Less than a week before Marquis LaFortune was supposed to marry her fiance, the principal of the downtown Catholic high school where she worked as an English teacher called her into his office to warn that a “scandal” was looming.

The scandal, the deacon informed the bride-to-be, was her coming marriage.

LaFortune married anyway, but now she’s the one who feels scandalized. Fired from Central Catholic High School for the Nov. 22 wedding, the 25-year-old has filed a complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and wants to sue the school.

The reason for her termination turns on a theological tenet. According to Catholic doctrine, participants in a marriage must be an unmarried man and an unmarried woman. LaFortune told the principal that her fiance had been divorced — a proceeding not recognized by the Catholic Church.

The deacon was concerned with whether the first marriage of LaFortune’s fiance, Benjamin Stakes, had been declared invalid by a Catholic tribunal and thereby annulled. His concern, however, did not sit well with LaFortune, who refused to resign from her job or seek an annulment — a process that could reach to Rome and take more than a year.

“I would have resigned if I’d felt like I’d done something wrong,” LaFortune said last week, adding that the conflict put a strain on her wedding preparations.

“As a general matter, religious institutions are free to engage in religious discrimination in employment,” said Ira C. Lupu, a professor of law at the George Washington University Law School. “The question is, are they applying the policy consistently? I think the point about consistency is very important.”

Theocracy sucks under the best of circumstances.

  1. Someone says:

    So… participants in a marriage must be an unmarried man and an unmarried woman – neither divorced.

    Boy, I hope we get it right when we amend the constitution. It’s so important that we do and the Pope is – after all – the vicar of Christ on Earth. So when we open our Bibles to copy them into the Constitution we really should defer to His Holiness to get it right.

  2. The tenants of the catholic Church are no mystery, so this is a snoozer.

    Plus, I suggest you learn the definition of ‘Theocracy’ and how that differs from a private religious school.

  3. Mister Mustard says:

    #10 – cme1ca

    >>But they do receive funding. Like all religions
    >>(except the church of Elvis) they enjoy tax-free
    >>status as they’re ‘faith based’.

    That is not “funding” in the sense of Dumbya’s execrable White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives (OFBCI), in which actual money is GIVEN to religious entities to promote their own peculiar brands of faith/ fantasy/ domination.

    All “religious” organizations are tax-exempt, including Scientology. Whether you like that or don’t like it is unrelated to this story.

    The Catholic Club has their rules, and if you want to join, you have to play by them (or else do your mischief on the down-low, like most of them do).

    If you want to work for the KKK, don’t marry a Magic Negress. If you want to work for Focus on the Family, don’t marry someone of the same sex. And if you want to work for the Catholic Church, pay somebody off and get an annullment.

  4. Fedup says:

    I wonder how barack the magic negro will handle such serious constitutional violations?

  5. Mister Mustard says:

    #34 – FuckUp

    You’re so adorable!! You thought people were laughing with you, so you continue in the same vein.

    Titter titter!

  6. Fedup says:

    Ah my little jester mr mustard.

  7. Mister Mustard says:

    #36 – FuckUp

    Keep going…. you’re doing great… don’t stop now 🙂

  8. Brian says:

    Yet more proof that religion is ridiculous, out-of-date, and makes everyone involved dumber.

    I’m sure Jesus would condone the hateful and spiteful takes on religion that his so-called followers use.

    Or not.

  9. OvenMaster says:

    I’m a Catholic. I always laugh when the clergy start moaning and wondering why people leave the Catholic faith for other denominations. Hello! It’s the inflexible and intolerant “our way or the highway” rules!

    I have never understood why unmarried clergy get to make the rules on marriage! Maybe because so many of ’em are sexually frustrated and take it out on altar boys?

    I’d better shut up… maybe if I start complaining publicly and my posts are monitored by my diocese, I might get excommunicated.

  10. Fedup says:

    just like a whinny ass liberal. Know the rules going in but then because they think they are special and rules dont apply to them they scream when they find out that yes, the rules do apply. This shit isnt rocket science. dont like catholic rules then fucking dont work for the catholic church. How fucking hard is that figure out…?

  11. Billy Bob says:

    Since when is “Catholics who violate Catholic Church doctrine” a special class that gets special protection from discrimination? That’s bizaare.

    If her crime was, say, being a creationist, a Holocaust denier, a white supremecist, a global warming denier, or some other violation of leftist morality, you would be celebrating her firing. But since it’s the church’s own doctrine, you’re calling it a theocracy and calling for protection from “discrimination”?

    Even if they received federal funds it’s irrelevant. Does Greenpeace have to accept a global warming denier in an exec position because it receives a federal grant? Would they be discriminating if they moved to fire them?

    Does dvorak.org editor logical inconsistency know no bounds?

  12. bobbo says:

    #41–Billy Bob==Ever since Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

  13. Fedup says:

    These tards have no idea… They believe that it’s against the law for a church not to hire an openly gay cross dresser as a youth pastor… But let planned parenthood refuse to hire a nun who does not believe in abortion….no problem…..

  14. bobbo says:

    #43–ok Fedup: It is legal for churches to hire based on religious beliefs AND its legal for PP to hire based on willingness to perform essential job functions.

    Whats your point again?

  15. Mister Mustard says:

    #41 – Billy Bob

    >>Even if they received federal funds it’s

    Naw, it’s not irrelevant. It’s the whole point of the exercise.

    If they received funds, they’re breaking the law. If they didn’t, they’re perfectly legal dicks.

  16. roger dodger says:

    with catholics like this who needs radical islam.

  17. fedup says:

    DING< DING< DING, We have a winner! Stupidest fucking post of 2009…The winner is Roger Doger with comparing catholics that fire a woman from a job to 7th century barbarians that cut the fucking heads off jews and remove the clitoris from little girls…. Liberals have to be the dumbest MF’s that ever took a breath…

  18. fedup says:

    Mr Mustard, you are about the dumbest bastard that I have ever come into contact with… All that feces tainted semen has rotted your brain. You have absolutely no fucking clue as to what you are talking about. As a matter of fact, I have yet to read a post by you, bobbo or any of the other retarded ass liberals that shows that you know any thing about anything. A post about care and cleaning of an ass plug and I would certainly declare you and all the other libs as subject matter experts….

  19. bobbo says:

    WELL!!!!!! I’ve NEVER BEEN SO INSULTED. Catholic Nuns ARE just like radical islamists in adhering to an anti-humanist set of dogmatic beliefs. Isn’t that clitoris thing more of a tribal thing? I’m not sure, but speaking of Nuns, might as well be clitorized if you’re not supposed to u se it?

    That is all as you may define it, but mentioning my sacred nick in the same sentence with Mustard===have you no decency?

  20. fedup says:

    Bobbo is another dumb bastard that has no clue what the fuck he is talking about . He quotes the civil rights act of 64 but leaves out the most valid part of title 7 which says that you CAN discriminate for religious purposes if religion is core to the employee’s function. Im just so thankful that this country during it’s most difficult times never had an asshat liberal making important decisions. Thank god that we had men and women that loved this country and was willing to fight for it. Now we have a new generation like mustard and bobbo boy, birkenstock wearing , ipod carrying fucking sheep that want to make what was once perverted the norm and what is normal, perverted, who care more about ass fucking and global warming scams and rights for child molesters and taking from those that work to give to lazy bastards that don’t work and force our children to learn spanish instead of the mexican children living in the US having to learn english, who are more interested in our military being open to the rights of queers than considering of what’s right for unit morale and cohesion, that is more concerned about fucking terrorist wearing panties over their heads and being forced to listen to rock music at gitmo than jews and our citizens having their damn heads chopped off, that are more concerned with having Harvey Milk appreciation day in elementary school than actual math and science programs, etc, etc, etc, etc… You fucking people are fools and you and your ilk will never be allowed to destroy this great country no matter how much you would like to. Just look at Obama. He has thrown your asses under the bus and is actually putting together an administration more conservative and hawkish than the dumb ass Bush had. You all know that you are fucking loons and nobody supports you. Even your own democratic president doesn’t support you!

  21. Mister Mustard says:

    #48 – FuckUp

    >>Mr Mustard, dumbest bastard feces tainted
    >>semen absolutely no fucking clue retarded
    >>ass liberals care and cleaning of an ass plug

    Tee hee! Titter titter! Shake that thang, boy…you’re smokin’ hot!!! Tsssssssttt!

  22. Mister Mustard says:

    #49 – Bobo

    >>Catholic Nuns ARE just like radical islamists

    You’re really losing it now, Bobo. New Years Eve must have been pretty rough on you, huh?

    >>my sacred nick

    Sweet Mother of God. Now you think you’re a deity?

    Haw!! wtf did you put in the egg nog?

  23. bobbo says:

    #50—fffttup==thats what I said.

    Beyond that, I may have had my way with a sheep or two, but never while wearing an ipod. You don’t want that ipod falling out of your pocket while doing field work.

    Silly. You need to get out more often.

  24. bobbo says:

    #52–Mustard. I’m having egg nog right now. Christian Brothers Brandy is my preference==just to the point where you can taste that it is there, then a dash of Vanilla, and your home. I make it with fresh cream but frozen milk–so it comes out pretty near to a Brandy Alexander Whiteout. Some of the ladies like it with a banana, and I always make sure there is at least one banana around, usually right next to that ipod.

  25. Mister Mustard says:

    #54 – Bobbo

    >>I always make sure there is at least one banana

    Better be careful, or you’ll have FuckUp scratching at your door, whining to be let in. He loves that shit.

  26. #29 – Mr. Fusion,

    If you’re still reading this thread (i.e. it’s not too far out of date by now), I guess we can settle on “ignorance is bliss … until the inevitable, forceful, and rude awakening.”

    Good compromise?

  27. bobbo says:

    #56–Scott==you’re talkin’ like you’re rollin’ on a Karmic Wheel. You have to admit that at least “some” people live in ignorant bliss the whole entire lifetime to no ill effect from their point of view. How else would you account for some people becoming “saints?”—or Regional Sub-Manager for Radio Slack?—or an unindicted co-conspirator — or pardoned by Bushieboy before even being charged?

    There is no Karma==just luck.

  28. #57 – bobbo,

    You win.

    As for karma in a general sense though, rather than a specific one where I perform karmic goodness and can expect karmic goodness in return, if people are generally being nice to each other, it seems likely that nice things will happen to more people.

    Sometimes, of course, people will be mistaken about the needs of others and think they are being nice but be wrong instead. However, in general, if people in society were nicer, more people would have nice things happen to them.

    So, karma where score is not kept at the individual level does make more sense than a great many other religious beliefs. (And, still, there is no scientific basis for such belief.)

  29. Mister Mustard says:

    #57 – Bobo

    I pity you, and your bitter, empty life. So sad. And yet you’re militant and extremist in your beliefs.



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