ABC News: Exclusive

ABC News has learned that the campaign of Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., has registered the names of two Web sites with the express goal of attacking her chief rival, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill. It’s the first time this election cycle a presidential campaign has launched a Web site with the express purpose of of launching serious criticisms on a rival. and are domains hosted by the same IP address as official Clinton Web sites, such, which was launched with much fanfare this week. The Clinton campaign intends to use these new Web sites to paint Obama as cowardly.

“I don’t think people want a lot of talk about change,” she told Iowans early this month. “I think they want someone with a real record — a doer, not a talker. After eight years of incompetence, they don’t want false hope, they want real results.”

Said the spider to the fly. Her staff needs a lesson on the use of a little tool called WHOIS. She has already fired one on her staff for throwing dirt.

  1. bobbo says:

    So? This is a good thing as in “more information.”

    I can’t think of any reason for “a legislater” to vote present instead of yes or no.

    Hopefully, Obama will do the same and we can get to the “nitty gritty” the Press fails to deliver on its own.

  2. McCullough says:

    bobbo- I want more information. The method is my problem. It seems hiding behind the dirty tricksters bugs me somehow.

  3. MikeN says:

    Yea, this isn’t dirty campaigning. They’ve openly been spouting the same theme too.

    Nevertheless, this is the candidate that whined about the politics of personal destruction.

    Hillary will end up winning because there’s a large segment of the party that doesn’t want to admit they were wrong in defending Bill the last decade.

  4. edwinrogers says:

    My goodness, criticism!

  5. flysupes says:

    Anything to win, eh Hillary?

    Come on you guys, this doesn’t bother you? If she’s going to criticize, she shouldn’t hide behind an alternate domain. Just put it on Anything else stinks of dirty tricks and mudslinging.

    I know everybody else is probably doing it, but why does she keep getting caught? I guess one of the main reasons she won’t get my vote is that it seems like she’ll do anything to win. This is a pattern that goes back to her husband’s administration.

  6. Dallas says:

    ABC News preemptive criticism on future possible attacks by Hillary is just to fuel hits for the rhetoric seeking population. In any case, what is cynical about with and ?

  7. bobbo says:


    bobbo- I want more information./// Good. Media too lazy. Subject him/herself is self serving. Sorry–best source is “all sources” including the intentionally misleading. All sources are just sources–not the pure and innocent “truth.”

    The method is my problem. /// What other method is there?–in the real world?

    It seems hiding behind the dirty tricksters bugs me somehow. /// It shouldn’t. And who is hiding? They make one post, and already outed. So, in this case, the “dirty trick” is what? Honestly reporting that Obama voted present on some bill? Now, he needs to tell us the same re Hilliary.

  8. McCullough says:

    #7. Well he’ll NEVER be able to find any dirt on Hillary. (he says while laughing maniacally).

  9. bobbo says:

    #8==Yea, well, she is breathing.

  10. Jetfire says:

    “She has already fired one on her staff for throwing dirt.”

    No, she fired him for getting caught. As Al Bundy said after winning the Senior Olympics it’s only wrong if you get caught.

  11. gregallen says:

    I’m no big fan of Hillary but I have to ask… how is this “dirty”?

    Making up lies about Kerry military service — like the Swiftboat sleaze balls did — is dirty.

    Keeping caging lists to disenfranchise black voters — like the GOP did — is dirty.

    Swamping the telephone lines of the Democrats to prevent them from voting — like the GOP did — is dirty.

    Push polling lies about McCain’s supposed black bastard baby — like Bush did — is dirty.

    But a web site about Obama’s voting record?

    It’s only “dirty” if the web site lies about Obama. If it tells the truth — that’s totally fair.

    For example, I, myself, am bothered that Obama didn’t show up for the critical Kyle Lieberman war mongering vote. And then he criticizes Hillary for it!

    Hillary may have voted the wrong way on that BUT AT LEAST SHE VOTED.

    That’s a very fair point for H Clinton to bring up.

  12. James Armstrong says:

    Actually, I think you’ll find that the distinctive red hour-glass mark of the black widow spider is found on the underside of the abdomen.

    Also, I think you’ll find that the queen of diamonds playing card is a more appropriate symbol for Mrs. Clinton.

  13. Glenn E. says:

    I just think that it’s such a bad idea for any of the democratic candidates to resort to the negative campaign strategy of the republicans. For one thing, it shows the voter that they aren’t (or don’t think) any better. And being the weaker party, for so many reasons, they can’t afford to step on the reputations of their own party members, in order to temporarily win some primary points. I will come back to hurt them in the main election. And two, I’ve yet to see the republicans doing this to their own. The democrats would be better off just trying to out-promote their competition. Rather than smear them somehow. Let the republicans resort to that, later. And call them down for it, as their only strategy for winning votes. That’s how Bush won.

  14. MikeN says:

    Of course the Republicans are attacking each other too. If you haven’t noticed it, it’s probably because you don’t live in Iowa or New Hamp.

  15. MikeN says:

    Gregallen, as per your Swift Boat lies, you should know there is a million dollar reward for anyone who can identify a lie that they told. Why don’t you go cash in?

  16. McCullough says:

    #12. James, fine, next you’ll be upset by the fact she didn’t kill and eat her mate, or maybe not.

  17. gregallen says:

    MikeN said, Gregallen, as per your Swift Boat lies, you should know there is a million dollar reward for anyone who can identify a lie that they told. Why don’t you go cash in?

    Not me, of course, but John Kerry will certainly “cash in” but — if he’s a typical loudmouth conservative — T. Boon Pickens will welch on his bet. I saw that ee’s already putting ridiculous qualifiers on his original offer.

  18. Joshua says:

    This is the second or third time that media have claimed Hillary is being dirty when all she did was state fact….in the public domain fact about Obama’s voting record. And that vote wasn’t the first one he has passed on, then criticized others for voting.
    I’m no Hillary fan, and I’ve been toying with voting for Obama if he wins the nomination and McCain isn’t the other candidate.
    The women is shrewd, and underhanded, but don’t knock her when she hasn’t done anything.

  19. MikeN says:

    Well, I can see putting qualifiers when John Kerry is the one cashing in. He should be making public that which he said he would make public.


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