Found by Jim McDonald.

  1. Patrick says:

    # 76 ridin the short bus said, “In a major city you may be correct and I beleive this would apply to Emergency treatment only… No long term care… (most expensive type of care) cancer patients, Heart Attacks etc… Even an Ambulance ride can set you back a few thousand… its all rediculious…”


  2. jeremyromero says:

    1.please america obama is crap really,he is,bush,regan,crap we been lied too,regan cause he hollywood,oh yeah clinton too,is it funny but joe crocker is full of —-!!!!!!!
    2.where is our stimulas money really,are the fixing road and junk,naw our people are getting tired of b.s like this!!!!
    3.bills,gas,food,our cable,life in general is getting crappy,but face it,well i say religion,etc,some funny some serios,kind of like one boss stroking another or something like that!!!
    5.working sucks,but hey got to pay bills,well finding out,many of us are tired of maddoff,blogavish,whole lot of others
    6.who tells me who to admire or anything of sort
    7,than to billy jeff or billy bob-bill(william clinton)oh by the way hilary wants to run for supreme court,not her,not her!!!!
    8.are ya depressed,i know soumd like coutry needs remedy relief!!!!!!!!
    9.well i got stuff on my mind as you do too!!!!!!
    10 as much time it to tell fcc off and others,plus folks were screwed cause the don’t don’t care,i do,but hey ya can’t help everybody!!!!!!

  3. jade1 says:

    “All it takes for evil to rule is for good men to do nothing.” Are you doing something?


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