Dvorak Uncensored Exclusive!

It used to be companies discriminated against gays. But not these days. Now it discrimination against straights. I just came from a Thanksgiving leftovers dinner and found out something amazing. HP will pay for the health care of same sex domestic partners but at the end of this year will discontinue medical coverage for the families of heterosexual domestic partners.

This couple has been together for over 25 years. He has worked at HP for over 10 years. They own a home together and have 2 children. Yet they are losing their medical coverage. But same sex domestic partners still get their coverage. So – where’s the ACLU on this one?

  1. Mister Mustard says:

    #35 – dabhome

    Maybe if you re-read it and think about it a little bit, it will make sense. Or not.

  2. Grandpa says:

    I doubt if there’s very many H-P employees left in the United States of America anyway.

  3. Mr. Fusion says:

    #24, Marc,

    But they are still covering the FAMILIES of same sex domestic partners.

    How do we know that? Because we can trust some source who is unnamed. Because we don’t know who even wrote the article?

  4. Mister Mustard says:

    I’m with js (#23). Nobody said anything about this at my Thanksgiving dinner, so it can’t be true.

    Musta been too much rum in the ‘nog at the Perkel household.

  5. Mister Mustard says:

    #38 – Mr. Fusion

    >>How do we know that? Because we can trust
    >>some source who is unnamed. Because we don’t
    >>know who even wrote the article?

    Using the magic of The Google, the only relevant citation I found was MARC PERKEL’S POST ON THIS BLOG.

    On a hunch, I checked that right-wing nut Clayton Cramer’s blog referenced by RSweeney in #27, and buried deep within it was a note that said he (Clayton Cramer) allegedly saw this in the enrollment package for COBRA. So whatever “they” did, it wasn’t even HP, it was the insurance company that runs their COBRA program, not the insurance for regular employees.

    HP is known for “valuing diversity”, and they’re usually the target of holy-rolling, tongue-speaking whack jobs for failing to discriminate against anyone who isn’t Ward or June Cleaver. In fact, they were sued by (and successfully defended against) some wild-eyed fundie who had been fired for harassing gays, and putting up xeroxed pages describing how gays were evil incarnate and were going to bring down eternal damnation upon everyone they came in contact with.

    [Eds. might want to remove this whole thread for violation of posting guidelines.

  6. Mr. Fusion says:

    #29, Noone,

    Add in the “gay” issue and 98% of the readers are thinking only about butt sex.

    Ya, now that you mention it. Butt sex. YA !!!

    Ok, can we now go back to something intelligent.

  7. SnotLikeBlasterpoop says:

    #13 – You got it. Pay a buttload of money and let people decide for themselves.

  8. Cyberian says:

    #30 Mr. Mustard,

    I was eating an apple when I read your reply #30. You’re lucky I won’t be suing you for choking to death on the apple.

    That was way beyond hilarious.

  9. hp says:

    This is true. And very upsetting

    To: Employees covering an opposite-sex domestic partner

    As part of the annual U.S. benefits enrollment process, HP communicated a change that affects coverage for unmarried opposite-sex domestic partners. HP has been among a minority of employers offering benefits coverage for opposite-sex domestic partners. As we integrate and align benefits across HP and EDS, HP coverage will be limited to only legal spouses and same-sex domestic partners, starting January 1, 2009.

    Our records show that you are among the roughly 1% of U.S. employees currently covering an opposite-sex domestic partner. As such, we wanted to ensure you were fully informed about the change and options available to help transition coverage to other sources. With this change, coverage for your domestic partner and any covered children of your domestic partner will end on December 31, 2008. We have below provided additional details regarding this change and the opportunities to continue coverage.

  10. Colorado DP of an HP employee says:

    It is true and it is a contractual change between an employee and the company. To say that HP and EDS had to align their benefits is to say that HP took the cheap way out and used EDS as an excuse. EDS DPs of the opposite sex could have been offered coverage as well.

    This will cost HP talent if and when the economy improves, as people will move towards companies that do not remove benefits wantonly. Every HP employee should be asking “What’s next?” Is it the match to the 401K? Same sex DP benefits? Health Insurance regardless of status? Vacation? Or will HP follow FedEx and simply take away 5% of the salary!

    American’s need universal access to health insurance so that we make choices about marriage; a sacred institution, based on love, commitment and the best interests of all concerned; not based on whether or not we will have health insurance in the morning. We do not need national health care just univeral access to reasonably proced insurance without a penalty for age, health status or one’s marital/DP/sexual orientation status.

    January 21st is coming….


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