1. Is that the world’s thinnest tablet he was checking the spelling on?

  2. Les says:

    This had me laughing!

    #1 A lot of the contestants use the back of their card to write the letters. It helps them see the word.

  3. Numbnuts says:

    He should have spelled – H*I*L*L*A*R*Y C*L*I*N*T*O*N

  4. bobbo says:

    That kid actually won the spelling bee for the 4th time AFTER his sister had won it 2 or 3 times==but I forget the details. All three last contenders looked of Indian descent to me and all the words they were given were “un-American.”

    He won on guerdon-something that is earned or gained.

  5. Mister Ketchup says:

    The word was of Hindi origin. If it had been a black kid would they give him a word in ebonics?

  6. jbenson2 says:


    Could you use that in a sentence, please.

  7. QB says:

    Then there’s always George Bush trying to pronounce “shiite”.

  8. Mister Ketchup says:

    #6 – You do and you’ll clean it up! 🙂

  9. Mister Ketchup says:

    #7 – Could you use that in a sentence? I have to take a shitte. Origin please? Tidy bowl.

  10. Olo Baggins of Bywater says:

    That kid was hilarious all night.

  11. eyeofthetiger says:

    Using non-common foreign words to spell out in English drastically increases the amount of words. I doubt many people in India even know what a numnuh is. I like the idea of making the contest multi-cultural, but damn some languages just don’t make sense when spelled out in English. Numnuh is used in Europe to describe the piece of cloth under a saddle. In the USA it is called a skirt.

  12. Esteban says:

    #7, There’s a silent “P” at the beginning of Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.

  13. jbenson2 says:

    #12 – Good catch.

    pneumono ultra micro scopic silico volcano coniosis

    It is a lung infection caused by the inhalation of small particles such as volcano ash.

  14. SJP says:

    And now spell Uranus.

  15. andy says:

    now this is the DU i know and love

  16. No1foghead says:

    Oh Dvorak, you’ve done it again … this WAS one of the funniest things I’ve seen recently. It looked like the poor kid didn’t want to acknowledge that he’d ever even heard the word “numbnuts” let alone have to spell it! His unease and subsequent relief was palpable. ROFL Thank You

  17. Sea Lawyer says:

    Who wants to take a wager that you will never see the word “niggard” in one of these bees?

  18. Politically Correct says:

    Ebonics… “niggard”

    There sure are some numbnuts in this thread!

  19. Zooma says:

    These kind of ‘competition’ are an embarassment to America. Don’t they realize that these things circulate over the web and make us looks like idiots?

  20. Rachet_Head says:

    And who said Spelling Bee contestants don’t have a sense of humor. Absolutely hilarious!

  21. BertDawg says:

    Earlier in the contest a girl, given a different word, asked, “Could you use that in a song, please?” Her request really brought the crowd to her. The moderator said, “No, you really don’t want that.”


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