Jobs is someone who has “that vision thing” as one who didn’t put it and that’s what Obama says he wants. Could this guy be onto something or just more Apple fanboi (yes, that’s the right spelling) meanderings?

Why Steve Really Isn’t Giving the Keynote

When Apple announced that Steve Jobs wouldn’t be giving the Macworld Keynote, the blogosphere went into a frenzy. Although there was some debate, the common consensus at the end of all the pandemonium was that Steve Jobs was on his way to the grave. My thinking was in that camp for a while, but then as I was watching the news I thought of an interesting possibility… what if Steve Jobs isn’t stepping down due to his illness, but because he wants to take another job? You might say, “Steve would never take any job over Apple… he loves the company! Why would he leave for another company?”, but my answer would be that he’s not leaving for another company, but rather for our government… as Obama’s new Chief Technology Officer.

Before you call me insane, hear me out. Barack Obama needs someone who is ahead of the times, a visionary who could guide our technological decisions in the best way possible. Steve Jobs has proved time and time again that he knows what technology should be like, and that his vision of the future is essentially always correct when it comes to this field. He would be perfect for the position, because frankly, no one is as much of a genius as he is in this regard.

Another fact supporting my claim: Obama has announced every other member of his cabinet except for Chief Technology Advisor. Is this because he hasn’t made up his mind yet? I doubt it. He must have been thinking about this for a long time, considering it was his idea to create this position. A more likely scenario is that his choice, Steve Jobs, doesn’t want him to announce it. I can just picture Steve telling Obama that the only way he will take the job is if he can announce it at Macworld himself.

On the other hand. Or is that just a smokescreen to cover the truth? In Maclandia, perception is everything, so perhaps both are true…

Found by Brother Uncle Don.

  1. JoE says:

    God bless Steve!

  2. Animby says:

    # 30 RTaylor said, “I doubt there’s many MD’s posting here.” I am an MD and I guarantee you the words hormonal imbalance don’t mean beans. More information needs to be given.

    “Jobs, 53, said in a public letter that his thinness had been a mystery even to him and his doctors until a few weeks ago, when “sophisticated blood tests” confirmed that he has ‘a hormone imbalance that has been `robbing’ me of the proteins my body needs to be healthy.'”
    So, for the last couple of years that he’s been telling us there was nothing wrong with his health, he’s been lying! Hmmm. Might fit very well into Obama’s regime.


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