• Windows 7 getting too much ink with new buzz-term “ecosystems.” Meanwhile, they cannot bring out one good version.
  • Sun hopes to save the company with the cloud.
  • Cell phone kills man.
  • Moto no moto.
  • Google getting in trouble in Europe.
  • Carol Bartz throwing weight around.
  • G1 users getting voice search.
  • Crazy Singularity University crops up.

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  1. Winston says:

    Why are these experiencing intermitently present download links?

  2. GregA says:

    I have noticed the exact opposite. I have noticed that the fosstard’o’sphere has been redoubling their efforts to demonize Microsoft.

  3. JL says:

    I agree that was awsome… !

  4. QB says:

    I kinda get where they’re going with the whole “ecosystem readiness program” but knowing it’s from Microsoft it makes you want to drink ipecac.

  5. Nimby says:

    JCD: Why does this item somedays have a link to the MP3 download and other days not?

  6. QB says:

    Nimby, I posted up with super cool dweebie way to grab the stream the other day. Then someone posted a link to all Tech5 reports at Dvorak’s Cagematch.

    Now that’s really smart. 😀

    [Courtesy KD, the archives for Tech5 are available on Cage Match at the address you posted. For listening and for downloading. Enjoy!]

  7. Brian says:

    Seems some people can’t be happy that microsoft is bringing out a good OS (I’m looking at you John).

    Why shouldn’t they be getting the pub they are? It’s a fantastic change from Vista, much quicker, more nimble, and more stable. Why is this bad? Why shouldn’t this be covered? Sounds like yet another anti-MS ranter.

  8. Nimby says:

    # 7 Brian said, “It’s a fantastic change from Vista,” Problem is, it IS Vista 2.0. They still couldn’t give us what they promised in 1.0 like a new file system? Like getting rid of the registry? I give them credit for recognizing their mistakes and correcting them. They should give 2.0 to every vista user for free. Instead, we get to pay for their mistakes a second time.

  9. amodedoma says:

    #8 Amen to that.
    I actually wasted an hour over at MS to see what they were selling. They go on and on about how they used user feedback to ‘improve’ what is essentially a kinder gentler Vista. From what I can see they made no real changes apart from the cosmetic. Oh it looks like you’ll be able to few more things without those pesky popup alerts. Doesn’t matter anyways, manufacturers will continue to sell Vista preinstalled, because that’s what M$ wants. Thanks to them I will continue to make money installing XP and 2003 server. Only a monopoly could make money selling crap this bad.

  10. GregA says:


    NTFS is still better than anything on linux. See this websites daily data loss for example. ZFS, bringing to linux (someday) the features NTFS has had since 1992!

    Also, if you want to talk about crap, Firefox a fosstard first application, works better on windows than it does linux. Oh also it has more plugins on windows than linux.


    Yeah, the /etc directory is like a worse version of the registry. Good job with that! Oh, why hasn’t anyone used MySql to make an index for Gnome or KDE? Seems to me you are stuck until you get search at least as good as Vista. ROFL.


    Bummer, what am I doing wrong? You get those easy retrofit deals, while I just got a deal to install a sharepoint server, because google docs has poor user contention. Oh how I miss the days of mindlessly installing operating systems and wondering “what next?” LOL.

  11. QB says:

    The 6 SKUs are stupid. Everyone will skip Vista of course and use 7 and the thing will work fairly well, finally.

    The problem is that MS has become boring beyond belief. I’m sorry, desktop search just isn’t that exciting. Nobody cares about Sharepoint everywhere. The .NET model is becoming increasingly difficult to program for.

    There are a lot of bright people at Microsoft, but I don’t think they trust their own senior management.

  12. GregA says:


    Lol, welcome to maturity! Thats how the 95% of the world that is not fanboy views their computer. Boring office tool. Are you a boring office tool?

    Also… If you want to work on your office documents with more than 2 or 3 people at a time you abso’fucking’lutely care about sharepoint. LOL.

  13. GregA says:


    I ignored it in beta. I didn’t realize it was near release. Wow, nice upgrade. It is annoying that you have to reboot just to upgrade the browser though.

    Hey look at that, slashdot no longer crashes my ie!

  14. QB says:

    #13 2-3 people need Sharepoint? You really are a Ballmer fanboy. But you’re winning style already gave you away.

    On another point, anybody notice that some of the cranes around Redmond campus have already come to a halt? Are they going to finish those buildings?

  15. GregA says:


    I wish it wasn’t so. But there it is, two people open a spreadsheet at the same time on Google docs, and start editing, and they get a massive fail… Well it fails to tell them that they are destroying each others work that is.

    But no, my application is over 5 different locations with about 100 different users. Why, do you know some colaboration product that works better than sharepoint without a costly VPN, or works in the sort of install it and go way that sharepoint does?

    If I were smaller I would just use one of Microsofts ASP’s btw.

  16. GregA says:

    Hey how come no one told me how much more awsome the awsome bar is in ie8 than it is in Firefox?

  17. GregA says:


    Funny that, of all the browsers on the Market, IE is the oldest.

  18. QB says:

    #18 pedro, in all fairness to the IE team they’ve had their product managers and leads changed 124 times in the last 10 years. And most of their “requirements” don’t come from consumers but from product managers on various product teams.

    It’s only since Ray Ozzie showed up watched his own Javascript code puke in IE have things slowly started to change. Obviously they’ve gone from way ahead to way behind, hence the new browser war.

  19. QB says:

    #21 I think he means Mosaic. Which explains why sections of the code are still single threaded.

  20. Dere says:

    Windows 7 is way better than the overrated POS that is Linturd, which requires you to waste hours learning code and using an archaic CLI just to get things to work, and even then it has a very limited software library compared with Windows (no, I don’t care if it isn’t Linux’ fault); or Crapintosh OS X, with its overpriced and underpowered hardware (which you’re forced to use due to software lock).

    That said, even I admit that IE is a pile of shit. Firefox and Opera may have their flaws, but are way ahead of IE, allowing me to do EVERYTHING faster and more efficiently – especially Firefox (assuming I get to customize it with add-ons so that it is efficient and suits my needs). Even Microsoft realized that Firefox is years ahead of IE, which was why almost all the IE7 and IE8 features were copied from Firefox. Then again, at least it isn’t as bad as Safari…

  21. Der says:

    *hardware lock, not software lock


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