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We’re under the Cone of Silence. Now, how much do we charge?

The mayor of Fiesch, Switzerland, says he is confident Pope Benedict XVI will give his blessing regarding the ongoing melting of the Aletsch glacier.

Fiesch Mayor Herbert Volken said while area residents since 1678 had been concerned with advancements by the Aletsch glacier, now residents are seeking Vatican assistance as the Alps’ largest glacier is slowly melting away, Swissinfo reported Friday.

“In his Easter message this year the head of the Catholic Church addressed the issue of climate change. It’s a burning global issue,” Volken said.

The Rev. Pascal Venetz, a priest in Fiesch, will make a formal request to the Vatican for the pope’s support.

We should pray that our glacier does not melt any further, but instead grows, and that the most important thing in life, water, remains well preserved,” Venetz said.

Should do about as much good as the Pope asking the governor of Texas to commute a death sentence.

  1. Todd Peterson says:

    I am sure the natural melting will stop immediately!!!

  2. Faxon says:

    Will do as much good as Cap and Trade, and all of Al’s bullshit. Plus, it won’t cost each of us thousands and thousands of dollars.

  3. god says:

    I see one know-nothing who plays with monopoly money has already arrived. Yup – let’s keep the Saudi royal family and the Oil Patch Boys in Cadillacs.

    It’s the All-Amurikan Way.

    Maybe you should invest in American greentech instead of Exxon-Mobil?

    You and the Pope.

  4. Stars & Bars says:

    I see Obama and Henry Louis Gates have left the table. Perhaps they went to get more beer.

  5. qb says:

    I see a proof for the non-existence of God coming out of this.

  6. Jägermeister says:

    #5 – qb

    And then the Pope will blame it on God not picking up the call.

    God must be a really busy guy… listening to all the little organisms out there… whining about this and that…

    #6 – pedro

    Yeah, God just came and tore down the wall and forced all the commies away. Did you get that on camera?

  7. JimR says:

    The Pope could have a lot of fun with a glacier….

    … say a prayer… sin….. say a prayer… sin….. say a prayer… sin….. say a prayer….

  8. st.francis says:

    Let’s see, the Pope deals with climate change by praying.

    The Republicans want to cut funding for health, education and welfare.

    The Libertarians want to cut funding for health, education and welfare – and put the Texas Bored of Education in charge of peer-reviewed science.

    Of the three, I’d say the Pope is the most likely to Do No Evil.

  9. God Damn! Now that is funny! I just pray I can pull this wedgie out of my ass through this habit while no one is watching.

    He should practice on an ice cube tray or something smaller first.

  10. Jägermeister says:

    #9 – pedro

    Pulling conclusions is a challenge for you, isn’t it?

  11. JimR says:

    #11. Sister… Pfft. The Pope can already make ice cubes disappear completely.

  12. Sister Mary Hand Grenade of Quiet Reflection says:

    God protects the Holy Father but just in case, they built the PopeMobile. It even has one of those drawers like at a bank window so he can take donations. Kewl!

    I didn’t even get to ride shotgun in the fucker.

  13. Jägermeister says:

    #14 – Sister Mary Hand Grenade of Quiet Reflection

    LOL – Love it! 😀 Here’s another.

  14. Jägermeister says:

    #16 – pedro

    You and Ah_Yea need to get together. He insinuated that I was a Nazi in another thread… seriously guys… I can’t be both and evil commie and a Nazi, right?

  15. qb says:

    ousted !- outed

  16. Dallas says:

    Oh shit! Eeven the right loonies are concerned about global warming! They’ve wheeled out the solution of last resort – the pope!

    You know now we are fucked.

  17. sargasso says:

    Has the Holy See, in the ever magnificence and wisdom of it’s blessed teachings, ever taken a theological position on geophysical phenomena? I mean, why not pray for an end to earthquakes, tsunamis and the drought in eastern India?

  18. Jägermeister says:

    #20 – pedro

    LMAO – You truly are a dolt.

  19. Jägermeister says:

    #22 – myself

    Oops… should have been:

    You are truly a dolt.

    But I’m sure you got it, pedro…

  20. bobbo, lol says:

    #15–Jag==stop it. I hurt myself laughing.

  21. qb says:

    So we should shoot the Pope to keep this glacier from retreating? Sounds a little harsh.

  22. JimR says:

    #24, Pedro, the Pope loved that wall… from the moment he heard about it’s erection.

  23. deowll says:

    Since we presently seem to be in a cooling trend it may at least appear to be effective.

    Any of you guys ever hear of homeopathic medicine?

  24. How about asking the pope to finally allow birth control? Carbon footprint is more important than prayer. The number of feet may matter more though.

    Perhaps it’s time to stop putting our faith in faith. It has gotten us absolutely nowhere.


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