Is it wrong for me to want one?

  1. oxnard montalvo says:

    [Duplicate comment. – Deleted. – ed.]

  2. oxnard montalvo says:

    These ought to be standard issue at work. You haven’t lived until some hood pops out of the bushes and menaces you at 3am far far away from any help. (literally)

  3. livvidd says:

    I hate all guns, But dam that’s the coolest weapon Ive ever seen!

  4. Pharaoh90 says:

    Sometimes when your just walking your dog you run into small bands of gorillas. And you know how nasty that can be when all you got is a pooper scooper.

    Yes it is wrong for you to want one. Now if it was a pellet gun I’d say set up the cans.

  5. zebulon says:

    So, what’s next? Give a pretty little machiche gun to your child, so he can be safe on his way home for school ?
    Or just provide him with an armored bicycle?
    USA, where are you going ?

  6. jasontheodd says:

    us metal-shop junkies can make our own…it is just a narrow profile glock in a folding case.

  7. ECA says:

    Look up the AA12, on youtube…

    I THINK you will LOVE IT..

  8. Dallas says:

    It also integrates a 6 Megapixel camera and MP3 player. Perfect.

  9. Eideard says:

    I thought he said they’d added an automatic sear. I’ve built – I have acquaintances who built full auto handguns, decades ago, the same way.

    The problem with that is once you pull the trigger, they run through the whole magazine with no way to stop. Tee hee.

  10. wbskeet37 says:

    He said “proof of concept” yet at the very end he mentions a part number. It looks like they might be getting ready to leave the “proof of concept” phase of development.

  11. Improbus says:

    Nice! I’ll take three.

  12. Mister Catshit says:

    #10, Dallas,

    Now that I know that, I want one too.

    Reminds me of back in the ’80s. A friend gave me this home made, wooden, toy rifle stock with a screw on top to fit a camera. The remote release was fitted to where the trigger would have gone. The idea was that it gave you firmer control shooting at slower speeds with long lenses. Worked good too, especially with moving subjects. That is until some cops saw me from a distance and thought I had a weapon.

    Being approached by three cops with guns drawn was unnerving. The one cop was an amateur photographer too so he could appreciate it. After that day I stuck with a tripod.

  13. tchamp2 says:

    If they made this in semi-auto, I’d gladly buy one. First time I saw this video, I replayed it about 6 times.

    Such a simple design, but so interesting at the same time. I think they could get around the 16″ barrel problem by calling it a handgun “mod” where you have the drop in your own gun.

    I think if you called it a handgun modification, and made it drop in, the 16″ part isn’t relevant.

  14. tchamp2 says:

    OK — so the folding mag might eliminate my idea of the drop in, doh.

    Either way, it’s a lot easier to get a short barrel registered with the feds than to deal with machine gun.

  15. billabong says:

    Hey guys its the integrated flashlite that sold you on this.I don’t ever want to give up my nokia brick because it came w/a flashlite.I use this more often than the phone.

  16. chuck says:

    Small enough to fit in your carry-on luggage. And I’ll bet the TSA wouldn’t recognize it.

  17. Gasparrini says:

    #18, also small enough for your average U.S. college campus…

  18. Pmitchell says:

    why not just carry a gun on your waist and let the people know up front you mean business instead of the transformer gun bot in your pocket

    stupid idea

  19. JD says:

    How many times did he point that thing at his chest while folding it up?
    “All you do is fold it rig *BANG*… this exhibit is closed…”

  20. George says:

    I think its a good idea for a camping gun or to toss in the trunk of your car. When you expect to need it, go and get it and deploy it. Secret Service types could use it for protection details when extra firepower is needed.

    Expecting to be able to deploy it as your primary defense gun when you need it would be a disaster.

  21. Elwood Pleebus says:

    Anyone who was a kid in the 60’s remember this?

    (Click photo to enlarge.)
  22. MotaMan says:

    this is nice… but got goosebumps from the H&K MP7 PDW – i desire this like no other Gadget – soooo wrong to want one so bad.

    look it up on u-tube

  23. wiscados says:

    Finally a SMG that fits into my pocket!

  24. JimS says:

    #22 JD said, “How many times did he point that thing at his chest while folding it up?”

    I thought the same thing.

  25. Steve S says:

    #24 Elwood Pleebus said,
    “Anyone who was a kid in the 60’s remember this?”

    Wow! I got one of these radio-rifles for Christmas in 1967. I had a ball with it. I also remember having a still camera (not the movie camera shown in the ad) that turned into a handgun.

    My favorite toy though was a Mattel Agent Zero M Sonic Blaster 5530 bazooka.

    In the words of Consumer Reports it “fires compressed air with a deafening blast. Our measurements top out at 157 dB–above a level that can do permanent damage to the hearing of an adult. We rate the toy Not Acceptable.” This toy mysteriously disappeared one day and I always suspected my mother got rid of it because it was so hideously loud.
    Thanks for bringing back the memories!

  26. SJP says:

    Steve S and Elwood Pleebus. When I was like 5 or 6, in the mid-sixties, my dad went out of town and brought me back a plastic brief case that had a button on the carrying handle. Squeeze the button and a dart shot out from the brief case. It was, I’m sure, a “GetSmart” induced product. I only remember opening the present and shooting a couple of darts. I don’t remember ever playing with it after that. Do either of you know what I did with it or where I can get a replacement?


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