The 80-year-old shaman, from a village in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, was famous for a right foot because it had healing powers, the Hindustan Times reported. But his fame became a curse when two strangers sought advice for medical problems.

“As the old man had the weakness of drinking, he accepted their invitation to have drinks with them,” local police officer Pendakanti Dastgiri told the BBC. “They took him to a deserted spot in the outskirts of the village. After the old man had passed out under the influence of liquor, they cut off his right leg from the knee,” he said.

Local police have said the “theft” may have occurred because Mr Kondiah told too many people of the magical properties of his right leg.

That’s a hell of a headline.

Thanks, KB [I think!]

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    Coulda been worse..he could have have been telling the local women something else was magical…


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