Since everyone is showing off their various “snowed-in” photos, I thought I’d wish the readers a Merry Christmas from from my abode on the Olympic Peninsula in Northern Washington with some views.

Here’s the front of the house. Note the landscaping.


Art makes itself in these conditions.

Look off the back deck to the grass covered hill and the neighbors. Lush.


  1. bobbo says:

    #30–Paddy-O==explain the rising ocean.

  2. #30 – Paddy-RAMBO

    >>But not the falling temps.

    What falling temps? The cold weather in Seattle over the past few days?

    Are you really still pimping that discredited theory that global warming is a communist plot? Sheesh.

    Other than that demented weatherman who started The Weather Channel, and a couple of hacks on the petro-payroll, the concensus is in. And your side lost.

  3. Mr. Fusion says:

    Cow-Paddy, Ignorant Shit Talking Sociopath and Retired Mall Rent-A-Cop,

    Get a life. Local weather over a week is NOT climate or any indication of climate.

    Snowfall over one winter is NOT an indication of climate either. Climate and the long term health of the Antarctic and Arctic regions are determined more by the depth and condition of the old (5 yr and longer) ice. New snow and ice is much less dense, less stable, and far more prone to melting than is older ice.

    Climate is the long term average weather. The average being the the determinative word there. An average includes extremes of highs and lows.


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