Wow, what a close call…

  1. n74jw says:

    From the shallow end of the gene pool.

  2. M0les says:

    Gotta love that third rail!

  3. FRAGaLOT says:

    In the time they waved down the train to stop, they could have gone down there and picked up the woman.

    It was also interesting to see the video was putting “boxes” around moving objects, so it seems like the system they had in place was going to stop the train, but damn that was close.

  4. pokey says:

    That looks like the orange line in Boston.

  5. Special Ed says:


  6. Improbus says:

    Silly hoomans! Never get in the way of natural selection.

  7. bobbo, being drunk is just another reality says:

    I’m surprised she didn’t crack her head especially on that second fall. Mark it down to inexperience. She’ll get better as she continues to drink.

  8. Phydeau says:

    She touched the third rail with her foot, must have had rubber soles since she wasn’t fried… that’s 600 volts according to the warning signs.

    #3 Good point, I didn’t notice those squares until you mentioned it. The system must have “human shape” detection in it.

  9. McCullough says:

    Darwin has been falling down on the job as of late.

  10. jopa says:

    Some people are so dumb it just boggles the mind…

  11. Santa Maria says:

    Would have been fun to be at the Subway Ketchup Factory!

  12. spsffan says:

    Yes, her foot did appear to touch the third rail, but actually touched the shield that covers the actual live rail. Every third rail system I’ve seen has this. The actual live rail is underneath the shield and is contacted by a “shoe” that sticks out sideways from the subway car.

    So, it is actually pretty hard to get fried, unless some part of you goes under the shield.

    Oh, and thin rubber soled shoes might not make much difference against 600 volts dc. The higher the voltage, the more likely it is to jump across insulation.

  13. JimR says:

    There are any number of tragic, unusual or medical reasons for her drunkenness. I’m glad she’s alright… for now.

    Why don’t they have “cow catchers” on those things anyway?
    (“cow catchers” pun a coincidence)

  14. Buffet says:

    It’s inconceivable to me that no one jumped down to rescue her????

  15. spsffan says:

    To those who don’t understand why nobody attempted to rescue her, look again. The entire video is less than 1 minute, and the time from when she falls to when the train arrives is more like 15-20 seconds.

    There wasn’t time to rescue her without a better than 90% chance of being hit by the train yourself.

    Oh, and it is Boston, same state as Chapaquitic.

  16. Dannythedog says:

    Actually, helping her up, those people could have been electrifried, if she would have been on the third rail.

  17. looksstaged says:

    I dunno … looks staged to me

  18. The0ne says:

    *^*&*&^%*^*&, why did the train have to stop! *&^%%**^%%&*(%&&

  19. kim Helliwell says:

    #15 says: Oh, and it is Boston, same state as Chapaquitic.

    Do you mean Chappaquiddick?

    Oh, and Boston is a city, not a state.

    I guess I don’t see the point of that remark. I don’t see how Chappaquiddick relates to this video…


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