Podshow, where I produce Tech5 and do No Agenda with Adam Curry has changed its name to Mevio which I consider catchy and suggestive, which is what you want in a name. It’s suggestive of “me” and “video” and even “voice-over” or “V.O.”

This name change is part of a long process where the major podcasters of the world have long since given up on the prefix “pod” since most of these productions are played on computers or burned to CD’s with only perhaps a third actually downloaded onto music players. Even Leo LaPorte has moaned about the “pod” moniker and he calls all his productions “netcasts.” While I personally have no issue with the podcast moniker since I like the esoteric, the Podshow name itself was even more vague in the end and had to go. One bonus is that Mevio simply sounds more hip, more Web 2.0. When I say I’m a VP at Mevio I know the response will be that of intrigue. When asked what do they do at Mevio I’ll try not to say “podcasting.”

  1. RBG says:

    To me, Webcast suggests a video or audio program to be viewed/listened to at a scheduled time on a particular web site simultaneously by a group. Further, you wouldn’t call choosing and viewing a Youtube video a webcast.

    Whereas a podcast uses RSS type technology that will automatically and continually download available subscribed programs whenever your internet-enabled device is connected, for time-shifted viewing that suits your schedule.

    Maybe not exactly analogous but, Broadcast is to webcast as TIVO is to podcast.

    To change the name of podcasting because more & more podcasts are less & less professional is like changing the name of cable TV, or even the internet, for the same reason, imho.

    That’s my take on things, anyway.


  2. bobbo says:

    #62–RBG==excellent distinctions there. Pop culture hates maintaining the bright lines of distinctions though–going for what is cute, singsongy, and easy to remember?

    I take it though that if one broadened your defintion just a little bit, webcast could be production made on or for webtransmission which would include podcasting, as in 3 categories of distribution: radio, tv, web, shortwave, satellite.

    All depends on what the context is and what you want to emphasize?

  3. AgentPete says:

    Feels like a desperate move. Reeks of second-guessing / incompetence. How long should we give Mevio, then?

  4. Dave Alexander says:

    Mevio is a joke. PodShow layed off 1/3 of it’s staff including the talent relations department. They only focus on a few podcasts and the others that they have signed get nothing, nada, not even a return phone call.

    They’re hijacking other people’s feeds still and they don’t know how to write up a contract correctly so I don’t even think they’ve got lawyers or at least not good ones.

    Their website has never worked well and is even more confusing now. I give it 6 months before it’s gone. They’ve spent over 24 mil and still haven’t shown a profit. There’s a few investors tapping their feet with their arms crossed over this one I’m sure.

  5. I partially agree John. I think the name change is suggestive, suggestive that Podshow has one of the worst reputaions in the business and Ron and Adam are running away from it quick as they can. I hope you don’t lose the right to your name like Steve Gillmor did!

    And is it company line to mention Leo and Netcast? Cali Lewis did that on her blog as well. Doesn’t the Podshow contract have a line about being forced to support other shows (and probably the mother ship)?

    Sounds like spin to me.
    I would love to hear the Real Real Dvorak take on this one! Not the Paid off Real Dvorak.

    PS. Why no mention of this on Twit? Probably because Crapeio is irrelevant in the industry now!

  6. reine says:

    CRIMINALS!, NOT:Hackers, you, illiterate!!!

  7. adambox says:

    where did you get the statistic on % played on ipods? I play mine half and half on my ipod on the subway / walk to work and half at home on my computer so which one do I count as?


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