This is my third article in the series from purchasing the phone to evaluating it. I have finally concluded that the phone is unusable and I’m returning it. Basically nothing on this phone works right and I am really disappointed.

I had high hopes for this phone as it looked totally cool. I’m a Windows user and I don’t care about operating systems. To me it’s whatever works. So I thought that the current Windows Mobile will be at least as good as my 3+ year old Palm 700p. Boy was I wrong!

First of all, Windows doesn’t work with the fingers and requires a stylus. But even then it’s broken. It also really needs a 4 way rocker switch to scroll through items to select. Most menus have no scroll bars so you have to flick the stylus just right to get it to scroll to the exact spot on the list you want. If you go to far you have to flick to back up and if you flick wrong you end up selecting the wrong item.

The phone itself was almost useless. It shows recent calls just above the number touch-pad and if you accidentally hit one, it dials that number instead… or if you accidentally hit the green key twice, it dials your last call and nothing about this can be configured.

When talking, the phone times out and goes dim (which is fine) but as it moves, touching my face, it lights up again because it thinks it’s been touched. So you have what seems to be a flashing light in your eyes. It has a feature where if you lay it down on a desk it will do a speaker phone but if you put it on a soft surface like a bed or couch then the speaker phone switches on and off.

When the phone rings, there are answer and ignore buttons but you can’t touch answer, you have to slide a bar to answer with your fingers and half the time it doesn’t work because it has to slide just right. So it doesn’t even work as a telephone let alone anything else.

I spend almost $200 buying software upgrades for better shells, better email, and other applications. I got the SPB shell that everyone talked about and it was great eye candy but it was also unusable, although not quite as bad as the original.

I could go on and on about what wasn’t right on this phone but the bottom line is – the phone doesn’t work, so I sent it back today. Luckily Verizon has a good return policy. I’m back to using my old Palm 700p hoping it will hold together till I find a phone that actually works. And that sucks because I was looking forward to owning this phone.

  1. tikichaos12 says:

    “And I’m back to using my old Palm 700p hoping it will hold together till I find a phone that actually works.”

    How about an iPhone?

  2. Wretched Gnu says:

    Great review, Marc

    #1 – “How about an iPhone”…

    Well, I take it he wants a phone that can do useful stuff, not a toy. Even my ancient Palm T/X is a better organizer, planner, input device than the iPhone.

  3. tikichaos12 says:

    #2 There’s an app for that.

  4. cornholer says:

    as long as you really don’t need to make phone calls the iphone is great.

  5. cornholer says:

    verizon has the best network and customer service in my opinion. verizon is also getting an android phone by yrs end.

  6. tikichaos12 says:

    Well at least it’s functional. It has a touch screen that works–well, and an OS that isn’t pathetically crippled. (I’m a Windows user too, and I still hate Windows Mobile.)

  7. wetback says:


    Hes on the verizon network not att

  8. tikichaos12 says:

    #7 I get that, but I believe the iPhone is reason alone to switch to a network that’s admittedly almost as crippled as the Windows Mobile platform. (Never mind, not even AT&T is that bad.)

  9. I used to have the HTC Media Mogul up until recently (switched to a Palm Pre, in order to support my ideological war against Apple). Was actually a pretty decent everything, up until you actually wanted to use it as a phone. Then you would have to spend 15 minutes waiting for Windows Mobile to actually remember that *its a freaking mobile phone*. And then once the phone routine was working, there was a 30 second delay between hitting a button and it registering, so dialing was a 4 minute process in and of itself.

  10. cfer says:

    Why not look at a BlackBerry? Verizon has the new Tour, and it’s pretty sweet. I used to use Palm and Windows Mobile, too, but I’ll never go back after switching to my BlackBerry.

    If it’s a touchscreen you want, they have the Storm. Although I’d wait until the Storm II is released.

  11. chuck says:

    #1 How about an iPhone

    I think Marc had specified that he wants a phone that can actually be used as a phone. Many of the reviews of the iPhone (as well as a number of enthusiastic iPhone owners I know) indicate that when it comes to making actual phone calls, the iPhone sucks.

    Maybe that’s AT&T’s fault. Although some have told me that they can often get a signal with AT&T on an ordinary cell phone, but the iPhone can’t.

  12. Marc Perkel says:

    I would be interested in the iPhone if:

    1) I could stay with Verizon.
    2) I don’t like that Apple might turn MY phone into a brick.
    3) Like to have miltitasking

  13. Marc Perkel says:

    I am investigating Blackberry. I heard new Blackberries are coming to Verizon soon.

    Is there an SSH app for blackberry?

  14. cfer says:

    I honestly don’t know. I don’t have use for one. I would assume there is. You could always check the app stores at both Blackberry ( and Crackberry (

  15. jimmy james says:

    Really? You must be strong. You certainly didn’t wimp out and proofread.

    go to far
    can e configured
    I spend almost

    I could go on and on, too… but I suspect that someone will come by and fix this one, just as they fixed your last two articles.

    Honestly, Dvorak, this makes your blog look bad. Go ahead and keep him on the back end (a debatable decision), but you need to revoke his posting privileges.

    Yeah, I may be a pedantic grammar nazi, but the web is a written medium, and Dvorak has made his name as a writer. I (and I suspect others) hold this place to a higher standard. Thanks for dragging it down Marc.

  16. derekaw says:

    Generally I think that WinMo phones are disappointing.

  17. tikichaos12 says:

    #14 At least he cares enough to write his own entries unlike most of the other posters here.

  18. xnexus says:

    I’ve been managing Blackberries for nearly 8 years now. There’s still nothing as functional. One department had to switch the Treos and there was a near revolt before they got their BBs back. Microsoft gave me a free WM device a while ago, pure shit. iPhone’s nice, but for sheer usability, Blackberry’s it. You give it to someone, and it just works without all the bullshit.

    Yes, plenty of SSH clients.

  19. deowll says:

    I don’t have a dog in this race other than having used a loved an old palm.

  20. savage says:

    Exactly right. Did the same with a HTC touch pro (first version) just a few months ago.

  21. Cephus says:

    Can’t argue with you. I’m holding out until there’s a phone that can completely replace my Palm, including all of the functionality and database aspects. If it can’t do that, I don’t want it.

  22. BigBoyBC says:

    Did you go back to the store and ask for an exchange unit? Maybe you got a lemon…

  23. tcc3 says:

    Send it back to me, I’ll take it.

    Winmo can use a lot of improvement, but you havent really been fair to it either. It could be more finger friendly, but it by no means requires a stylus. The flick menus you complain about are an attempt to make it finger friendly – you cant have it both ways.

    The redial and recent calls work very similarly in Palm OS.

    Most of what you claim is not configurable is – either natively or through software.

    Seems to me more than anything you’re suffering from Palm withdrawal. its too bad Palm almost put themselves out of business. Lets see what the future of WebOS brings.

  24. tcc3 says:

    xnexus – Just works except for the crappy unpredictable interface, and the nightmare of mail setup. Enterprise Activation is more trouble than its worth.

    The trackball is the best thing about BB. I wish every phone had one.

  25. handburger says:

    #14 – I think you’re being a little harsh, but I do see the point.

  26. Miguel says:

    Have you considered a Nokia E71? Not a wundertoy, but quite usable, robust, good keyboard, good sound… I’ve had one since June and the only issue I kind of have with it is that the battery only lasts 2 to 3 days.

  27. vw says:

    I guess you are welcome to your opinion and all, but you lose all credibility when you say you are going back to a 700p because its better than a TP2.

    I had a palm fanatic buddy like you once…

    It took him several switches to WM before he loved it. He went from 700p to 755p to 800w to TP..

    I couldnt pry his touch pro away from his hands now.

    I must admit tho chattermail was the best however

  28. Sister Mary Hand Grenade of Quiet Reflection says:

    They should pass out rolls of toilet paper for that turd.

  29. gquaglia says:

    WM = Garbage

  30. ChuckM says:

    I’m running WM 6.5 on an old HTC Tytn I… works like a dream. Just wish it was faster.


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