AMY WINEHOUSE is set to become the latest celebrity to launch her own perfume range, according to reports.
The Rehab singer has recently returned to her native Britain following an extended stay on the Caribbean island of St Lucia in a bid to overcome her alcohol and drug addictions.amy winehouse camden 3 230408

Now the star is hoping to land a deal worth more than $750,000 (£500,000) to launch the fragrance with her name on the label, under the guidance of her dad, Mitch.

A source tells British tabloid the Daily Star, “Mitch is keen to license Amy’s name to a perfume house. He has been in talks with manufacturers and contacted PR firms for advice. They want it to reflect her style with a classic smoky 1950s look and smell. Amy is keen to expand her brand and wants to latch on to the celeb perfumes bandwagon while she can.”

Might I suggest the name… ‘SKANK’. Readers may submit their own.

  1. deowll says:

    #15. At this point in my life I think I’d be on the floor before I got that drunk.

  2. fulanoche says:


    Not even with yours.

  3. The0ne says:

    She makes a good zombie just being herself.

  4. qb says:

    Fleet’s In!

  5. Benjamin says:

    She looks haggard in that picture. Too bad she can’t clean herself up. She is more famous for drug and alcohol abuse than she is for… (Why exactly is she famous?)

  6. Rich says:

    A comment: When did we begin to glorify oversized drunken spider monkeys?

  7. looney says:

    I’m sorry. This picture is just wrong. This girl is a MESS. And REHAB? Get real.

  8. Richard Hertz says:

    I thought the slogan “Chicken of the C” was taken? No?

  9. Gern Blanston says:

    Chicken – Chicken – chicken ?

    or Smoky Smegma …

  10. Buzz says:


    For the hippest…

    Amy’s own PIT…

    Show me the music…

  11. Richard says:

    My suggestions:


  12. Sister Mary Handgrenade of Quiet Reflection says:

    Her new fragrance is called “Come To Me.”
    Does it smell like come to you?

  13. Uncle Patso says:

    Yeeowch! She looks like some of the early biker underground comix characters. (The ones with the biggest needles…) She’s got it all: the skanky hair, the tattoos to cover the track marks, the bulging eyeball, the bad teeth, etc. It’s spooky!

  14. nana says:

    islam is the best

  15. springboard_suprises says:

    hey you fags! how many of you can croon like her??? this chick’s got a grammy to her name… how many of u are known to your neighborhood alone?? she’s troubled – she’s an addict. even lennon was. in this cheap era of beiber and gaga, she’s fresh. she’s smokin hot. without makeup any celeb will look like any of u fags or even worse. do urself a favor and ‘get a life’! ll serve u better


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