Pesky parents wanting to actually be involved with their kids and their school activities. Who do they think they are?

More than 270 pupils from four primary schools in Bedfordshire took part in the East Beds School Sports Partnership Athletics Day. But there were no spectators present because the organisers said allowing them would make it impossible to prevent “unsavoury” characters from attending. A risk assessment concluded that the host school, Sandy Upper School in Biggleswade, could not “guarantee the children’s safety”.

Parents have condemned the ban.
Paul Blunt, development manager at the East Beds School Sports Partnership, said the “ultimate fear” was that a child could be abducted.

“If we let parents into the school they would have been free to roam the grounds. All unsupervised adults must be kept away from children.

“An unsavoury character could have come in and we just can’t put the children in the event or the students at the host school at risk like that. The ultimate fear is that a child is hurt or abuducted, and we must take all measures possible to prevent that.”

  1. deowll says:

    Sorry but that is the way it is. We had a woman ask her step father to pick up her son at school and we had to call the cops to come get him because he was on the list.

    With the way things are going it’s only a matter of time before parent teacher conferences are going to have to be held off the school grounds.

    I think something like 1/5 of Americans have done jail time for something and every time there’s a squabble between a man and women one or both of them are likely to get listed for domestic abuse/sexual battery or something.

  2. loconavi says:

    Thank you 24/7 and sensationalized news!

  3. LDA says:

    It is not to prevent paedophiles getting in, it is to assert the power of the state over your children.

    I believe it is right to protect children as a community from abuse, and that is not an easy task to carry out or agree on. However if you let the state take this role without consent, children will be worse off than if nothing was done.

  4. jccalhoun says:

    This is just stupid. Doesn’t the UK have cameras everywhere? I saw the program Who’s Watching You and one town had speakers on the cameras so that if someone watching the cameras sees you litter then the watcher would broadcast over the speakers telling you to pick up the trash or get fined for littering. Surely if the surveillance people have so little to do they can scold litterers they can watch kids and make sure no one molests them.

  5. Angus says:

    The Pedophile excuse is becoming the new reason to bypass civil rights, in much the same way that the terrorist excuse was. It wouldn’t suprise me to see a US, UK, or even UN Child Safety act which would bypass rights in much the same way as the Patriot Act.

  6. dusanmal says:

    @#4 Crucial quote:

    “All unsupervised adults must be kept away from children.”

  7. KingTester says:

    Take political correctness to a logical extreme and this is what you get. Nice work America, we will continue to shoot ourselves into obsecurity!

  8. Dave T says:

    It seems more and more I fight the stupidity of society. Pretty soon I’ll be in a mountain cabin living my life away from this.

  9. Uncle Don says:


    This story is about a school in the UK upholding British paranoia.

  10. TooManyPuppies says:

    “All unsupervised adults must be kept away from children.”

    Well then, why the frak are they allowed to go home at the end of the day? Just get it over with already Nanny State. Take the kids away at birth and sterilize your “subjects” to prevent any future birth of these nasty pedophile magnets from being born in the first place.

  11. SparkyOne says:

    tell no one the name of the mountain

  12. Mr. Fusion says:

    Steuuupid idea.

  13. brm says:

    Yet the teachers will all be there. Teaching, the profession of choice for pedophiles.

  14. xxloverxx says:

    This is getting ridiculous-if all unsupervised adults must be kept away from children, then why are the teachers allowed around?
    Why are the children allowed to go home? Why are children OR adults allowed to go outdoors at all?

    It’s freaking ridiculous. What the world will be like in a decade, God only knows.

  15. Cursor_ says:

    The next step will be cities that will be devoted to children only.

    They will take them as soon as weaned to live in Kid’s City. There only registered adults will take care of them and they will live a happy, drug free, smoke free, molester free and abuse free life with other children until they turn 18.

    They will be taught and nurtured into fine upstanding adults with no vices and a happy outlook on life.

    A perfect system that makes perfect people for a perfect world.

    Ahhhh makes you want to PUKE!


  16. Dallas says:

    The circus media, Republicans and the church have the public in a constant panic of the boogeyman.

    In the mean time, kids have no social skills and learn to see everyone as a threat. That’s the society being created.

    Reminds me of the movie Jaws and what it did for public perception of sharks and safety of going to the beach.

  17. David says:

    This is unbelievable. With child safety as the excuse you can justify almost everything. I completely expect children to be chipped within the next ten years. Because otherwise, pedophiles might get them!

  18. Dale says:

    Good point David #18

  19. Alex says:

    “I think something like 1/5 of Americans have done jail time for something and every time there’s a squabble between a man and women one or both of them are likely to get listed for domestic abuse/sexual battery or something.”

    …Do you truly believe that people are getting more violent, or is it that we’ve just sold our freedom to the government because we just don’t want to deal with our own problems as individuals? We’ve sold our souls for the sake of protecting ourselves from fear…

    And your figures are a bit off. It’s only around 1 in 10 Americans have a criminal record, and about 1 in 100 have done some kind of jail/prison time. (Think about it – the United States doesn’t have room for the 100 million prisoners you’re estimating – let alone the 5 million or so who actually *ARE* incarcerated.)

  20. Rick's Cafe says:

    It’s all the Republicans fault…really? Even in UK? The mantra is old, tired and worn out.

    On the other hand, if teachers are the only ones allowed to interact with the children – the US is going to have to do a much better job than they currently do in keeping the pedophiles out of the teaching profession.

    And if parents aren’t allowed to be around the school with children – there’s no one to say who did what to which child.

    And just for the sake of fun – these are rules set out by the teachers union…a liberal democrat controlled organization.

  21. Ray says:

    They could have just gathered a list of all names of all children that participate, then at the door only allow people, to show some sort of identification, inside that are parents of the children.

    Either that or how about organizing the activities so that no child is left unattended!!! Ugh… these people!

  22. Dallas says:

    #21 yeah, it’s the teachers!
    You are a product of sensational media overdose. No more Nancy Grace for you!

  23. guy says:

    This is so dumb… of course you can’t guarantee safety, Top IT security experts can’t guarantee 100% security either, guess we should just stop doing anything IT.

    I wonder how much the risk assessment cost to find out something I just did in 5 seconds.

  24. Wow says:

    Here’s a solution. Lock up all the kids in a room with no windows and let only the principle have the key. We can now guarantee safety.

    Let’s then go on a 1-month long vacation. We’ll let them out when we come back.

  25. moshguy says:

    I seem to remember an episode of South Park. Something about Mongolians and a “Great Wall”.

  26. Rick's Cafe says:

    Who is Nancy? Someone on Entertainment Tonight? Sorry, not a show I watch.

  27. Rick's Cafe says:

    Never mind…did a google search. Answer’s still the same…not a show I watch-guess I lead a sheltered life:)

  28. Glenn E. says:

    Since when is it these UK school’s duty to police society? Yeah, but while they’re worried about pedophiles. I’ll bet they still don’t do a damn thing about school bullies. And from what I’ve been hearing, the real threat of pedophiles has been some of the instructors. Not invited parents. This ban is just one more step towards the State taking children away for several years, and returning them to mom and dad, only when its thought the children have been properly indoctrinated.

  29. Glenn E. says:

    I’m wondering. Is Home Schooling allowed in the UK? Or are they afraid that only pedophiles will Home School? Or some other tommy-rot excuse for preventing parents from raising their children with a free will, not smothered by the State.


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