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  1. Personality says:

    I watched that and I don’t remember seeing a screen there.

  2. moss says:

    I reviewed my HD recording and couldn’t find it. Photoshop, dude.

    In fact, it’s date-stamped 09.08 – when the event took place on 08.08. Probably some anti-MSoft fanboy who’s pissed off because you can’t download from the NBC sites unless you download Silverlight, first.

  3. Improbus says:

    To bad, that would have been an OLYMPIC FAIL instead of an EPIC FAIL.

  4. Magnus Patris says:

    Regarding the time stamp; by the time the torch was lit, it was near/after midnight in Beijing, hence 09.08.2008. Most of the world outside of the US formats the date as day.month.year.

  5. GregAllen says:

    Since the Chinese are likely using a pirated version of the software, it’s not that surprising.

  6. Gasparrini says:

    #5, Lenovo is the official IT provider of the Chinese Olympic games, so I doubt that.

  7. B. Dog says:

    Gee, I missed that. I did think the helicopter view of the fireworks in the shape of footprints leading to the stadium was cheesy. The video was faked, or so they say.

  8. Rob Runner says:

    “Windows Genuine Advantage failed to authenticate your copy of Windows. Please contact Microsoft to resolve this issue.”

  9. hahaha says:

    The faked footprints have been confirmed by Chinese sources. (They really happened, but it was decided that there was no proper vantage point to film the entire sequence by helicoptor, so the computer generated version was created for those watching on video)

  10. kanjy says:

    LOL. Yeah, right. What would there be a projection there for?

  11. Halcyon1024 says:

    Not a very convincing photoshop, but it made my day, one way or another. Also, why would China be using pirated Windows when there are more stable (and still free) alternatives? The Olympics are the pride of all China; nobody wants to repeat Bill Gates’s press-conference BSOD.

    The projection makes sense, though. As expensive as projectors are, I bet making an array of projectors (behind the screen) is far cheaper than putting up a bunch of flat panels, or whatever, without any discernible difference in detail.

    Kudos to whoever decided to fake the footprints, too. The effect’s more important than the reality, isn’t it? Until the actual events, or course.

  12. loserblog says:

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  13. briane says:

    Hard to fall for the English XP Bluescreen.

    That space wasn’t even projected into in the opening ceremony.

    It would have been incredible for a projector to have enough power (light) to overcome the Yellow lights in that area. Not to mention to be zoomed to such odd extents in the first place.

    I find it highly suspicious, but to be completely within the realm of photoshop fakes.

    I reviewed the HD Broadcast from NBC, I didn’t see anything in that area of the birds nest.

    – Brian

  14. ouchthathurtagain says:

    The BSOD is a Stop 0x000000F4, but that is all I could make out for sure. That means a critical process or thread terminated. Normally this happens from a user initialed action, like using pskill.exe on a critical process. It can be caused by a hardware failure or a bad driver, but normally it is user initiated. Keep in mind these critical processes and threads execute millions of hours everyday without issue, so that makes a Microsoft bug unlikely, not impossible but unlikely. If this is on XP and if there was a bug then it probably has been fixed and they should have updated their system. So the most likely cause for this BSOD is user action.

    As for if the picture is fake or not, I’m assuming it is real. I can’t figure out where the projector is but who knows. Seems a little strange.

  15. Gasparrini says:

    Gizmodo has more pictures of the BSOD:

  16. kayrol76dec says:

    Amazing pictures!
    But, it should not be happen on the biggest ceremony in the world. Should not be happen again.

  17. Thats all right says:

    As someone said:

    Probably some anti-MSoft fanboy who’s pissed off because you can’t download from the NBC sites unless you download Silverlight, first.

  18. Easter says:

    #11 Halcyon1024 > “The Olympics are the pride of all China; nobody wants to repeat Bill Gates’s press-conference BSOD.”

    The software pirating is the pride of the Chinese, and I guess the Olympics was the second afterall.
    And also, its not for Bill that gets the BSOD, but china itself for having to get the BSOD, as their attitude towards inside and outside of the country is bad. They achieved the BSOD.

  19. clone4crw says:

    ARE YOU SURPRISED!?!?! It looks pretty real to me, but the fact that you couldn;t see it when it was recorded with a dvr makes me suspicious

  20. Todd Peterson says:

    Microsoft sucks!

  21. dotslash says:

    I had a really good look at the pic, and as much as it pains me to say so (I’m a really staunch anti-M$ “bigot”), I’m about 95% sure that it’s photoshopped. Apart from the missing projector, have a good look at the surface area where the picture is, it is most defenitely not flat. It’s almost curved in more than one direction (look closely), but yet the picture of the BSOD is perfectly square. Hmm… That’s not nice. Use factual pics to slag M$ if you want to (it’s a lot funnier that way anyway), don’t fabricate.

  22. Bigdogdaddy says:

    Hello! The Opening Ceremonies we saw in the U.S. weren’t LIVE, it was edited. Not hard to imagine that they switched to a different camera angle or cut it out all together. Broadcast TV never does LIVE (real LIVE) anymore, anyway. It’s on a short delay even when it’s supposed to be LIVE, which this broadcast wasn’t. PREVIOUSLY RECORDED. Dvorak confirmed its authenticity on TWIT. He’s got backup sources. Although, even the iPhone demo computers in AT&T Stores last year ran Windows. And yes, one crashed and someone got it on camera. (I wish I had bookmarked it.)

    Not a fanboy, just a realist.

  23. crsunlimited says:

    I thought I saw a blue screen during the opening ceremony, but I don’t think it was a system error. The major problem with this picture that I find is that you can see the error message in English.

  24. beijing tour says:

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