This is a long video, so here are the highlights:

5:35) Agent whips out his nun chucks in anger
(7:45-8:00) The agent tells me in less than perfect English, “In the Border Patrol Checkpoint, the person’s rights doesn’t matter here.”
(16:50-17:10) I’m told that the police will arrive in less than 10 minutes to arrest me
(19:00-19:40) I’m accused of being a terrorist
(26:20) I’m told that I’m free to go without being searched

Thank God we live in a free country! But how long will our freedom last if we ignore our Bill of Rights?

The highest power in the US government is the Constitution, which is the supreme law of the land…not border patrol agents on a power trip that are about 75 miles from the border.

He is either correct about the law or he isn’t. If he’s wrong, why would the agents let him go? Either way, he’s definitely on the list now…hope it was worth it.

  1. Rich Young says:

    First of all, to the DU McCullough poster’s comment – “hope it was worth it”. Of course it was worth it. And every single US citizen needs to assert the same rights or those rights are and will gradually disappear until you will have no rights at all. Those rights must be asserted, and vigorously defended. Rights that are not asserted in the face of police overstepping the bounds of the law, are no rights at all.

    Second, one of the biggest mistakes that these border agents made is in not having LOCAL authorities (State or county police) present who are properly the ones to require the display of a driver’s license which shows one has the right to operate the motor vehicle on that highway. That is totally outside the authority of these border agents and the citizen asserting that was exactly correct. We cannot have federal police running around the country setting up checkpoints and demanding to see “your papers”. There is nothing in the law (especially in the supreme law of the land, the Constitution) that permits such a practice. We are a nation of laws, Constituionally passed and Constitutionally enforced laws that properly reflect what, we the people have permitted them to do. There is a damn good reason that those kind of laws are to be enforced by LOCAL officers – not ones from a federal alphabet agency.

    Third, the repeated calls to their “superiors” (now there is an interesting choice of a word) to check and see what they were going to do with this annoying person bent on asserting his rights, tells you everything you need to know about this situation. By doing so, they tacitly admitted that they were well beyond their defined authority. They were admitting that much of this border patrol checkpoint was based on bluff and bluster which they are counting on will not be challenged by 99% of drivers passing through (much to the shame of the rest of the drivers passing that point). Their “superiors” well understood that point, hence the instructions to cut him loose. They never had the authority in the first place to do what they were attempting to do to this driver and the only way they could get that authority legally was for him to give it to them, which he refused to do. The superiors wisely decided to withdraw the bluff, but continue to work that bluff on the other 99%. Most people are sheeple, unfortunately.

    And just to make the point, the writer of these words is not a young, still-wet-behind-the ears who doesn’t know what he is talking about. I am 68 years old and a former Arizona deputy sheriff who’s own brother was killed in the line of duty while enforcing Arizona law.

  2. Ed S says:

    !  Greg Allen is also an idiot

  3. Cephus says:

    This person is entirely within his rights, the border agent cannot require an American citizen to submit to any of those things, nor can they pull a weapon on an American citizen who is not breaking the law.  That agent needs to be punished and likely fired, people like that, who don’t understand the limitations of their jobs, shouldn’t have them.  He comes off like a rent-a-cop wannabe who just likes power and has a badge to back it up.

  4. Miss_X2b says:

    Bravo to that guy that in the Car. 

    And why is this “leave a reply” box typing as if it’s the Hebrew alphabet, from right to left????

  5. Thinker says:

    That all being said, from the start he wasn’t nice or pleasant to the border people.  I’ll bet he came off like a punk without intending to.  Why couldn’t he talk to the guy?  Not rolling down the window just pissed off the guys who then start to think about teaching the kid a lesson. 

    He could have acted a bit more like an adult, and not some undercover college rabblerouser ‘standing up to the man’

  6. abc says:

    What a stupid jackass. Showing off how “smart” he is. So, according to this, the border patrol stops a truck full of illegals but cannot check it because they don’t have a search warrant? Or a drug loaded truck can’t be searched? I passed thru a checkpoint like the one this stupid passed and I was in/out in no time. I want the border patrol to be able to do their job and if one has nothing to hide, cooperating is nothing but helping them to control the illegal drug and border crossing.
    I wonder, what was this rat hiding? What was he afraid of?
    The agents should have asked just one question: your ID please! No ID, no driver’s license? pull aside or else. Instead, they let the rat go. I’m sure he must’ve had something hidden, drugs, guns, illegals in the trunk, who knows.
    In this case the border patrol failed in doing their job by letting him go. The cacamaniac should be in JAIL!

  7. arpie says:

    Thank G’d for patriots like this. If we let FEAR trump the constitution, the idea that actually is the USA dies.

  8. father time says:

    Iphone posting doesn’t work at all!!!!

    Writing right-to-left is very comfortable for me here in Israel.  Maybe you want me to spell English words with Hebrew characters?

    So far the new site fails.

    I would guess there is some location-base style format that is imposed by the software (that is, it expects that I’m going to use Hebrew because my IP address is in Israel?


    What would Thomas Jefferson do?

    For that matter, what would George Jefferson do?

  9. bobbo says:

    abc==Why then you would be happy to bend over and spread em.  If you got nothing up there, no reason to complain right?  THE ISSUE is privacy.  Your home, asshole, and car are all areas you have a right to privacy in absent reasonable cause to be stopped and questioned.  Completely IGNORANT to post otherwise..

  10. father time says:

    What if ABC was a drug mule?  There is no reason to suspect he isn’t until proven innocent.  So everywhere he goes, he should be randomly scanned, colonoscopied for drugs and other things he could be carrying.  After all, everyone is a potential criminal/terrorist, and should be treated like one, right?
    I think we should let the penultimate dummies make the laws, and the dumbest enforce them.  That would have excluded Rich Young from a job in law enforcement.  Sorry Mr. Young.

  11. father time says:

    Really, shouldn’t we all receive random beatings on a semi-periodic basis to ensure we don’t step out of line?  I mean, it is obvious that would be in the public best interest.

  12. nadrew says:

    ?How did it ever come to this?

  13. Paddy-O says:

    father time, “what would Jefferson do?”

    “What country before ever existed a century and a half without a rebellion? And what country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.”

  14. nadrew says:

    be afraid.
    be very afraid.

  15. Breetai says:

    Wow what an idiot.

  16. Thinker says:

    I guess the guy should have shouted, “Don’t taze me bro!”

    I watched it again today, still strikes me the same. The guy started getting all defensive and the cops/border patrol started to wonder what he had to hide.

    what would the outcome have been if he’d aquiesed to the seach and questions and even said, “You know officer I know your doing your job, but I got to tell you I’m highly irritated by this”

    He would have been on his way in 5 minutes and he could have phoned a lawyer to see if he had a case. That would have brought more powerful people into play on his side.

    Instead he comes off all cockey and know it all. Kinda like those G20 protesters with slingshots…

    So like #78 said…”Wow what an idiot”. Same goes for that Baptist pastor.

  17. sterwwy says:

    the whole point here is what is a border? to me it is were you cross into another country, not 100 miles into it, call your congressman and let them know you are against border patrols where no border exist? they broke so many amnedments including false arrrest my lawyer would have this settled out in about 6 mos. can wwe call this the old soviet union or hitlers germany? stopping innocent person in search of weapons explosives, or an illegal person, in Hitlers germany that person was called a Jew in the new america its a muslum or mexican, soon we will have the “Diary of Anna Francia”. I wonder when we will start making camps for these people,wait they already have started, I think the USA calls them FEMA camps, and they are popping up all over. Hmm cock and load America this is scary stuff.

  18. ' says:

    Of course this also brings to mind the song,’I fought the law, and the law won’!

  19. stewwwwy says:

    Qualified Immunity
    An affirmative defense of qualified immunity is available to defendants who
    acted under circumstances where a reasonable official may not have
    understood that the conduct alleged (forced used) was illegal. It is not
    necessary to show that the defendant officer was acting in bad faith and,
    indeed, the officer’s subjective intentions, such as a good faith belief that
    what he was doing was lawful, are irrelevant. To defeat qualified immunity, it
    is necessary for the plaintiff to show that, given the facts and circumstances

  20. stewwwy says:

    alleged, any reasonable officer would have known that the conduct complained
    of violated well established law at the time of the incident.

  21. SkySurferTX74 says:

    The legal authority of Border Patrol Agents comes from the Immigration and Naturalization Act, Section 287 and 235 (INA 287 and INA 235). Just Google any of these two and you’ll find your answers.

  22. RebelResist says:

    This is disgusting especially the video of the innocent pastors beat down. To all of you right wing sheep ready to bend over and take the night stick you don’t have a clue obviously you have never been harassed by these thugs. I’m speaking from experience of trying to be respectful to these Nazis and getting nothing but a power trip back. You don’t have to give them attitude they enjoy abusing their authority.I make trips to AZ from California to visit family several times a year and my destination is very near the border. I fully support the deterrence of illegal immigration and drug smuggling but there is something sinister happening here. The guy that took the video is a true patriot and has inspired me to do the same the next time I am harassed for no reason. Treating them with respect like I normally do with all LEO does not work with these thugs they think they are above the law. They are totally unprofessional use foul language and threats of violence to instill fear in law abiding tax paying citizens. Calling him a terrorist for exercising his rights is ridiculous and frightening.I thought the Zeta’s drug cartels were the terrorist, but oh that’s right they don’t have the balls to go up against an ever growing presence that is spilling over onto American soil with superior firepower. The name callers should go for a drive down south and get some first hand experience with the growing police state. These guys are not on our side and those that bow to them are fools and part of the problem. I’m late posting and likely no one will read this but I need to vent my frustration after a return from AZ that left me with no respect for these so called law enforcers what so ever. This post has inspired me to get a video cam to expose more of this BS. I lived on the border for over 10 years of my life and have been repeatedly treated like I have no business there along with my family that they know live in the area and are not involved in any illegal activity. Thanks to those who posted the educational information on our rights that seem to be dwindling rapidly. I will read up and stand up next time instead of trying to be respectful and being treated like dirt in return. I answered their questions, obeyed the request in to secondary with no attitude and had the contents of my vehicle tore apart for no good reason. That made me mad enough but it was the holier than thou attitude and rudeness that I experienced by thugs I employee that has put me on a mission to stand and resist. Bullies with a badge that will randomly F with your head if your lucky enough to not get beat to a pulp because there in the mood. I hope the pastor is going to be able to have some legal recourse for the abuse he took but I fear his video may have been his only choice against the untouchable future federales of a government way out of control. Patriots unite, rebel and resist this or we are all doomed to be profiled terrorist for not kissing their jack boots.

  23. turnfarmer says:

    If this happens to you. Flip the script on the gestapo. Call 911 yourself FIRST and tell them you’re being assaulted. It works well and it confuses the hell out of the system.

  24. Mr. Curtis says:

    What’s wrong with this driver? He clearly needed to let these border agents Beat him, Destroy his vehicle, and waste his time. No but seriously, I’ve been through that checkpoint hundreds of times. This guy was the absolute S**T!!! This video is proof of that. It’s a shame there aren’t more people like him in this world. They obviously knew they were wasting his and their own time. I was afraid the patriot act killed our 4th amendment rights. That no matter what the circumstances, we could be suspicious and there for lose it. The driver is going on my list of heroes. Anyone who thinks what the driver did was wrong….Your an idiot, Next time I pass through this border, I’m going to remind them of this video. I bet I’ll get out of their faster than the near 30 minutes he did, now that they have been educated! A++ work

  25. joseph parnell says:

    I was mistaken for a terrorist,arrested,tortured,denied medication.I am a 100% disabled veteran with a purple heart and was treated worse than a POW.After about 8hrs was released without charges.

  26. joseph parnell says:

    I tried to submit something for the first time but you said I had submitted it before which isnt true .Is this a real web site? My story was very important,but if you dot want to hear it thats ok.

  27. molly mae says:

    this man is my hero ! i love him and want to marry him. ………………..of the people for the people…………

  28. john miller says:

    It is a police state, no where else in the world except the former soviet union can you be stopped and searched for no reason.


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