1. danijel says:

    I like these cops. Much nicer than what we usually see on this blog.

  2. dbolli says:

    I thought Boris Yeltsin died a few years ago…

  3. Johnny Green says:

    What?? He’s Just a little thirsty.. /facepalm

  4. Jägermeister says:


  5. Winston says:

    Now, that is funny!

  6. ECA says:

    LEAD me to a bed…ANY BED, and I will sleep the sleep of mighty dreams..

  7. Brixi says:

    Deda, ne da vučeš nego da duvaš :))

  8. Chris Mac says:

    could you please stop making fun of my daily life

  9. drkllpnt says:

    Come on, this is clearly on big production… if this is real, then how come the officers are not ‘tazing’ the hell out of the suspect as per the ‘standard operations’ -IN THE MORNING!!


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