Bill Sparkman at work as a teacher

When Bill Sparkman told retired trooper Gilbert Acciardo that he was going door-to-door collecting census data in rural Kentucky, the former cop drew on years of experience for a warning: “Be careful.”

The 51-year-old Sparkman was found this month hanged from a tree near a Kentucky cemetery with the word “fed” scrawled on his chest…and the FBI is investigating whether he was a victim of anti-government sentiment.

“Even though he was with the Census Bureau, sometimes people can view someone with any government agency as ‘the government.’ I just was afraid that he might meet the wrong character along the way up there,” said Acciardo, who directs an after-school program at an elementary school where Sparkman was a frequent substitute teacher.

The Census Bureau has suspended door-to-door interviews in rural Clay County, where the body was found, until the investigation is complete, an official said…

The Census Bureau has yet to begin door-to-door canvassing for the 2010 head count, but thousands of field workers are doing smaller surveys on various demographic topics on behalf of federal agencies. Next year, the Census Bureau will dispatch up to 1.2 million temporary employees…

Census work wasn’t Sparkman’s full-time job. He also was a substitute teacher and an Eagle Scout who volunteered for the Boy Scouts.

Obviously part of the Socialist Conspiracy.

  1. Flip Wilson says:

    I say arrest Michele Bachmann and charge her with incitement to murder.

    To kill a snake you cut off its head. She’s intellectually bankrupt, psychotic nasty piece of work.

    You might check her whereabouts too, was she in Kentucky recently?

    Check on Cantor, DeMint too.

  2. cornholer says:


  3. Benjamin says:

    #29, the only time a Census worker needs to come over is every ten years to ask how many people live at that address. The article said that was not what he was doing.

    I said it was wrong to kill him.

  4. bobbo, words have a context says:

    #33–Benji–you also said he wasn’t spotless. What did you mean by that?

  5. Rick Cain says:

    Well it is Kentucky after all.

    “I once got caught smuggling books into Kentucky, I got off on a technicality though, they couldn’t prove they were books….”

    – Unknown standup comic

  6. Rich says:

    So…. we have overly-large, oppressive Orwellian government, and we got people killing the flunkies of said tyrannical government. Where are the brakes on this thing?

  7. Jägermeister says:

    I’m sure alfredone endorse this murder, just like he endorse murdering abortion doctors.

  8. Jetfire says:

    Just saw the local news report he in Cincinnati, OH. The say that it was originally ruled a Suicide. Until someone leaked the part of Fed written on him. FBI said it still could be a Suicide. I think they said he may have had cancer but was in remission. So it may not be murder at all.

  9. perlhaqr says:

    Expect this to show up on DailyKos, Bill Maher and the other left-wingers. Hmm… could this have been staged by them? Acorn was supposed to be working the census, and they’ve been getting an awful lot of negative press lately.

  10. Traaxx says:

    Smells like BS. Another Rodney King type of story, I’ll wait and see what really happened, if it really was anti-Government you hear alot about it when they arrest someone, and it will be someone they won’t let this go unless it’s something else totally.


  11. ihaveaheadache says:

    Eideard, you’re a coward too, ditching my last post. Easy to sleep knowing you have no balls?

  12. Ralph, the Bus Driver says:

    #41, headache,

    While you might have a headache, you don’t have much in the way of intelligence. I guess that helps you sleep.

    Eideard is an editor here. He is not the administrator or IT person. If your post got deleted there are any number of reasons, but he is way down the list.

  13. mark says:

    I’ll bet this would have received a lot more press coverage if he were a an ACORN member. Oh well, maybe later.

  14. Tim says:

    The FBI now says he was “not hanging from a tree, he was in contact with the ground”. Well that certainly clears that up.

    Actually, it makes it sound more mysterious.

  15. deowll says:

    No doubt somebody was carrying on an old family tradition that may date back a couple of hundred years or even more.

    In some locations it is best not visit without an invitation first and then you’d better be able to abide by the local rules and this isn’t limited to rural rubes.

    Many neighborhoods in major urban centers are the same way.

  16. Jetfire says:

    Now it’s being reported that he had his hands and feet duck taped with dusk tape over his eyes. He was also naked. Wonder why they would think it was suicide?


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