Not sure how I missed this video when it came out. It’s kind of frightening and sick.

Meanwhile the number of rapturists seems to be increasing. Here are two videos that reveal some of these notions and how it’s going to pretty much happen tomorrow.

Part Two

Favorite quote from Pat Robertson, “It won’t be nuclear because God didn’t say nuclear.”

  1. HisMostHumblyExhaultedSupremeGlobalWarmingMajesty says:

    #57 – Yeah, proofreading is a wonderful thing….

  2. OhForTheLoveOf says:

    #61 – That’s nice… Now go play nice with the other fundies.

  3. JimR says:

    RGB, I admit I did go off on a rather overzealous rant yesterday. But you couldn’t have read all of my post, as your reply was selective and inaccurate.

    The 20% of donations is just a NEW push of Adventist spending, but I highlighted it because it was transparent. What you glossed over is where I said “Add the cost of the many churches, Adventist hospitals and relief centres that are strategically placed in third world countries…” The 20% of donations is only the recent addition of an urban push. They have already infiltrated every nook and cranny of the third world. In actuality the figure is more like 80%.

    I am very, very grateful for their contributions to the third world. The point I attempted to make to you was that the same exact contribution could have been made without any religious guise, by the same generous individual contributors, for the simple reason of evolved humanitarian instincts. Don’t you agree?

    Instead, the Church (The organization, NOT the congregation) uses the venue as a recruitment business. The harsh reality is that the most efficient way of increasing their numbers is by helping the needy (with other peoples money) who in turn are naturally appreciative. The uneducated are also more open to suggestion. It is very apparent if you go to their web site and read their newsletters.

    You lambasted me, but you didn’t comment on this: “Already there is promising growth. In a report on mission at the church’s October business meetings, church leaders pointed to Lima, Peru where 1,800 new churches have been formed in that city this year.”Cripes, RGB, in a city of 7 million (very poor and needy), this one church has installed 1600 churches! Will you comment on that? By comparison, New York NY, with a population of over 8 million has only 180 Adventist churches!

    If religion did not exist, the charity void would have been filled with the same conscientious, donators under a different social structure, and without baiting with ulterior motives, and a drain on intelligence.

    Another correction, it is I that gave the nun the mental beating you so describe. They couldn’t force-feed me the BS, so they wanted me out as I was disrupting their brainwashing process with the other kids. You can’t twist those facts any other way.

    And RGB, I do defend your right to say whatever you want. Can’t I disagree without you feeling your freedom being attacked? This is a discussion board after all. I don’t think little of you in any way. I am just offering another opinion.

    Since you are an atheist, I admit I was wrong about you being brainwashed in that respect. Sometime I forget who is and who isn’t (RGB, ECA, IBC…) That probably ticked you off. Sorry about that. 🙂

  4. RBG says:

    Oh my God, JimR, don’t be gett’n all mushy on me or you’ll be no fun. ;^)

    Gotta run for now.


  5. JimR says:

    Too mushy? Let me rephrase the last sentence then…

    Shit! That probably ticked you off like hell. What the fnck was I thinking. If I had a dog, I’d kick it.


  6. Matthew says:

    62-Of course God loves us all. But we have free will if we choose a path for our lives that is not righteous why would we be rewarded for that?
    God does not make billions of children. His children, us, do that for him and we choose to follow him or not? Do you follow him? Are you sure? How do you know?

  7. RBG says:

    65. JimR

    So I found your reference to to the quote about 1,800 new churches in Lima. I think what is not understood here is that these are not 1,800 empty buildings having been constructed as a way to coerce folks into the SDA, but 1,800 distinct SDA groups of people who have formed (and may yet require their own building).

    From 2003, same general reference:
    “Currently there are 600,000 members in Peru, and they expect to baptize 50,000 more in the upcoming year.

    “The most critical need we have right now is church structures. We, as leaders, need to demonstrate responsibility by providing houses of worship for our rapidly growing congregations,” said Melchor Ferreyra, president of the church in Peru.

    The churches are growing so fast that the leadership is having difficulty keeping up with the demand to house the congregations. As a result, members are independently seeking solutions by finding empty buildings or the shade of trees for worship space.”

    Does that scare you? Then get together a bunch of your atheist friends and have them gather up a big load of their own cash to build the needed schools and hospitals and social, spiritual and self-actualizing comforts that always go hand-in-hand as part of that SDA infrastructure.

    Then we need to invoke a UN election proposition that gives us superior, enlightened types 4 votes for every 1 vote of the great unwashed, so people like the Peruvians can be made to make the correct decisions in life.

    Followed by a ban on any and all liberal political proselytizing on the same basis that religious proselytizing is evil: it’s superstition. There is no connection between the belief in liberal policies and optimum well-being for society.


  8. JimR says:

    “The churches are growing so fast that the leadership is having difficulty keeping up with the demand to house the congregations. ”

    Buildings or no buildings for the existing 1800 churches, it’s not clear, but neither is it relevant. My point is that there are 10 times as many as NY, NY precisely because the poor have been wooed over to the dark side. It’s absolutely worth it in one sense, but in another it is a travesty, but it doesn’t scare me.

    Religion will eventually die out on its own because all information is too readily available for everyone now. However it’s a shame that the cost of charity is still currently your identity of being. As for secular charities, there are already some out there that are doing a good job. The trouble is that because of religion, churches were there first and are much more powerful. If secular groups organized in such a way as to threaten the necessity of churches, i.e. nudge them out of the charity business, and provide schools that taught science and evolution, while discrediting superstition and gods, the church would go to war, and you know it. It can’t be done, not in my lifetime anyway. Actually when i was younger i mused about starting the Church of Man.

    I’ve pretty much given in to the fact that many more minds will be brainwashed in all levels of society before the bronze age and the long-term damage it causes disappears for good.

    And that, my friend, is all he wrote. Thanks for the chat.
    ( Have the last word if you wish.) 🙂

  9. RBG says:

    Ok. This from an SDA Pastor: “I would have no problem understanding the growth and numbers in Lima. But not churches. Many places in the world our new members are meeting in homes or some building, but the numbers in each group are usually small.”


  10. JimR says:

    RBG, you’ve got a good heart, and despite our heated opposing views, that’s what counts… eh? I just posted this last, last word to let you know I read your last post.


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