A bald, naked man who said he was a British tourist went swimming in the moat of Japan’s Imperial Palace, climbing the palace wall, throwing rocks and splashing water at police before being taken into custody.

Television footage showed the tall man getting out of the water at one point, chasing police with a rock and a plastic construction site pole.

He then went back to the murky water and swam across to the other side of the moat, climbing up the 8-meter stone wall of the palace.

He was caught by two policemen, after a chase that lasted for an hour and a half.

Why do people get so loonie on vacation?

  1. MarkP says:

    What’s with the shields? LOL!!!

  2. sargasso says:

    There is a strange, violent, deep rooted malevolence to foreigners in the English, which is rent upon them when they appear to be “too clever”. I had a car attacked after I washed it, by an English family, because it was cleaner than theirs. This idiot probably took issue with the Japanese Emperor’s palace, which is noticeably nicer than Buckingham.

  3. chris says:

    The guy was nude, white, and wearing no shoes.

    How hard could it possibly have been to locate and apprehend him? An hour an a half?

  4. The Monster's Lawyer says:

    So what was the problem?

  5. JimD says:

    #1 MarkP, you can’t see it from “behind” but the perp might have been pointing a “weapon” at the Police, hence the shields !!!

  6. Daniel says:

    While out drinking with some Brits in Japan, I was told Brits tend to be violent drunks, whereas Japanese tend to be silly/horny drunks.

    When meeting other Americans in Japan I’d claim to be Canadian because they were just stupid drunks.

  7. JimD says:

    #6 Daniel, unfortunately Americans seem to be STUPID WHEN NOT DRUNK TOO !!! Try to explain BUSH’S EIGHT YEAR REIGN OF ERROR to a non-American !!!

  8. cc_fresh_bits says:

    Wow! In the Imperial Palace ? One hour and a half ?
    In other ‘civilized and modern countries’ it would have been shoot down or tazered in a minute.

  9. JFStan says:

    They’re holding their riot shields about eye level between them and this guy’s junk.. hilarious.

  10. JimD says:

    Our cracker-jack Dept of Homeland In-Security would have several snipers cut him to ribbons !!! Bush-Security – SHOOT FIRST, AND GIVE YOUR CRONIES A MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR NO-BID CONTRACTS !!!

  11. Angel H. Wong says:

    Maybe it’s an ad for Jenny Craig.

  12. Greg Allen says:

    >> Why do people get so loonie on vacation?

    Why do the wrong people get naked in public?

    Seriously, as a person who lived for a long time overseas, I’ve see this several time. (not naked mote swimming but traveling people go psychotic)

    Culture shock can be a real psychological “shock” and people who are already fragile can completely go off their rocker.

    There have been three times where I helped rescue some traveler who had serious psychosis and I’ve seen a bunch of cases where I thought the person was having some sort of breakdown.

  13. MonkeyBridge says:

    I hate to point this out, but the guy was Spanish. Check out the Japan Times.

  14. amodedoma says:

    Gerardo, pero que haces Gerardo? Here in Spain this guys become a celebrity overnite. They had more footage on the TV here. He went after the police with a post he found near by. It was like the Colossal Man attacks Tokyo. If he’d of acted like that in NY’s Central Park they’d’ve tazed then shot him.

  15. The guy looks like Henry Paulson Secretary of the U.S. Treasury…or as Jon Stewart calls him Baron von Moneypants!


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