Change the hair a little. It’s pretty close.

  1. dannyd says:

    We thought Sarah Palin looks like Peggy Hill Tina Fey looks more like her though. Good one!

  2. #13 – F-K

    >>Dvorak must have meant mother
    >>and daughter, right?

    Which one is the mother? They look like sisters to me.

    I’d vote for Tina, though. Even though the Fisherman’s Wife is pretty hot.

  3. Rich says:

    My first mental comparison was Mariska Hargitay.

  4. meursault says:

    bitch is the new black

  5. buffygroupie says:

    I barely know who Tina Fey is, I think she’s some actress or something, right? She does look remarkably like Ms. Palin, but clearly if the best she can do with her life is be a barely known celebrity then she’s not anywhere near being in the same league as a vice presidential candidate.

    It will be amazing to have a female in the white house. You know, one that’s not giving a bj to Bill Clinton.

  6. Jessica says:

    To bad Tina’s not on SNL anymore, that would of been a perfect role. LOL

  7. nobama says:

    I find these comments funny, the ones where the liberals are putting her down. You sure are frightened by a great looking smart conservative woman. Must be your worst nightmare. I love it.

  8. nojay says:

    @#36 I’m pretty sure Hillary was in the white house before and wasn’t giving any bj’s.

  9. jmw says:

    Experience…hmmm Sarah was mayor of a town of less than 9,000. Governor of a state that does not have a high population. She has a BA in Journalism….oh wow. Obama graduated from Columbia with a BA and then graduated from Harvard Law School. He was an attorney and a law professor. He was a member of many organizations and committees. IL State Senator from 1996 to 2004. U.S. Senator from 2005 to present. I think he has more experience and education than Sarah. And let’s see how the investigation of Sarah goes….

  10. AMB says:

    Oh yes, Obama has experience. Never mind he didn’t propose a single bill while being a Senator… he devoted more time and effort to writing his bibliographies…

    While we’re on the topic of “experience,” let’s examine a short list of other presidents/ vice presidents who also lacked “experience.”

    Dwight D. Eisenhower: no elected experience period.

    Ulysses Grant: His story mirrors Dwight.

    Zachary Taylor: Again, no elected experience. This guy hadn’t even ever voted before he became president…

    Abraham Lincoln: Served 4 terms in the Illinois Legislator sporadically. Spent 2 years as a Representative of Illinois in the U.S. House. He cut his political career short after speaking out against the Mexican- American War (got too much negative attention). And then as we all know, ended up president.

    Since when was experience a qualification for us to consider a candidate? Previously there was an emphasis on the individual’s ideals and plans for our Country. Now we’re busy looking to see who’s spent the most time either trying to push their agenda or just screw things up in general. In either instance, wouldn’t less “experience” be best?

  11. #41 – AMB

    >>he devoted more time and effort to
    >>writing his bibliographies…

    Ah yes. Those bibliographies can take up so much time.

    You can’t have it both ways. Either Obama’s experience at the national level is a liability (in which case you’re admitting that Barracuda has less), or Barracuda’s lack of experience is an asset, in which case you’re saying that Obama has more.

    In either case, Tina Fey was totally hot as Sarracuda tonight on SNL. She’d have my vote.

  12. siggymond says:

    Tiny Fey was an absolute frickin’ riot on SNL tonight. Dead on impersonation of Palin…down to the same dumb accent. Awesome funny. So was Pohler.

  13. jmw says:

    For your information: Senators Obama and Feingold authored a bill that prohibits strict bans on receiving gifts and meals from lobbyists. In 2006 he laid the groundwork for a reform package that the Senate eventually adopted. He helped author the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act. He has authored 3 other ethics bills.

  14. GUY says:

    I think she is just as qualified to be VP as Obama is to be Pres. Liberals are always overlooking their own faults, and making sure to point and laugh at everyone else’s.

  15. jmw says:

    Actually I am a registered republican but have decided to cross party lines after McCain picked Palin

  16. toader51 says:

    hey guy. conservatives are always overlooking their own faults and making sure to point and laugh at everyone else’s. WAKE UP! IT’S CALLED “POLITICS!”

  17. bjbraxy says:

    #46 That’s interesting, because I am registered democrate and am crossing lines for Palin. Funny how we all see things differently, and what we believe is the most important issue.

    I do believe in gay rights, pro-choice, yet the biggest concern this country has right now should be getting control of our energy sources. Maybe Obama knows a little bit about a lot of issues, but Palin knows a lot about one major issue. And from what her accomplishments have been in Alaska, she is the one to put this control back into the American hands and keep our money on our soil.

    If we don’t get the control of the energy crisis, our country will be in such dire straights that gay rights and pro-choice will be a non-issue.

    Just my opinion… I’m looking out for my children’s future and the future of their children.

  18. RudytheScottie says:

    I wonder if Tina Fey will vote for McCain/Palin. If elected Fey will have work for the next four years.

  19. CRice says:

    To buffygroupie, try not to speak, due to your great ignorance, what are you 23 if that, check out some old SNLs to see who Tina Fey is or watch 30 Rock. Its scary to think you might be old enough to vote.

    Dont speak unless you know what you are talking about. duh………

  20. Buffygroupie said: “I barely know who Tina Fey is, I think she’s some actress or something, right? She does look remarkably like Ms. Palin, but clearly if the best she can do with her life is be a barely known celebrity then she’s not anywhere near being in the same league as a vice presidential candidate.”

    What have you been living under in the last ten years? I don’t live in the USA and I don’t watch television yet I still know who Tina Fey is! If you think that fame is a measure of ability to become a vice president, then under that logic, I should automatically think Palin would be terrible since I never heard of her until McCain announced her as his running mate, right?

  21. Barney says:

    Palin is much better looking. Fey looks like she had some kind of accident that deformed her face.

  22. Alan says:

    Actually, Barney, no. Tina Fey looks like an ordinary woman, like most women on the street, which you’d know if you ever got out and talked to women rather than just ogling porn stars in your mom’s basement on the laptop she bought you.

  23. nomccain says:

    doesnt matter if she would make a good prez or vprez.

    fuck mccain, dont let another pice of shit stain your star studded panties.

  24. nandorocker says:

    Amazing how you predicted this, John. You should switch from tech pundit to TV guru, maybe there’s still some money to be made there. Can you tell me what’s gonna happen next on Dexter?!?

  25. Janderson says:

    Surprising myself for saying this but I think Palin gets the edge. When they were both on SNL together and when Palin took the podium after Fey walked off, it was a slight upgrade…though she’s 6 years or so older.

    God help us if she becomes VP though.

  26. BuffyGroupie says:

    Thought I’d respond a bit:

    Nojay – Hillary may have lived in the White House, but she didn’t hold office – no one voted for her to be there.

    CRice – I’m 44, and SNL has been stupid for a long, long time, so apparently by the time Ms. Fey arrived, I had already grown up and was no longer watching.

    Stephanie Chan – good for you. Its nice to know that people who don’t live in the US care so much about our TV celebrities. Personally, I don’t know and I don’t care at all. I actually tune out any celebrity who thinks they should share their political view with me, as well, since most of them are neither educated nor intelligent enough to discuss political matters and certainly they don’t have the right to tell me how to think.

    It scares me that people take what celebrities say as the truth when most of them have absolutely no experience or understanding of how to run a country. Some of them can’t even handle their own lives.


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