Megan Meier’s Mom

Megan Had It Coming: I’m Lori Drew — For anyone who has managed to follow the rather weird story about the girl who killed herself over a MySpace hoax, here is the backstory. It’s actually incredible and wholly believable if you’ve ever known any bi-polar people.


I’m Lori Drew

It’s time I dropped the charade. Yes, I made this blog. Yes, I’m Lori Drew.

My daughter had nothing to do with this. Everyone needs to leave her alone. None of you can possibly know her involvement, and none of you can possibly know what she’s gone through. She’s just a kid. She doesn’t deserve these brutal verbal attacks. Please stop.

Now that Mr. Banas has made public the announcement that there will be no charges filed against me or my family, I feel it is time to speak out about this tragic affair. I cannot count on any media organization to fairly represent my story, as they have grossly misrepresented and sensationalized the story so far. So, I must present my case here, on the blog that has been my only outlet.

You don’t understand what the last two years have been like, living in this town, dealing with these people. When we came here, the Meiers seemed like a great family with whom we could form a friendship. Tina sold us our house and our little girls became fast friends. It was typical. Sleepovers and vacations and events in the community. The girls were inseparable….

But things turn sour and it is necessary to create a fake MySpace page to keep the Meiers girl at bay. Something is needed to distract her. Things quickly spin out of control.

Megan was screaming at Josh for answers on who he had been talking to: she wanted to know who ratted her out so she could take out revenge on them, too. I shared Megans messages with everyone involved and encouraged everyone to stand up against her and not take her crap anymore.

Instead, once the word got out about Megan, so did all her romantic replies, as well as a few secrets and the MySpace crowd ganged up on her.But I didnt realize that this group would react that way. I expected a certain amount of bullying, and I was OK with it. I wanted Megan to get a taste of what she had been dishing out this whole time. But I didnt want it to go as far as it did. Its true that the slut and fat references came out of what I shared. And by the time I was done with work on that day, the bullying against Megan had progressed pretty far. I had heard about the “better off without you” message and thats when I told everyone to cool it. Megan had been punished enough, and I was satisfied that she would think twice before bullying or manipulating anyone again. I don’t know who wrote that “better off without you” message.

I would advise reading the whole thing. It’s an eye-opener. Some will wonder if it is a hoax. The likelihood is low since this sort of thing would cause legal action if done by a third party. That assumes a third party would know the law. The St. Louis reporters think this site is a hoax.

And then there are the rather juvenile comments following the story worth some disdain.

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  1. Kevin says:

    You and your family deserve all the shit as much as you try to reason with your self you pretty much murder a 13 year old girl of all people ugly sicken me

  2. Kevin says:

    You and your family deserve all the shit as much as you try to reason with your self you pretty much murder a 13 year old girl of all people you sicken me

  3. Phillip says:

    I know everyone is pissed Off at her for what she did and I don’t agree with what she did at all and I’m just warning all of
    You even tho this could be a fake be careful What you post because it will be on the Internet forever and it will never be taken down. It’s there for the whole world to see. And here’s a message for all the bully’s out there. “The only reason you pick on somebody or call them names it’s obvious that your life sucks and you take your shitty life out on people who didn’t even have anything to do with your messed up life so get off your lazy asses and try to get help To get your Shitty life up and running” so like I said don’t post anything That you would regret for the rest of your life.

    • rick says:

      Wow your right

    • bend_id_ova says:


  4. Jennifer says:

    You are an old ugly hag. You and your miserable little sprog deserve whatever hateful things people are doing to you!!!! You raised your sprog to be the terrible little bitch murderer you both are. You will rot in hell. You are an ugly old looking utter failure of a parent sicko. You should have just killed yourself instead of murdering that poor girl. I wish it was your daughter this happened to, then you might have some remorse, leather faced old bitch!!!!!!

  5. toni says:

    You should be ashamed of yourself , your a grown ass women harassing a 13 year old , I myself was bullied . Going home crying every hour of the hot damn day thinking I was never good enough . You as a mom and a adult should know better , to say my daughter doesn’t need verbal abuse , well megan didn’t ! May god bless you

  6. Elyse says:

    My daughter is doing a research paper on cyber bullying and I can’t believe what I am reading. This adult wrote a letter trying to explain her ignorance away. Lori Drew there is NO excuses for what you did, it was awful and you should just apologize and keep your mouth shut!
    You did bring ALL this on yourself, you pushed a child into killing herself! It’s sad after all the hurt you caused my 12 yr old read this and said you sound like you are not remorseful at all and she is right! God help you!

  7. Sarah says:

    You know what sickens me? The majority of the people commenting on this blog say how disgusting it is to bully others yet you are all doing the same thing to this woman! I think it is absolutely repulsive what Lori Drew did. It is even more atrocious that she thought it was “OK” to bully somebody in the first place. She stood over the neighborhood kids like a monster, telling them to harass Megan. She then goes on to say that her daughter is “just a kid. She doesn’t deserve these brutal attacks.” Wow, Lori, your daughter doesn’t deserve it, but Megan did? By bullying Lori in your comments, you are acting just as she did: like a hypocrite. If you want to stand up against bullying, theft don’t stoop down in the process!

  8. Maria Visconti says:

    Dear Lori Drew,
    Burn in hell. You are a grown woman. Not a 13 year old girl. We have ALL said or done things when we were kids that were not neccesarily right. That does NOT allow you to jusitfy what she said by driving her to suicide. She killed herself 20 MINUTES after she got a message from Josh. Sorry, but I really doubt that there were many other factors in your suicide. You deserve to be in jail for life for what you did to that child. Do you even understand the magnitude of your actions in calling that girl a slut and fat. One person calling me fat publicly was enough to make me become bulimic for 2 years. I hope you know that noone would mind if you dropped dead right now.

    Say hi to every other cyber bully when you see them in hell.

    • Ironic says:

      “I hope you know that (sic) would mind if you dropped dead right now.”

      Really? You’re so outraged by Lori’s actions, yet… How does your comment make you any better than her? She was wrong; you’re wrong too.

  9. ana says:

    What a Phyco that woman is!!! The story made me cry. I love Megan even though I have never met her. I wish I could have saved her. And it took long for her to die after she’d hung herself. I’m sure she regretted it poor kid. <3

  10. Hannah says:

    Wow. Is this woman REALLY trying to justitfy what she did to that poor girl? As an adult she should have never got into this situation in the first place! There are no excuses for cyberbullying to this exstent there are certain life skills you learn as you grow up this women obviously didn’t listen to them. Shame on her.

  11. Ironic says:

    What Lori Drew did was wrong because, simply stated… Cyber-bullying is wrong. Period. How ironic (and disgusting) that so many people are cyber-bullying not only Lori, but her daughter, family, employees, and customers, all while claiming to be outraged by the same. It’s so sad that people can’t find a way to voice their concerns and opinions in a non-bullying, peaceful way.

  12. Jenn says:

    Oh My God!, Seriously Lori Drew is a sick ass woman, How could anyone do that to a young girl!?
    And Lori have some respect for the dead Megan was NOT a slut!.

    Your a grown woman you should know better!.

  13. AnAmerican says:

    To all the people who are saying that a person should not do the same as Lory by cyber bullying I have to say that today is the first I learned about this story. This story motivated my to write my first hate comment on the internet, I don’t care what anybody says because i know my comment is not directed towards a human being but a monster.Lory Drew and everyone who thinks shes suffered enough should be cyber bullied until they end up hanging themselves.She doesn’t deserve any mother’s day gifts.She,her stupid daughter and all her helpers should not have a day of peace for the rest of their lives.

    • Ironic says:

      Wow. Intelligent.

    • MegLee says:

      Im sorry ‘ironic’ I just can’t help but notice you’re defending an old hag who coerced a 13 year old to kill herself. They have a word for these people. Lying Bitches ugly on the inside as well as the outside

      • Ironic says:

        I’m not defending Lori Drew. NOT ONE BIT. There is no defense for what she did. What shocks me are the hypocrites who come on here and bash the crap out of not only Lori, but her children and her former employees. They’re doing the exact same thing that they’re condemning. How does that make sense?

  14. joe says:

    the whole/ Megan had it coming site was just a troll

    dude had the site up for a couple months and had a ton of responses to his claim that he was lori drew and that megan deserved to die.

    people were arguing back and forth and threatening “lori”

    then the guy posted a final link that was ended up being a rick roll

    most epic rick roll of all time imho

  15. AnAmerican says:

    Even if the Megan had it coming site is a fake, this does not take away the seriousness of her actions. I believe in Karma,what goes around comes around.Some day when she sits in a nursing home, in her old age she is going to remember the horrible thing she did.I don’t know what i would do if I was responsible for someones death.In our lives we all have said mean things to someone,but to play with a depressed girls heart,knowing about her depression,being a friend of the family and a grown up makes it more disturbing.So if people make mean comments about you Lori Drew, Take it! is the least you could do after the awful thing you did.

  16. Ariana says:

    Really? She’s a grown woman, she should know right from wrong. Megan was ADHD, had depression, and weight issues. I’m not saying that Megan was totally innocent, but what that woman did was completely wrong. Children who deal with ADHD can be very hyperactive and what other people may see as dramatic and it’s completely out of their control and some things can cause them to be hypersensitive. I can understand how she would be upset, especially since she’s a parent, but what she did is just wrong. Whenever I get into a fight with a friend or some other girl at school, who I’ve never liked, my mom tells me to either address the issue head on and try to reconcile with my friend or just forget the girl who I don’t like, cause ten years from now it won’t matter. But she took the issue into her own hands and now a 13 year old girl is dead. I don’t want anything bad to happen to her, but I want her to feel the pain and regret for what she did. What she did was childish and inexcusable, not to mention that she’s suppose to be setting an example for her own daughter. If I were Megan’s parents all I would ask for is that every month she gives a check to their family for one dollar and if she stops sending the checks she should get sent to jail, just so that Megan’s death would be a constant reminder of what she did. She may not have killed Megan directly but she does at least deserve probation and no access to the Internet.

  17. Sharks says:

    It’s already been shown this was not written by Lori Drew.

  18. Andriana says:

    Bitch, shut the fuck up!
    You and your daughter and everyone who got involved deserve to be punished and rot in hell!!!
    How can you say words like this? “My daughter had nothing to do with this. Everyone needs to leave her alone. She’s just a kid. She doesn’t deserve these brutal verbal attacks. Please stop.”

    So,your daughter now it’s just a shitty kid?
    Really? and she doesn’t deserve brutal verbal attacks?

    Really bitch? really? are you for real?
    Did Megan deserved all this?
    all the crap you said to her? She was a kid too!
    She didn’t deserve any of your bullshit either, but that didn’t seem to stop you.
    You bullied a kid…to death…and you’re asking not to do that to your own daughter? Are you fucking kidding me?

    You didn’t only destroy Megan’s life, but also her mom’s life, her dad’s life, her little sister’s life, her relatives lives….
    And your daughter life’s too! And so yours….

    Nobody likes you! Why don’t you just move away?
    Change your name?
    huh? why do you still live in the same neighborhood with the Meiers…. ? After everything you did…
    You killed their daughter…you did this…
    the least you can do is get the fuck out of here….
    or kill your self! stupid whore!

  19. Jen says:

    In your blog you say about your daughter,

    “She’s just a kid. She doesn’t deserve these brutal verbal attacks.”

    That was true for Megan, the girl YOU killed. She too was just a kid and didn’t deserve those brutal verbal attacks.

    Why do you think people are going to treat you or your family any differently than you have treated Megan?
    What have you done to deserve forgiveness for what you did?
    You are a murder, plan and simple. You killed a child. I don’t know if you believe in God, but I do wish you luck in explaining this to Him at the end of your life, and if I may offer one small piece of advice, saying “she had it coming” isn’t going to be the right answer.

  20. chontelle says:

    in my opinion whatever megan did it had nothing to do with you n if you had a problem with her y didnt you just talk to her or even better inform her parents to try solve it like the adult ur ment to be not act like a kid have u ever wondered what it would be like f megans parents did that to your daughter no u didnt think about that.. now megan family has to suffer from your actions. you have no right to do what you did u have no right to judge people only god.. and now your asking people to leave you alone people are just showing you now what it feels like.. i dont know you or the full story but no human being should have to feel the way megan did you dont know how ur words affect people to megan it must of felt like the same pain she had moments before her death to megan family im so sorry for your lost n to you lori drew only god can judge you but untill your have to carry the burden of megan. u might have not killed her but u pretty much handed her the rope

  21. Ashley says:

    I found yo house on google maps! Trashy bitch!

    • Stephen Calandrino says:

      Lori, the world would be far better off without you and all the other fat loads that attack children over the internent. A special spot in Hell awaits you and those two little tramps who helped kill Megyn. I pray that Megyn is now in the House of the Lord, and you won’t be allowed to even wipe your filthy feet on the welcome mat

      • Andy says:

        Don’t be so harsh. Lori got her own reasons for her actions however bad they may seem. Megan isn’t entirely innocent of bullying either.

        • aqil says:

          but as adult , she can find some other way better than bullying megan , as adult she needs to use her head to lead the kids , not do all this thing

        • katelyne says:

          Are you fucking retarded? This bitch drove a HARMLESS 13 year old girl to kill herself. Ur just as bad as whorie (Lori) for sticking up for her u sick freak. Use some reasoning in ur next post dumbass

    • katelyne says:

      Where is it I’m searching for this bitch

  22. joanne says:

    i like how you start off with “stop bullying my daughter”! lol, talk about double standards!! and ya, come on, adult!!! looks like you have some serious growing up to do!! a bit s-l-o-w, i guess!, but still no excuse! i hope the guilt eats you up!

  23. Hills says:

    Lori is a grown a** woman who decided to act like a child.
    She intentionally set up a fake account to lure a teenage girl to share information based on a rumor her daughter had heard, what exactly did she intend to do when she found out the information? (besides the fact that I think this is entirely inappropriate considering lori was not teaching her daughter to stand up for herself and a rumour is after all a rumour) If that blog is indeed something Lori wrote she says she expected and was okay with Megan being bullied. As for her not knowing who posted “better off without you” , what does it matter? Lori was the one who set up the account and is therefor responsible for any and all comments made on te account. By setting up the account and acting like an immature little girl, she have permission to the child in her care to do the same, she can’t expect anyone who looks up to her for guidance to set boundaries if she doesn’t set them herself.

    This woman is no better than the online pedofiles and predators who try and lure youn girls into bad situations.

    Shame on you Lori, I hope Megan’s mother sues the sh** out of you for emotional trauma.

  24. dislikeparentswhobully says:

    Lori Drew, dear GOD! I’ve never heard of anyone more stupid and irriresponsible than YOU! I dont know why people are letting you get away with this, you should be charged for MURDER, yes MURDER you stupid sh***y excuse of a human and you should be sentenced in prison for LIFE for taking A YOUNG GIRLS LIFE!!!! I thought most people, or should I say PARENTS were more mature? obviously not. I want you to know that even if this post is years later and megan is long gone, 99% of anyone who knows what happened to her out their in this massive world, you would be one person they’d never want to see in their life nor in their afterlife. something bad will happen to you in your life soon and it will be what you get for doing this to a teenager!

  25. Chris M says:

    I cut off your fucking head bitch!

  26. katelyne says:

    Laurie drew, you are pathetic the fact that u can go on living knowing u caused a 13 year old girl to kill herself is beyond me. I hope u die and burn in hell. But not just die, I hope u experience the most painful, inhumane, cruel death possible. U are a disgusting excuse of a person and a mother. If I were ur daughter I would kill myself. Maybe that’s what u deserve, to lose ur daughter like ur neighbors lost theirs. Love thy neighbor? Instead u pushed urs to commit suicide. U may have escaped the law but I know for a fact there are people out there that are looking to seek their own justice on you. I know I am.. I hope u read and understand how everyone in America feels about you. U ARE A FAT DISGUSTING PIG AND U DESERVE TO DIE. go kill urself now n save me a trip to ur house u gutless coward

  27. sadie says:

    what really makes me.sick is you are.more.concerned with defending your actions than.yu are sorru for the loss.of a cjild. That little girl had EVERY right to make friends with whimever she.chose without interference waiting for the day I see your physco daighters name in the news because ahe ran her husband over for wanting a divorce…..may your life suck for as long as thatottle girls parents have to grieve…you are a real national treasure

  28. Dee says:

    This story absolutely tore my heart out! It’s bad enough kids bully each other but now adults will go this far. I just look at your disgusting picture of you and your daughter y’all were jealous Magan was so beautiful. And could get a boyfriend. Why couldn’t you just go like adults do and talk one on one with her mother?!? Instead You acted and conducted yourself like a stupid ignorant bully kid!!! There’s no place for you or your daughter you ate obviously raising to be like you. She has No chance!!


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