Don’t like the smell of fish but love the smell of money? Then get off your couch, potato, and get to your computer and check out the Fantasy Fishing website.

Fantasy fishing

Thursday, Feb. 28, marks the start of a surprising new fantasy league — in an even more surprising sport — that will blow away all previous fantasy cash prizes and make the WCOFF look like a quaint little office pool.

Sports fans, fantasy nuts, people who love winning giant piles of money for sitting at a computer — meet FLW Outdoors Fantasy Fishing. It’s the first-ever fantasy sports league to guarantee that somebody will become an actual, totally legit in the eyes of God and the IRS, millionaire. Or even a multimillionaire. FLW is blowing away all previous fantasy leagues by giving away more than $7 million in cash and prizes. Yes, folks, we’ve officially reached the point in sports history where people can win millions of dollars for watching other people watch out for fish.

  1. Jeffery Williams says:

    Finally!!! The day I’ve always prayed for has arrived! Now, where’s my fantasy fishing hat?

  2. MrBloedumpSpladderschitt says:

    Proves there’s hope for our society yet.


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