A new video game allows players to pose as Russian ultranationalist terrorists and massacre civilians with assault weapons in an airport.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is set for release Nov. 10, in time for the American holiday shopping season. Its predecessor sold 14 million copies and earned myriad “game of the year” awards. But the latest incarnation is drawing fire. The game allows players to pose as terrorists — and play in first-person view — engaging in violence against non-combat actors.

GameSpot said the scene where players shoot bystanders is “reminiscent of last year’s mass killings in Mumbai.”

Australia rated the game MA15+, or suitable for children 15 years of age or older. “Australia is one of the only Western democracies without an adult (R18+) rating for video games,” the Sydney Morning Herald notes. A local critic who runs the Australian Council on Children and the Media said that she didn’t feel the 18+ rating was enough. It means that children as young as 15 will be able to slaughter civilians in realistic fashion. The Herald adds that “Activision, the game’s publisher, and its lawyers, have been working frantically to remove all traces of the footage from the web, arguing that it was released illegally before the game had come out. But the company has confirmed the footage is authentic and that the mission is part of the game.”

In the scene, Australian reviewers wrote, “Several civilians are shot with blood burst bullet wounds; civilian corpses are strewn across the airport floor, often in stylised pools of blood; injured civilians crawl away with lengthy blood trails behind them.”

Just training your kids for the future…     ma’am.

  1. Ah_Yea says:

    Oh yes, I’m sure pretending to be a terrorist in a videogame is going to create NEW terrorists in meatspace.

    It’s a wonder everyone who plays CounterStrike isn’t shooting up the place!

  2. Piku says:

    “Just training your kids for the future……….ma’am.”

    1 Once again, someone shows the deeply wrong assumption that videogames are for kids. Does anyone assume that because “SnowWhite” and “Deep Throat” can be found in DVD the latter is targeted to kids??

    2 How different is this, let’s no say San Andreas, but something more old school like Rampage? Did anyone became a huge monster and started distroying cities and eating innocent civilians?

  3. SN says:

    How gullible are you guys? This is a publicity stunt. The game is not out yet but it’s getting tons of free press for something that doesn’t even exit.

    The offending portion of the game will be removed prior to release (if it’s really even there at all) and it’ll go on to be a huge success.

  4. Dale says:

    I’m pretty sure that even with 18+ ratings that younger ones would play and purchase these games. The laws, especially unenforced ones, are a joke. Gun laws are the same way. Most are stupid and unenforced. Laws can’t be parents, especially toothless ones. This is a matter for the ones responsible, the ones rearing the kids to deal with, not lawmakers. They have their hands full with real problems, not game related. Unless it’s the gaming of the economy and taxpayer’s monies.

  5. Jägermeister says:

    And the original The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) turned a whole generation of youth into psychopathic chainsaw-wielding killers.

  6. Saddlewood says:

    This reaction is silly, it’s a game. We’ve been able to kill civilians for years, think about how many games have nukes in them for example. In Civilization III for instance, I often would launch nuclear wars until my population was ‘war weary’ as a democracy, then trigger a communist revolution and draft any who opposed the war into cannon fodder armies who would conquer the whole world because opponents simply would not have enough bullets to stop the size of my force, casualties be damned. Occupied cities whose populations opposed their new overload would be raised to the ground and their populations turned into slaves who we be sent to work the land. New cities were built with settlers from home on the ashes of the old in a weed and replant genocide pattern. It was all about optimizing the mechanics of the game to get around the built in ethnic tension. Made the dictators of the 20th century look like amateurs. CODMW2 seems light by comparison.

  7. McCullough says:

    #6. Dude…you need a hobby.

  8. Sick Fuck says:

    Will there be a nude patch? :>

  9. me says:

    So years and years of ambulance chasers, and attention whores screaming about Counter Strike corrupting youth, didnt work, so lets take a new angle.

  10. Zybch says:

    Where can I get a game where I can play as an SS guard and my mission is to kill as many jews in a concentration camp as I can?
    Nude patch not required.

  11. Ah_Yea says:

    Zybch, you don’t need a game for that. Just move to Lebanon.

  12. honeyman says:

    Anyone remember Carmageddon? Now there’s a IP that needs a reboot.

  13. Sick Fuck says:

    A game about Sniper Alley in former Yugoslavia… Now that would be sweet… Blowing 11 yo girls’ brains out from half a mile away (sigh) :>

  14. Anonymous_Guy says:

    Actually the ‘mission’ is in the final game, however the game starts with a warning and prompt. Warning players that some missions might be offensive and asks the player if they would like to skip the offensive missions or not.

    Also, in the mission you play as an undercover CIA operative killing innocent civilians in a Moscow airport trying to prove yourself to the terrorist group and get you ever closer to its leader/your target. I think this truth about the mission would make the game even more controversial.

    The game is overall if not anti-American, at least very hard for an American to play for reasons that become apparent as the game continues.

  15. lion-0 says:

    God this game sounds better and better every time there is some info released on it! I CANT WAIT!!!!! The COD franchize has been the best in video game HISTORY! GOD DAMN!!!!! I CANT FUNKIN WAIT! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Got my reserved with the Night vision goggles!!!!

  16. Fritze says:

    No dedicated server multiplayer, player hosted multiplayer only, pulled out in favor of console p2p code.

    Dedicated servers are what MADE the previous version popular, many preorders have already been canceled because of this.

  17. StoopidFlanders says:

    We should be providing these ‘kids’ with real guns and sending them over to Iraq. Fixing the terrorist problem will gain you far more respect than blowing up pixels on a screen …and help pay for college while you’re at it.

  18. Angel H. Wong says:

    Better this than the shitty Medal of Honor games.

  19. Rick Cain says:

    No big deal. Lately I’ve noticed that modern warfare games are full of missions that pretty much break every geneva convention rule there is.

    But its okay, we’re Americans.

  20. awesome man says:

    stop crying! whats good about america is that u dont have to do anything u dont want dont buy the game…as for me im going to enjoy playing the crap outta it…killing civilians or not im pumpeD!!!!

  21. DragTheWaters11 says:

    The reason there are no dedicated servers are so when the host leaves, the host just changes instead of ending the game. Idiots.

  22. PoS Reviews says:

    I like how it says assault weapons. They’re stupid. Assault Weapons are m4, m16, ak47, etc. The weapon you use in the mission is a LIGHT MACHINE GUN. If you can’t trust their terminology, why should you trust anything that they say?

  23. r4 dsi says:

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 lives up to its billing as the “biggest game of the year” delivering an intense single-player mode and a multiplayer component that improves upon what is already one of the best games in the business.

  24. irony says:

    lmfao you white folks are daft especially americans you retards love the nazi’s and were built by slave owning/raping/killing pot farming illuminati members.
    you give excuses for genocide and no wonder everybody hates you people you bloody deserve it you mental criminals ugh.
    in all truthfulness though games booze porn drugs and cigs are all targeted at kids because lets face it americans never grow up normal and fps games were created by the military to train your kids you give false enemies they get shooting targets.
    teach your kids the law you worthless world destroying shaved apes.

  25. irony says:

    and honestly most americans are 1 bs excuse away from their half baked version of a justified homicide.


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