After more than a decade on the air, Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” has its own online home.

The new Web site will go live at noon EST, today, presenting nearly the entire video archive of the show for the past nine years.

The site’s home page will focus on the previous night’s episode, from which clips will be posted by 8 a.m. EST the next morning, eventually being pushed up to 5 a.m. The destination also is equipped with a timeline that can locate archived clips by date and search tools, like other Viacom sites powered by Google.

Clips also will be tagged and broken into categories based on subject matter, correspondent or a celebrity name involved in the segment. All of these can be sorted separately as well.

Actually, it’s already up, this morning.

There’s probably no truth to the rumor that the Republikan National Committee is trying to hire a group of Polish hackers to initiate a perpetual Denial-of-Service attack.

  1. god says:


  2. Greg Allen says:

    Kudos to John Stewart.

    However, it bothers me how many Americans seem to use late night comics as their primary news source. This dumbing down of America (and the media) can’t be good for democracy.

  3. mark says:

    Thanks for the tip, now I have one more way to waste time during the day.

  4. richard says:

    It has already been blocked by my company. I guess they really want me to do work here… 😉

  5. jlm says:

    #2 its really not that much different than watching O’Reilly or Dobbs one-sided opinion shows

  6. MikeW says:

    The Daily Show is dumbing down America? Have you ever WATCHED Fox News?

  7. GigG says:

    #6 or CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS?

  8. Mister Mustard says:

    >>However, it bothers me how many Americans seem to use
    >>late night comics as their primary news source.

    It bothers me too. But when all of the so-called “mainstream media” are licking the boots (or in the case of Little King Georgie, the diapers) of our Administration Overlords, who’s left? Jon Stewart, Jay Leno, David Letterman, and for the insomniacs, Craig Ferguson and the red-haired guy.

    It’s truly a tragedy when the media kow-tows to a fascist administration. But hey, as Deep Throat said, follow the money.

  9. echeola says:

    You still can’t watch complete episodes. Stupid. The video player is choppy and dumb. Maybe some day this will be worth a damn but right now, I’ll find another way to watch it.

  10. geezba says:

    It’s not really a new site. It’s the same page that’s been available on Comedy Central’s site for a while now. When you type in, it just redirects to the original Daily Show page on the Comedy Central site.

    This is nothing.

  11. undissembled says:

    Video was smooth and clear for me. It seems to show about 90% of the episodes. Very nice.

  12. ECA says:

    Iv been watching that NET site for years.
    I dont have/use cable TV…

  13. James Armstrong says:


    Oh, Please. Grow up!

  14. Nicky says:

    A good show deserves its own site!


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