an explanation of how this people coulndn’t exist because their digestive tract would split them in two parts. Well, that’s the same to say that we are a big donut… even our anatomy includes a digestive tract it is NOT a free open duct, the same way, flatlanders wouldn’t be split in two all the time. They would be like macrofages; macrofages could be a nice example of a 3d being that behaves (through microscope) like a flatlander. Maybe he read Brief Story of time and was amazed with the 2 d dog.

    From 3d to 4 d and so on the explanation may go smooth, but, who can argue without moving from one to another? However, the first steps don’t make sense to me.


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