– June 20, 2009:

A strip club that hired a 14-year-old as an exotic dancer is now suing the girl, saying the seventh-grader swindled them into breaking state law.

The San Antonio teen allegedly exposed her breasts while working at Cheetah Club in Corpus Christi, a violation of state law.

Alan Yaffe, the club’s attorney, said the club didn’t know the girl was a minor.

“She came (into the club) with 6-inch stiletto heels and a miniskirt and looked just like a model from a Miss America’s contest,” Yaffe

We’re the victims here,” Yaffe said.

The club is the victim? Mmmm…..

Police say Leslie Campbell, 48, kidnapped the teenager in San Antonio in March, took her to Corpus Christi, sexually assaulted her over the course of a week, gave her a false identification card and forced her to strip at the club.

Police say the girl, who has not been identified, escaped from Campbell’s home and has been reunited with her parents in San Antonio.

Campbell was arrested and remains in Nueces County Jail on charges of aggravated sexual assault and aggravated kidnapping.

Oh yeah, the club is so the victim here!

  1. Rick's Cafe says:

    Gotta love a pre-emptive strike…tends to put the bra on the other foot!

  2. Fat_Anarchy says:


    You’re such an idiot sometimes Alfred. You obviously do not have the ability to look at things through the eyes of others. A 14 year old girl in this case. It is very easy to force a girl to do something like this when you have kidnapped them. A 14 year old with limited life experience, who has gone through a traumatic assult is not likely to be able to think as clearly as yourself sitting infront of your computer in such a hard situation. you can threaten them, or their family with further violence, etc. You should really study these things a bit more before you make such comments. Guess its your Christian empathy we hear so much about coming through.

    It’s like me saying something like “well the people in the plane in 9/11 deserved to die. They had numbers in their favour, and could easily overpowered them. They only had box-cutters afterall. They’re not innocent”

  3. dusanmal says:

    Double (triple) BS.

    @#1,4 Not only that 14yrs old can have life experience but it is much easier to pretend and lie at that age. Stat. rape definitely and that idiot should end up in jail (but I’d bet on actual consent, for which I do not excuse him a bit). Club knew they have had minor (with fake doc’s) but they wanted profit. n jail and fines for them too. 14 yr’ old will likely bamboozle the system, but I believe that she is 100% complicit (from her actions). She should end up at least in some correctional facility.

  4. JimR says:

    #1, Alfred1: “I don’t believe the 14 year old is innocent…not credible a 14 old is hostage…”

    hmmm, so…. Alfred1….. you couldn’t overpower a 14 year old girl if you wanted to?…. hmmmmm….

  5. Hmeyers says:

    Girls use fake ids all the time because they know if they get caught the establishment/bar/etc is unlikely to call the police because “they are a girl”.

    There are NO strip clubs hard up for applicants, especially in this economy.

    I know some of you are geezerly and not living in 2009 and yet others of you are lamos unfamiliar with the females of the species …

    But let me tell you, no club is hard up for dancers or strippers and girls think they can get away with anything.

  6. Cap'nKangaroo says:

    Couple of points of no particular value:

    These clubs are usually very adept at spotting fake IDs, losing their liquor license means losing the business. But they couldn’t spot this fake ID?

    A 14 year old can look much older. I offer up any number of models that have appeared in fashion magazines, etc. But they had very talented make-up artists working on them. Who did the make-up on this girl? Herself? The creep who allegedly kidnapped her?

    The lawyer for the club is suing the girl, the creep, and her PARENTS. Talk about the shotgun approach to lawsuits.

    And finally, did the club actually hire her, as an employee. Most of the time, the performers are “independent contractors” to the club. The club doesn’t want to have to get into such things as wage and hour issues, tax withholding, job related injuries, and so on.

  7. says:

    No report of a kidnapping from the parents?

    This is Texas after all, anything to do with sex is guilty before proven innocent.

    Only by Supreme Court order can we have Trojan Rubbers with vibrators and dildos for our wifes.

    Daughter missing for two weeks and no one notices, or parents taking advantage of great fake id. (Maybe her mom’s??)

  8. Mr. Fusion says:

    Why would the story of a 14 year old kid being kidnapped and raped bring out the trolls?

    Alphie, you are such a jerk. Probably more than a little jealous because this old codger, who is still what, 15 – 20 years younger than you, got laid and you only have your hand. Some woman somewhere is very lucky you are single.

  9. deowll says:

    I don’t know if a missing persons report was filled on the girl or not. If not that needs to be investigated. It would suggest the parents gave consent.

    I’m told that a fair number of female illegals are forced into the sex trade once they are in the states.

    It isn’t clear that her “kidnapper” told the bar owner her real age or why the fake papers? I have known a few girls who were way underage that looked all grown up and if she had valid looking papers such as a drivers license, etc. I could see them falling for it. I’ll leave it to a judge and jury to figure this one out.

  10. TootsieFarkleFanny says:

    A week in captivity is more than enough to gain control over even a grown-up, let alone a child.

    I have seen men break-down after a few days in isolation, and they weren’t being raped, threatened, etc.

    After a week of what they are saying happened to her, him saying “do this and I might let you go” would be an incredible motivator.

  11. Mr. Fusion says:

    #14, Ayatollah Alphie,

    So now you justify rape with lyrics? Phuck you are a sick scumbag.

    It doesn’t matter how she was dressed. She was kidnapped and held against her will. She was sexually abused and raped. In case the (KJV) doesn’t recognize it, those are very serious felonies and society as a whole takes a very dim view.

  12. FlatAffect says:

    A 14 year old is a child.

    What is this, Dvorak’s Home For Paedophiles And The Intellectually Challenged?

    Shouldn’t there be editors editing this filth?

  13. faxon says:

    Girl was abused, regardless of her willingness to go alone. Next.

  14. Rick's Cafe says:

    The prosecutor of the Duke Lacrosse team made almost exactly the same comments. Just an observation.

    If it’s good enough for Letterman…. :))

  15. Mr. Fusion says:

    #19, Ayatollah Alphie,

    No one complained about the lyrics simply because they are just that, lyrics. They carry no weight other than the author’s intention as music. To use them to bolster YOUR opinion though is to make those words your thoughts. If Zappa were to stand up and suggest that sex with a minor by a 48 y/o man was fine, he too would be condemned.

    The same applies to your biblical idea that whatever someone wrote thousands of years ago has relevance in today’s society. That has no bearing on the laws of the land. Except in very narrow circumstances in some States, sex with anyone under the age of 18 is illegal.

    You can not justify her rape with your own predatory intent. No matter how much hair you have on the palm of your hand.

  16. FlatAffect says:


    You can choose to dispute whatever you please but in Texas, a 14 year-old is a child and that means people like you eventually end up in jail – for a long, long time.

    By the way… in jail?

    There is no god – none at all.


  17. Mr. Fusion says:

    #22, Ayatollah Alphie,

    You believe her story…I don’t.

    You believe leftist loon theory about everything…even though it does you great financial harm

    You don’t believe that a 14 y/o was kidnapped and raped yet you will believe documents we only have scraps of to justify the existence of a god. Do I notice a disconnect here?

    Because she is a 14 y/o child, she is unable to give her LEGAL consent. That means sex is a felony. It also means that keeping her from her parents is kidnapping. Whether she went willingly or not.

    This is not a political argument, nor is it even a religious argument until wackos like you insist “if she is old enough to bleed, she is old enough to breed”. Have you been taking up the Mormon cause?

    The world is a better place because you are a 60 y/o, childless old fat fart. The children you never fathered are so much better off. Too bad for any children in your neighborhood.

  18. FlatAffect says:


    …and I do not believe she was raped or exploited against her will.

    She’s 14. She’s a child.

    Read #24. Mr. Fusion is correct and you, sir…

    …well, I’ll leave it up to other people to decide how safe they feel, having you walking around free in their neighborhoods with their 14 year old daughters.

  19. FlatAffect says:


    Where does this “Foreigners” come in? Are you from South Africa, Nigeria, the Virgin Islands or what?

    I hear in those places, they just hack paedophiles apart with machetes – no trial or anything.

    I’d say good luck but I wouldn’t mean it and I never say anything I don’t mean.

  20. Mr. Fusion says:

    #26, Lying Ayatollah Alphie.

    I agree the club is wrong…and the adult molester should get 25 years…Jessica’s law…

    Plainly put, you lied. Up to this point you only claimed she lied. You wrote nothing about the kidnapper / rapist being wrong. This is the first time you bring it up.

    He should get a sentence (if guilty) commensurate with his crime. If she told him she was 18 and went willingly, that should be reflected. If he refused to allow her to leave or call her parents, then the sentence should reflect that.

    All you assholes think about is locking someone up and throwing away the key. You are so ready to hang the guy without even waiting to hear what he has to say.

    You are still one sick effen asshole.


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