Apparently Mike Arrington (TechCrunch) was on the “B” list for review copies of the Palm Pre and decided to be huffy with Leo, who let him have it back. At some point people need to realize that Mike Arrington is indeed a douche. He once stiffed us at Cranky Geeks, never showed up and never apologized or even bothered to call. It was pretty amazing, unprofessional and inconsiderate. This BS about Leo slanting his opinion based on having a loaner is laughable.

What irks me most about this guy is his constant assertions that he gets never-ending death threats. Why? For what? I do not want to trivialize death threats as I have had them when writing Op-Eds for a daily newspaper and reporting on gun control and Middle East politics. I’ve never gotten any for writing about tech. And I didn’t hole up when I got them years ago for other commentary. So what is this all about Mike?

  1. RichWest says:

    If Leo doesn’t like him, I don’t either.

  2. Giggity G says:

    If you piss off Leo you have to be an idiot. He is one of the nicest guys out there. Screw Mike.

  3. Kedar says:

    I was not following the live stream so the only part of the interaction I saw between Leo and Arrington is the part shown above. I’ve watched and listened to Leo for many years now and know that he would not blow up on someone for no reason and it is perfectly understandable when someone gets upset if their integrity is challenged.

  4. studimaus says:

    When reading things about Mike Arrington I always have this link in mind

  5. ky says:

    never heard leo say things like that, was great to hear, i’m 100% on his side, he gets a 1 week review unit and thats going to influence him ? pathetic. and thats coming from me, i completely disagree with leos tech advice/opinion.

  6. kev-dawt-dawg says:

    As a professional on-air personality Leo should have held his own, then had a sidebar with Mike later. Second, I agree with Mike that full disclosure is necessary. Leo has a lot of shit and always manages to mention it on every show he hosts. When he first started TWiT, his whole ethos was anti advertising, now it’s pervasive.

    Leo got called, mildly, on his shenanigans and he lost his top, wildly. Leo, get a grip man.

  7. rickh says:

    I agree with #167. I love Leo so hard to say he messed up, but he did.

  8. Phate says:

    Thumbs up Leo, call it as you see it…..

    Sure that you will probably gain more of a following down under as we dont like dick heads (Mike Arrington) in Australia…

    Keep up the GREAT work!!!
    DVORAK, love your no nonsense chit chat too!

  9. SecretSquirrel says:

    Just finally got around to getting to the bottom of the whole “screw you leo” thing i’ve heard for weeks on TWIT and the real problem here is Steve Gillmor! If Leo is going to host it he absolutely needs to get away from it, but I don’t think it belongs in the TWIT network…

  10. vincedog3 says:

    Wow, I say congrats to Leo for standing up to that knuckle head. Leo has done more for tech and made more people not throw their computers out the window better than anybody else. I work in tech, and Leo is my role model in helping people not to be scared of tech, and get the most out of it. If Gillmore gang is history, all the better for it. Leo doesn’t need the pain. Just my 2 cents from a person who watched Leo to the Screensaver days, and still think Leo is the best.

  11. After hearing about Leo’s blowup on another podcast,(only 5 weeks late) I needed to find out what it was all about. Like many I have been listening to Leo and many of his podcasts for some time (although a little behind). Leo often begins recommendations to callers with the line ‘in the spirit of full disclosure. . .’ and while Mikes comments were accusatory, I think Leo may have blown it a little out of proportion. I don’t think Leos integrity need ever be questioned and I understand him being upset, but I get the impression Mike was just trying to get out in the open the source of the Pre. I doubt the fact that it was a loaner from Palm would influence Leos review of the item, but Mike had the right to ask. It seems the reaction was a little over the top. Although controversy does create interest, I doubt this was a staged response as some responses I have read speculate.

  12. jacksprat says:

    hahaha, i just heard of this via an old no agenda netcast, btw, they are well worth catching up on.

    leo is a professional, his reaction was entirely above board.

    btw, more dvorak diatribes please, and stories, the one about rendering beef kidney fat for french fries is classic even if he thought it bombed! keep up the good work!

  13. jakejeek says:


  14. Scott Davies says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Mike Arrington posting as jakejeek.

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  17. IndyBoilers says:

    Just listened to NA episode where this post was mentioned.
    Leo was pee-oh’d. He’s usually to nice, anyways.

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  20. leosucks says:

    leo is a jerk! Can’t handle being called out. He knows nothing.

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