This is going to be a two part article because the phone is (hopefully) arriving later today. So this is about what I’m expecting and when it arrives we’ll see if it meets expectations.

I am currently a Palm 700p user but my old phone is falling apart, apps no longer work, support sucks and it’s time to get out of the PalmOs world. I considered the iPhone but decided not to for several reasons. I like Verizon and didn’t want to go back to AT&T. I need multitasking which, from what I read, the iPhone runs one app at a time. Having played with software keyboards, I decided I wanted a real keyboard. I need tethering without having to “jailbreak” the phone. I didn’t want a phone that was “jailed” in the first place and I don’t want to do business with a company that might turn my phone into a brick if they don’t like what I’m doing with MY phone. (I buy it – it’s MINE!) And I don’t need a million apps, I need 10 apps that actually work well.

I also decided I wanted a big screen so a full screen phone with a slide-out keyboard looked like the best of both worlds. I also want a stable platform that is going to be supported, lots of apps and isn’t going away, so I went with Windows Mobile. Not as sexy as the iPhone but I always seem to come back to Windows because Windows actually works. (I’m picky about the “actually works” feature. And I don’t have to join a cult to own it.)

Customer reviews are good so my expectations are very high for this phone. I’m thinking this is a phone I’m going to be really happy with so if it doesn’t work really well then I’ll be easily disappointed. The most common complaint is that the phone is big but I actually want a big phone. I’m a beefy guy and capable of lifting an ounce more than most people. And if I had a choice, I’d rather have something that was even bigger, like a netbook, but 1/2 the size. So I’m looking at this as a portable computer as well as a phone.

Will I be happy? Later today, when I get, it we’ll see. They are sending it to me with a new phone number so I’m going to need to get them to move my old number to it so that will be the first test to see if Verizon gets that right. So – will I be happy? What do you think?

  1. Bobby says:

    Getting Verizon to move your old phone number is going to require them to actually perform some customer “service”-good luck. Oh, and that “10 apps that actually work”-good luck with that as well.

  2. tcc3 says:

    Verizon isn’t exactly innocent in the crippling phones and allowing tethering departments.

  3. I am considering this phone. I look forward to your review. It’s sad that a software company like MS still can’t make a decent mobile OS though. But if I had to choose, I would still take WinMobile over the Cult of Jobs crowd.

    Pelosi: “Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! Let’s vote for Jobs!”

    Kids: “Yaaaaaay!”

  4. EdHayes3 says:

    I think if you used an iPhone for 2 weeks, you would think that it was a damn good phone. You would get used to the keyboard, and tethering is coming soon. Being locked prevents the problem of crappy software messing up your phone; you seem to be having that problem on your Palm.

    With that said, I used to have an Audiovox branded HTC; loved the phone! Had it for 4 years, very solid construction. The Windows mobile interface for initial dialing/searching still hasn’t been beat. After un-holding, as you typed, it filtered recent calls, contacts, etc. and you could just push the “talk” button to call. It was so quick and easy to call someone. Not the same with the iPhone.

    scorpusmaximus, looks like someone listens to No Agenda! 😛

  5. Joe says:

    I returned my T-Mobile version. One of the reasons was that it didn’t have a 3.5mm audio jack.

  6. Marc Perkel says:

    What I use my phone for is to make phone calls. So I want a phone that works well as a phone. That means battery life and coverage. I also want good email access so that means a good keyboard. I also been an SSH client to do server commands if I need to on my Linux servers. I like having a good calculator and an alarm clock that’s easy to set. I like a good speakerphone as well and as much screen as I can get for web browsing. And I need tethering.

  7. Brian says:

    As a new Apple fanboy (OK not really) I have had a 3GS now for 2 months. My only grips (besides AT&T) are:

    1. No multi-tasking. Would be nice to “alt tab” for lack of a better term between apps for copy paste. Has anyone actually tried to read an MMS on iPhone? Open email, copy user name, click link, paste user name, close safari, open email, copy password, close email, open safari, paste password. Would be nice if you could scroll apps like a Pre.
    2. Apps locked by King Jobs. When I had a Win Mobile I could write and use my own apps and give them to clients. No way Apple would allow that narrow a vertical. So now we have to create similar web apps optimized for iPhone format.

    Besides that I love the damn thing.

  8. JF says:

    No offense, but wouldn’t waiting until the phone and writing a single review be better than a pre-review? Just saying, this comes off more like spam and less like something worth reading.

  9. Brian says:

    Oh and one last grip per #7. How hard would it be to add some arrow keys to navigate text on an iPhone?

  10. Jim says:

    I can already tell, you’ll not like the keyboard!

  11. jimmy james says:


    Do you proofread your articles before you post them?

    There are many errors and your sentence structure is often very awkward.

    I don’t think you know the difference between talking and writing. Or how to proofread.

  12. thehermit says:

    One word:


  13. @CTRaider says:

    You’re never happy. Which is what we expect. 😉

  14. The0ne says:

    Still using my HTC 8525 phone and loving it. Battery is short now after a few years but can’t really complain. I was thinking about the Touch since there’s a $199 deal going on now but I’m not entirely sure it’ll be a “worthy” upgrade to my current phone. Reviews have been good on the Touch though so anyone interested should read up.

  15. gingertwat says:

    # 11 Jimmy, Marc’s article reads just fine to me. I like the style. Not everybody has to write in long rambling sentences. It’s not Hemingway, but definitely better than the majority of people working in IT. What’s your beef?

  16. tcc3 says:

    2 words: Blackberries Suck

  17. Marc Perkel says:

    Proofreading is for the weak.

  18. Named says:

    I’m rocking the Android world with the HTC Touch. Android is an amazing platform…

    Multitasking is a cinch, especially with the notification pull down status bar. When you’re in your apps working away and you get an email, text, reminder, etc, the title bar indicates a notification. you pull it down, click on what you need and it takes you to the necessary app. When you back out, you’re back to the application you originated from.

    Similarly, if you open a link from your email, it pops open the browser. When you back out of the browser, back to the email message you were reading.

    Considering the sheer amount of hardware that’s coming out for Android (there’s about 15 scheduled for this year alone), 2010 is going to be a very nice year for Android.

    Free SDK using Java means anyone anywhere can get right in and code the application you want. Or you can do it yourself. Tethering out of the box without hacking.

    Softkeyboards for some phones, soft and hard keyboards for others.

    An amazing piece of software.

  19. Uncle Don says:

    Your squirrel is young: are you gonna teach him to use it?

  20. Al says:

    “And I don’t need a million apps, I need 10 apps that actually work well … I also want a stable platform that is going to be supported, lots of apps…”

    const int lots = 10;

  21. jimmy james says:

    #18 Proofreading may be for the weak, but I see someone went through and fixed the grammar and spelling errors. What a weakling…

    #16 I guess you wouldn’t see my beef if it already got fixed.

  22. BigBoyBC says:

    Wow, an actual article about technology…amazing

  23. lizardpro says:

    I have the Verizon Touch Pro2 since Monday. I do like it a lot.
    Opera is a good browser but I also did install skyfire too.
    I am using WMWifiRouter to tether. I am not sure if you need to pay the $15 to tether if you are using this app.
    The battery life is ok; I am considering getting the extended battery.
    I recommend getting a micro sd card and install.
    Here are some app that I find useful

    Parlingo: All in one IM client
    Qik: Live video streaming
    Evernote: Note
    Kinoma Play: A media player that can stream podcast and audiobook

  24. Marc Perkel says:

    The FEDEX guy came when I wasn’t here so I’ll have to pick it up at 6:30 tonight in San Jose. 🙁

  25. MikeN says:

    What’s tethering?

  26. andy says:

    I also have a touch pro 2 (Telus) and love it. Great battery life! You’ll love it.

  27. Scott says:

    3 words

    Blackberries are excellent

  28. Cephus says:

    I’ve been through the same thing and there doesn’t seem to be a good solution. Trying to get a modern single device that will do everything that a phone will do and everything that a PDA will do, yet not cost you an arm and a leg in pointless monthly data charges… just doesn’t exist.

    About the closest I can find is the Nokia N810, which is still an out-of-production device, but it runs the Palm desktop. Still a secondary device but it’s cheap and apparently it works. Might have to get one sometime and try it.

  29. Jared says:

    You will be happy when the windows mobile 6.5 Rom comes out for it. Its much easier to use and more finger friendly for quick items.

  30. Awake says:

    My solution ended up being a $200 Acer netbook and a dumb phone. Important email from people that actually matter get auto forwarded as IM to the dumb phone. It has a calculator and an alarm clock and a stupid little camera. That’s all I need. On the family plan it costs $35 / month.
    If you are going to have to do ‘real’ computing with a real keyboard and a decent display, such as having to remote into your servers, I would choose a netbook with a cellular adapter any day over a smart phone.


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