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A LOTTO winner who scooped £5.1million just three years ago is now SKINT and on BENEFITS. Divorced Pete Kyle splashed out on luxury homes, flash cars and holidays following his jackpot — one of Britain’s biggest ever Lottery wins.


But now he is on the dole after squandering ALL of his massive fortune at the rate of £4,600 A DAY. The Sun can reveal potless Pete even OWES money and has angry creditors chasing him for cash. He is working as a caretaker at a grubby budget hotel and also claims around £100 a week in disability living allowance and mobility allowance. “It’s hard to believe he was a millionaire, now he’s just a mess.”

The former Royal Artillery gunner won his fortune in February 2005. He celebrated by playing bingo with his mates and promptly won another £500. He then blew cash on a £550,000 house, a £40,000 Mercedes, a £40,000 Range Rover and another £20,000 4×4. He also gave money to kids Gemma, 23, and Roy, 14. But within months he was dubbed the country’s meanest man after refusing to help care for four of his brothers and sisters. Jean, 55, Carol, 49, David, 52, and Steven, 47, all suffer from incurable Huntington’s disease. But relatives claimed Pete had refused to give them a penny. He was still a millionaire last year. But now Pete has sold his luxury home and his fleet of cars. He drives a battered Vauxhall Astra and works at the £15-a-night Rooms guesthouse in his home town. It sits on one of Plymouth’s grubbiest streets opposite a derelict theatre, a tattoo parlour and next to a sex shop called Slinkies. The cash-up-front venue boasts just a few squalid rooms, each with a basic bed and TV. A source said: “Pete has been working at the hotel for a few months just to get by. He has his own room, marked private, and he spends a lot of time in there.

Money does strange things to stupid people, or is it stupid things to strange people?

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    Geeze, you think Obama made a harsh statement? Try John McCain relating the same sentiment.


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