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From the Manor in the UK and the Mansion in Northern California, the Podfather Adam Curry and Prognosticator John C. Dvorak bring you this weekly podcast with no music, no advertising and, most importantly, no agenda.

From the current news to rants and raves on new events and technology, John and Adam report on the hard stuff to the tech fluff.

Tune in every Sunday (just in case the funny papers didn’t arrive) for each new show, brought to you by Dvorak Uncensored Cage Match.

The latest is Episode #13 and features:

  • The Financial Times, Chinese money and world-wide tax laws
  • John: Why I’m not rich: penmanship!
  • Adam on the 777 accident at Heathrow
  • Textra’s Natalie del Conte comments about John
  • Our Twitter rant
  • Who is Esther Dyson and who is her sister?
  • The BBC vs. Washington Post
  • Can Hackers shut down power companies?

  1. Mike says:

    John, don’t you realize that while many readers like you, many HATE Adam Curry? I would never listen a podcast that features this guy.

    In fact although I listen to Tech5, it kind of hurts me to think that somehow money is getting in Curry’s pocket for it.

  2. BubbaRay says:

    Well, we’ll agree to disagree. Adam brings a lot to the table. Guess I’m not an MTV guy, so I don’t know quite what your personal beef is, but the No Agenda podcast is enjoyable, at least for me.

    This week’s episode is also revealing. I didn’t know John took notes like I do. 🙂

  3. michaelwmoss says:

    John & Adam do make a great team. And while it is two noted guys of tech just jabbering back and forth, there is alot to learn from these two guys. Great job John And Adam!

  4. SN Harden says:

    I like the podcast. Glad I found it. John and Adam are intersting to listen too. Very enjoyable. Good work!

  5. pjakobs says:

    Curry and Dvorak… hmm…

    Well, when I read #1 I somehow agreed with it, Curry doesn’t go down easy. I have been listening to his DSC and some other shows from the Curry empire. After a while though, it just bacame too stupid. Most of them are just too self consumed and stuffed with irrelevant advertizing. Most of the figureheads have just too much of an ego. That’s exactly what it is with Curry as well. He’s got an ego as big as a mountain and some very weird ideas and manners.
    The few times, however, that he’s been on TWIT, he was a valuable addition, so I guess the guy has something to say.

    Dvorak has got quite an ego himself, but doesn’t come across quite as arrogant as Curry.

    I’ll listen to the show for a while and see how it plays out. One thing’s for sure: too much advertizing and I’m out.


  6. Rakarich says:

    Regardless of your opinions of John and Adam’s views you gotta admit one thing…

    … Those headshots are far from current. I’m guessing they are 15 – 20 years old.

  7. gfors says:

    It’s not that he’s egotistical as much as suffering from delusions of grandeur. The ego of a guy who is smart and interesting i can deal with, ie John. A guy who truly thinks he’s something much greater than he is grinds on the senses, ie Adam. I stopped this weeks show when he started singing.

    While on my list of podcast annoyances, what is up with the intro to tech 5. that is an ear assault we don’t need. I can just see some lame in the studio saying “You would think it would be annoying but its not”. Newsflash, it is.

    Hope you get rich soon john, ill go click some ads for you.

  8. pjakobs says:

    #8, gfors, Curry starts singing on this one? I had dropped out much earlier than that obviously. Actually, I can’t remember anything other than something about the FT. John, this is a complete waste of your time. Even though Curry is technically your boss, you should not do anything he tells you to.


  9. Jägermeister says:

    …the Mansion in Northern California.

    Hmm… John’s mansion… 😉

  10. Earbleed says:

    Dvorak’s been my favorite tech writer forever (first seen in PC Magazine). I listened to DSC for a while but Curry’s superciliosity and boundless self admiration bores quickly. Adam’s lack of knowledge on a broad swath of topics never prevents him from speculating and spewing.
    What makes this latest episode painful is Adam’s “overmodulation” or whatever he did to his voice to achieve 200% distortion. We’re listening with little speakers jammed RIGHT IN OUR EARS Adam we don’t need AM radio-style megacompression. At least John C.’s dulcet tones were not only wisdom-laced but easy on the ears.
    “Sarbanes and Oxley were actual names?” Adam, stick to playing music and bragging about your money. Ignorance demonstrations won’t hold the interest of many.
    Thank Grid the speedup function in Windows Media player works well at 1.4x speed, got through this episode in less than 45 minutes.

  11. jay says:

    Love it. great show .

  12. mheenan says:

    na podcast url…. what is it… this is the only conspiracy

  13. John K. says:

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  14. Bob says:

    I like the combo of John and Adam! And I like the fact that you address a lot of issues that aren’t being addressed in mainstream media. You and Adam balance each other well. Maybe you can occasionally have guests too… Your show is quickly becoming one of my favorite podcasts!

    Thanks again!

  15. cardamonbraid says:

    While listening to NoAgenda you played that old commercial and thought that it might have been Barbara Bellingsly but alas It was Spring Byington from the old show December Bride

  16. Kate says:

    No Agenda is a great show! I just wish Adam would lay off teachers! Some of us are good, some are bad just like any other job. I found it because I’m a Dvorak follower, but most of my friends are teachers and they won’t listen because of the rants about how we’re all morons. If Adam is actually sincere about his message, he’s bound to eventually realize that insulting the people he hopes will spread it is probably not going to be very effective.

  17. Randy Ayn says:

    Love the show. Listen all the time. I promise to start contributing to the show next week. Keep up the good work and expose the assholes and PR bullshit our there. Thanks!

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