The Federal Trade Commission announced Wednesday that it is suing Intel, claiming that the chip giant has illegally used its dominance to stymie competition and to strengthen its own monopoly.

In so doing, says the FTC, the company has robbed consumers of both choice and innovation in microprocessors, including those that outshone Intel’s own: “Intel’s anticompetitive tactics were designed to put the brakes on superior competitive products that threatened its monopoly in the CPU microchip market.”

  1. Esih says:

    Good news! I’m sure their ratio of selling price to cost of production is 100:1 or more.

  2. jescott418 says:

    I think most computer buyer’s don’t even know what graphics chip is in their computer. That’s the forums are full of people who wonder why they cannot play the latest games on a $400 laptop. Until AMD bought ATI they had no graphics chip. The FTC is probably about as dumb as the EU on computers. Their are plenty of good choices out there. They just cost more.

  3. Glenn E. says:

    Whatever Intel did, may not have effected AMD sales that much. But I’ll bet they pretty much killed the Motorola chips in the CPU market. And so with it, effected earlier MAC sales. And wiped out the Commodore Amiga. Which mainly suffered from its Motorola chip being way too slow. It never got above 66Mhz, in the Amiga line. Not to mention the CEO and CFO ran off with the company funds. If Apple hadn’t bailed on using Motorola chips, and adopting Intel’s far faster ones. The MAC’s sales would have fizzled out by now too.

    But all the propaganda about who had the fastest CPU chips, wasn’t answer as we now see. Today it’s all about multiple cores. And for the most part, these extra processing cores are going to waste. Because the existing +2GHz of chip speed is already fast enough, with a single core, to do most of what users want. And the real bottleneck is with the rest of computer’s hardware. Particularly memory.

  4. deowll says:

    The suggests that the FTC is totally brain dead however if it takes them this long to figure out something almost anyone with any contact with the computer business already knew long ago I wouldn’t exactly call them needle witted.

  5. Rich says:

    This pisses me of. I want a choice of chip makers and chips. Variety is good.

  6. Its funny – even the geeks on cranky geeks have trouble coming up with the 11 browsers
    Most people do little more with their computers than click a button on their computer to get mail mindlessly with Outlook Express ( at least in XP) and proudly play solitaire
    They announce with pride that their computers are “solitaire machines”
    Jealousy by the Europeans , and if we let Obama and his left wing clowns their way – this is what America and the world is in for

  7. Lou says:

    If you had bought this stock 10 years ago you would be down 21 bucks a share. This is a POS Co. I don’t care about what chip is in my TV. Why would I care who makes the chip in my computer, as long as it works.

  8. Sea Lawyer says:

    lol, AMD hasn’t had a superior product in at least three years.

  9. MikeN says:

    AMD has already reached a settlement not top testify, with Intel paying them 1 billion.
    Then they’re going to buy nvidia.


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