The brave and the foolish. My 5 year old XP laptop is dying today so I went to Fry’s to get a new laptop. I was thinking that the Vista laptops would be heavily discounted but the Windows 7 computers were both newer and cheaper. Generally I don’t buy a Microsoft OS until at least service pack 1. But I’m taking a chance here so let’s see how it works. I’m using my Acer netbook to write this and going to do the install live and blog about it while it happens. So if it works then that’s what I’ll write. If it doesn’t then it gets slammed. So refresh this article today (Oct 24) because this is a live review.

The computer is an HP DV7-3060. 4 gigs of ram. 500 gig hard drive and an AMD Turion II dual core CPU.

The time is 1:25 pacific time. I am turning the computer on now for the first time. As expected – the bootup is pretty. Asking me for user name and password and clicking on the license.

1:30 it sees my wireless and connected. It wants to go to the web right away.

It’s preparing my desktop.

I’m not in a HP setup screen wanting me to register. Time: 1:35.

Said to do update. No to Norton security.

Finished HP setup. It looks like I’m back to windows mode.

Time 1:40.

Time 1:43 – computer appears to be up and working. I am now going to try to get online updates. I have to say that the install went faster than I expected.

Time 2:00 – just fixing the line wrap problem because the netbook display isn’t wide enough to edit with Wordpress. I tried to get online with IE to fix this blog post but IE doesn’t like Dvorak’s blog. So downloaded Firefox which I’m using now. Got to Windows update with IE and downloading 22 critical updates so we’ll see what happens when that is done. The more updates the better as far as I’m concerned since this is just the day after it was released to the public. We’ll see if IE works after the updates are installed.

IE is now working with this blog although there is some strange message about a page not found. I have yet to migrate anything significant over but the computer is basically working without and significant strangeness yet. Time is 2:23.

Looking for an XP to Windows 7 migration tool if such a thing exists. Sure would be nice to move my apps and settings.

  1. cheapdaddy says:

    Win7 is a lie! Run Winver.exe and you get ver 6.1 (Vista is 6.0) So it’s kinda like Vista Snow Leopard. (Snow Big Deal)mmmmmm Marketing!

  2. Bob West says:

    I upgraded from Vista 32bit to Win7 64bit, took 20 minutes, it’s running in 1280 x 1050. No problems using IE 8 64bit. I have 3 printers, a Canon inkjet, Epson wide format and a HP 1200 Laserjet, it found 64bit drivers for all including a 9 year old photo scanner. As for DRM issues I’ve never had one, still able to make backups of my DVD’s. Next on my lists is to add a Blu-Ray drive.
    I like in particular not paying extra for the 64bit OS disc, paid $49 from Amazon.

  3. thecommodore says:

    I’ve installed the public betas on 4 different machines, and so far I’ve had better experiences with the 64bit versions. The 32bit installations felt sluggish on the 32bit machines; they were better on the 64 bit machines (naturally because they were faster to begin with). Feed the 64bit installations as much memory as you can afford, especially when running virtual sessions. I think overall you’ll find Win7 64bit useable right out of the box and preferable over Vista or XP.

  4. Angel H. Wong says:

    I couldn’t care less for win7. I need my weekly Ganesha update.

  5. Improbus says:

    A friend of mine just got a Windows 7 laptop and I have to say the OS is fairly decent. This was the first time I had ever used Windows 7 and I could find all the OS tools I needed with out much trouble. Verdict: Adequate but not worth stealing. I will wait until I get a new PC to get a Windows 7 license.

  6. bobbo, world traveler and bon vivant says:

    #31–Jim==yes, trying to get that done. Some of the install commands are impossible to read at 800×600 w 16 colors and some other niggly issues are interfering with normal driver updates.

    Still—I HATE M$. How in the world so many Linux distro’s start up with everything working and connected and Win7 requires all this extra work is an OUTRAGE!!!!!!!

    Further, I’m now running into the Homegroup in Win7 only being open to Win7 OS’s. My two other “main” XP machines are not switching to Win7 just to be able to have all my computers on the LAN. I see this may be an issue of the difference between “the Homegroup” and other file sharing options====but what a difficult mess, and yet M$ is still proud of its product????

    I’m back to thinking XP works for me==why buy into all these hassles? My Win7 is being returned. Had the salesman write that on my receipt, we’ll see.

  7. zorkor says:

    Windows 7 is the best out there right now. Most of those who post anti Windows crap here have never even used it properly but they come here bashing all those who say anything good about it.

    I have used Windows 7 beta, RC for over 6 months and I was highly impressed of it. Even though it still suffers from the usual (more you use me, more frequently you must format me) disease. Gets slower by the time. I hope its fixed in the retail version.

    Other than that, its a solid OS.

  8. ECA says:


    “have never even used it properly but they come here bashing all those who say anything good about it.”

    Umm, can I ask you how much have you programmed in your life? I have 10 years of programming under my belt, from year ago.

    I understand the concept of security and how you get it in programming.
    ALL I see here is..
    GRAPHICS, its pretty lets buy it does not impress me.
    OLD tech, that hasnt changed. Look up DYNAMIC DRIVERS.. Look up MEMORY manager.. Look up running only what is needed for the program, THEN being able to DUMP them when they arent being USED.
    OLD hardware design. Look up WHO created windows NT, then wonder WHY MS cant program that way. Look up OLD systems like BOs, and Amiga that the VIDEO cards did the WORK of decompiling and processing the VIDEO, not the CPU.. Look up PARALLEL processing, and then WONDER why MS cant get ALL the cores working properly. Look up and WONDER why we still use IRQ and a SERIAL based system, that WAITS at every DEVICE before it can continue. THEN windows trying to BYPASS, something thats NOT NEEDED with software. WONDER why multi CPU works under windows and Multi CORE does not..AND you PAY FOR IT.

    You want the truth.. Wonder why MS just bought out a HIGH end computer company that KNOWS HOW to program for Multi CPU machines. Because 99.99 % of MS does not know how to PROGRAM for multi core. the ORIGINAL multi CPU windows NT was not created by windows. Windows programmers have NO idea how to Fully program. THE CORE of vista and win7 have lost most of the programming created under NT.

    Wait for the NEXT versions that SHOULD be able to increase speed by at LEAST the number of cores on the CPU.

  9. ask me says:

    at #41

    Your rant does you no credit. You’re confusing HW designs choices (e.g. IRQ, serial) with MS SW. I’ve used Linux for a decade at work, and Windows 7 is as stable and a heck of a lot more user friendly for the desktop. In fact look what a *mess* KDE 4.0 (one of the main graphical desktops for Linux distros) was – so don’t start getting on your high-horse that MS don’t know how to program and that you, with your 10 years of experience, can do sooo much better. PS OS X has some fairly major bugs too

    Win7 security is no doubt significantly improved. Users need education into UAC – after that it’s pretty similar to the unix concept of user rights.

    Windows has been handling screen resolution very well with my laptop, which I alternate between work (19″ VGA monitor) and home (26″ DVI). Perfectly happy with its performance on a 1.66GHz dual core with 2.5GB

  10. Laplink says:

    We at Laplink have a program called PCmover that is able to migrate all your programs, files and settings from your old computer a your new computer (XP to Windows 7 etc).

    Please see this site for more information.

    Feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions or comments.
    Daniel Donohoe, 425-952-6023,


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