Google is trying to clean up its search results by cracking down on dubious Web sites that contain little content but lots of ads. The search giant has notified a number of Web publishers in the last few days that they will be dropped from its popular “AdSense” program starting June 1.

Google’s AdSense software has made it easy for advertisers to piggyback on any Web site – no matter how obscure – that attracts an audience. The easy money has led to a rise in “made-for-AdSense” Web pages that critics say clutter up the Internet and divert online searches. These content-free sites, which often are nothing more than links to other sites and a bunch of Google ads, exist solely to exploit AdSense.

Although Google still makes money off of these sites, they don’t like them because they hurt the quality of search results and reduce the “click through” rate for advertisers.

    That should get rid of some of the garbage sites on the Web.

  1. venom monger says:

    Let the frivolous lawsuits begin.

  2. qsabe says:

    I wondered how long it would take Google advertisers to wise up.
    I know of a 15 year old kid using her mild kiddie porn on MySpace to generate up to 30 grand a month from Google by having all her friends wandering around clicking ads for each other..

  3. ECA says:

    I had to send MSN a note..
    After a reinstall of windows, and IE4..I needed to update windows thru dialup.
    The site that pops up first was MSN.
    After 7 virus and 15 bots infected the system…It was ALOT of fun trying to get anywhere.
    I notified MSN, that they should NOT only scan the random adverts they Pull from another site, they should evaluate If it was worth it to Infect there OWN users.

  4. Brad says:

    This is good news. Now if someone would get rid of all of those domain name parking pages that would be good for the internet also!

    So many great domain names are registered and used as parking/clickthru pages instead of being used to provide quality content to the internet. What a waste…all so some jerk squatter can continue to lay on a Cayman Islands beach hungover!

  5. A_B says:

    This ties into the 2.0 article about “The Man Who Owns The Internet.”

    His entire business model is buying up available domain names and filling them up with advertising crapola. (The article says he uses Yahoo for advertising). His sites are also nothing more than collections of links to Yahoo advertised sites to exploit the click-through.

    While the subject of the CNN article relies more on mistyped URLs, I appreciate any efforts to curb these kinds of slimey tactics to artificially drive up advertising hits.

  6. Batman says:

    I like the photo, but when I click on it get “This photo is private” from flickr. Can you make it public?


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