Here is a conversation I had with Andrew Horowitz about today’s weird stock market. Horowitz runs the Disciplined Investor website and is one of the few personal money managers who I respect. We are going to do some podcasts together for investors who want to think for themselves. But more importantly we will be deconstructing the various investment sites. This chat is not produced and presented as-is for anyone who wants to listen in.

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  1. ECA says:

    So many of these companies have FORGOTTEN, how a company NEEDS to be run.
    “I didnt know they were doing that??”
    IS NOT something a CEO should be saying.
    It was the OLD way that if someone Quit/fired the manager of that section would NEED to take over that position until it was filed. Insted, they work the other OVERWORKED employees to fill up the spot.
    OVERTIME, should be a special thing, and only used When things hit a wall and you cant FILL a position fast enough. If a company has OVERTIME a good amount, its easier to hire 1-2 extra people..
    In retail it was ALWAYS have 1 extra person, incase things got busy.. NOT ANY MORE. They would rather 1 person LESS, and save a little money. (check your nearest stores, in the evenings. cant find ANYONE on the floor to help.) It used to be, that they would hire people that had a little knowledge of the sections they were in..Hardware had someon that KNEW how to hammer a nail, sports, had a person that knew how to FISH, and so forth.. NOW you have KIDS that have no experience, except FISHING in HL2..

  2. ECA says:

    I would suggest you look into the Commodities market structure, and SEE what is happening..

    EVEN the DOW, has said that there is a HOLE in the commodities exchange and OIL corps are using it.

    YOu will know when to JUMP by watching the owners.

  3. ECA says:

    something to NOTE…
    That SOMEHOW, oil goes down this time of year.
    Its also the TIME OF YEAR, that the COLA(cost of living allowance) is estimated.


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