DALLAS, March 21 (UPI) — Decorated eggs are the highlight of the Easter holiday for many, but they can also be a potential pathway for food borne illness, a U.S. dietitian warns.

Dietitians at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas say egg artisans can help prevent illness — and possibly a trip to the local emergency room — by deciding prior to coloring whether they plan to eat their works of art.

“If you want to eat decorated hard-cooked eggs, be sure that all the decorating materials are food-safe and that you wash each egg beforehand,” Vickie Vaclavik, a registered dietitian and clinical nutritionist says in a statement. “Also, wash your hands between all the cooking, cooling, dyeing and decorating processes and keep the finished hard-cooked eggs refrigerated as much as possible.”

Vaclavik says individuals who “hide” eggs should carefully place the eggs, considering location to ensure that the decorated eggs aren’t tainted by contamination from animals or lawn chemicals.

FUD………..Just in time to ruin your Easter, because the Easter Bunny really does hate you.

  1. GigG says:

    Wash the eggs? It’s not like you eat the shells.

    Should I wash the outside of a can of soup? What about a gum wrapper?

  2. Calin says:

    Remember, this holiday is about the death and resurrection of Jesus.

    Jesus is coming….HIDE THE EGGS!!!!!

  3. Satan says:

    The best hiding place for Easter eggs is clearly the litter box. (not that I hide Easter eggs, I’m just saying..)

  4. Pharaoh90 says:

    “Wash the eggs? It’s not like you eat the shells.”

    What you don’t eat the shells?

  5. Judge Jewdy says:

    I like to dye raw eggs and play games with the grandkids.

  6. Balbas says:

    Remember Jarts? Illegal now, due to a handful of complaints. Just watch: Easter Egg coloring will be illegal to keep us safe.

  7. green says:

    huh… and here I thought it was people who ruined easter.

  8. Greg Allen says:

    I loathe these kind of stories. My alarmist family members actually take them seriously and will force me not to eat the Easter eggs for a year-or-two, until some other news alarms them.

    Then I’ll go back eating the Easter eggs with no problem, just like me and millions of people have for decades.


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