Daylife – AP Photo by Rafiq Maqbool

One of my favorite sources of news photos is A collective of editors and news junkies in NYC, I’d probably apply for a job if I lived there – as long as I didn’t have to go to an office.

This is from a gallery series of silhouettes assembled by John Zipps.

  1. James Hill says:

    The who.php page isn’t loading for me, but the regular site is. Great pictures.

    [Thanks James, fixed. – ed.]

  2. Dallas says:

    Is that Palin wearing a hair net or in a Che Guevara outfit? What a maverick!

  3. Vineet Gupta says:

    Thanks for the kind words Dvorak. These photo feeds from Getty, AP and Reuters on are certainly a big plus for us.


  4. @#2: It is Michele and Barack who follow Castro and Che’s steps… So, is it Michele with the hair net and Che’ outfit?

  5. eugenius says:

    one of my favorite sources of new photos:

  6. deowll says:

    The gun is a version of the AK-47.


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