We had 26 family and friends for Thanksgiving. People brought a dish, dessert, bottle of wine — you name it. As we were throwing out garbage today, we ran across this example of fake killer food:

Costco sells Chesecake containing no cheese

Not only does it contain no cheese, but they did include artery-clogging partially hydrogenated oils and blubber-enhancing high-fructose corn syrup. AND a list of chemicals and faux-foods that would do my college organic chemistry lab credit. Oh yes, if you look carefully (click on photo for larger image) you will see “cheese culture” right after the killer fats and under the section for “2% or less”

That ain’t cheese folks. It’s a crime to call this beaker-load of chemicals and processed crap “cheesecake.”

The fact that I didn’t eat any is one more thing to be thankful for!

  1. WingedWheeler says:

    Read A package of cream cheese….Sure looks like a cheese cake to me.

  2. LKay says:

    I don’t like Costco cheesecakes in general… I like my cheesecakes with at least 4% more “Locust Bean Gum” than they put in…

  3. Mister Mustard says:

    #32 – LKay

    >> I like my cheesecakes with at least 4% more
    >>“Locust Bean Gum” than they put in…

    Who doesn’t?? Anything made with galactomannan vegetable gum (or any high molecular weight hydrocolloidal polysaccharide, for that matter) has got to be good. The more, the better.

    If you can’t trust Costco to supply technosynth Frankenfoods, who CAN you trust?

  4. Rich says:

    Enjoying cheesecake has never been so much work for me.

  5. GoatHerderEd says:

    #4: “Peanuts are not tree nuts. They are legumes.” Hell Ya!!! Im allergic to tree nuts, if I got a dollar every time someone said “but it has peanuts in it” i would be a rich man. Education people! Get some

    As far as the cheese cake goes; I’m sure it tastes damn good! maybe cheese cake is not the BEST name, but its close enough! The names Starbucks gives their drinks are not exactly what they are when compared to Italian cafes or definitions in the dictionary, but do most people care? No.

    The best example I have come up with for strange ingredients is “Mechanically separated chicken” in Slim-Jims. yum!

  6. bobbo says:

    GoatHerderEd — You say: “The best example I have come up with for strange ingredients is “Mechanically separated chicken” in Slim-Jims. yum! /// No, the best has got to be: “Parts.”

  7. peterinda says:

    The ingredients of pumpkin cheesecake in a typical home made receipt are graham, cinnamon, butter, brown sugar, cream cheese, eggs, sugar, pumpkin, cream, nutmeg, ginger and salt.
    In Addition to these home made cheesecake ingredients there can be found in a manufactured cheesecake enriched wheat flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamin monitrate, riboflavin, folic acid, whey, soybean, cottonseed oils, carob bean gum, corn starch, sodium phosphat, guar gum, charrageenan, locus bean gum, conola oil, mono and oiglyceidis, soy lecitnin, beta carotene, polysorbate, artifical flovors, citric acid, sodium metabisulfite, sodium citrate, pectin, fd&c yellow and vitamim A.
    Unfortunately these additional ingredients can not be found in anyones’ kitchen. Did I say unfortunately? I meant to say thank God.

  8. Jimmyz says:

    Welcome to costco…I love you

  9. Cheezy Bits of Thanks says:

    I always half to laf when people think eating anything with cheese is healthy, even when it’s not full of chemicals, and are always thankful that they think they are thankful that they are thankful they have anything grateful to eat.

  10. SnotLikeBlasterpoop says:

    MMM, looks tasty. Jut the right size too. 5lb = 1 serving.

  11. turbo says:

    I’d eat that.

  12. bobbo says:

    #37–peterinda, or anyone else with an opinion or knowledge==whats wrong with any of those extra ingredients?

    It would educate us all as these items are found in most of our foods.

    Homemade food is great but often they won’t keep past 3 days even in the refrigerator and in keeping they separate or turn colors. Whats wrong with additives that stop this and cause no harm?

    There should be a line between Church and Kitchen.


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